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Dear traders and investors!
My name is Alexandra. I would like to represent InstaForex Companу here in this topic. I will be glad to get feedback regarding our services and interesting offers from you.

Do not hesitate to ask any question about trading and InstaForex Company, I will be glad to support everybody.

Our advantages of the competing brokers:

- Best broker in Asia by the version of World Finance
- best trading conditions
- contest and campaigns with the annual prize fund more than 300,000 USD
- Insta-TV Forex news channel
- Welcome Bonuses (up to 5000 USD)
- segregated accounts
- fresh Forex analytics
- PAMM-system
- InstaForex MasterCard
- Club Card of InstaForex Club

Learn more - visit the main site: instaforex.com
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InstaForex MasterCard




The international online forex broker InstaForex Company offers its customers to take advantage of a new service: the prepaid InstaForex-MasterCard. The cards are emitted by InstaForex and also by the international payment system Payoneer (the USA). The funds you have on your InstaForex account are now as easy to use as the cash in your purse: you can have them transferred to your debit InstaForex-MasterCard.


Thus, InstaForex-MasterCard ensures the direct connection between your InstaForex trading account and cash money. During working days the funds can be withdrawn to InstaForex card as fast as via payment systems. The only difference is that the money is transferred to your MasterCard and then can be withdrawn at any cash dispenser all over the world. With InstaForex-MasterCard you can enjoy one of the highest daily cash withdrawal limits on the market - USD5000, while the monthly limit is almost nullified – it is not over USD100 000.


Never before have Forex accounts been as easy to use as now, with InstaForex-MasterCard. You are welcome to order your InstaForex-MasterCard in your client cabinet. You can use your InstaForex-MasterCard for several trading accounts opened in your name.


InstaForex-MasterCard: the direct access to your trading account funds.


Do not hesitate to order your debit InstaForex card right now!

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InstaForex Company gladly introduces a new service - PAMM-accounts.


Within the framework of the PAMM-accounts system every InstaForex client may accept or invest funds in other clients' accounts gaining on their deals. Every Managing Trader who has trading account with InstaForex may accept investments from Investors who will find him/her in the PAMM Monitoring.


Description of the PAMM-system is accessible at the company's website.


InstaForex PAMM-system makes it possible in several clicks to:

- invest funds in Managing Traders and have guarantees of your share refund on the part of broker;

- start getting investments from traders after the registration in the PAMM-system, setting the amount of your reward for managing Investors' capital;

- communicate with other investors and traders and monitor the graph of balance and equity changing at each account of Managing Trader.


Registration in the PAMM-system


Are you ready to get investments or invest right now? Then get familiar with terms and conditions and pass through the 3-min registration in your client cabinet. Right after the registration you become a fill-fledged Managing Trader or Investor (depending on the chosen position). If you want to invest funds and accept them simultaneously - you may register several accounts for different roles in the PAMM-system (trader or investor).


Become a part of Forex professionals community and earn together with other traders and investors!

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InstaForex - the Best Forex Broker in Asia 2010

The international company InstaForex is strengthening its leadership on the market of Forex brokers, implementing top-notch trading instruments, modern technologies of trading and widening the line of services. The high growth pace, development dynamics in all directions as well as the reliability and safeguard of InstaForex Company has been already appraised by over 200 000 of customers.


The success achieved by InstaForex recently was estimated not only by traders and partners, but also by the major business publications in Europe. For the second year in line an authoritative British magazine "World Finance" named InstaForex Company "Best Broker - Asia" under the framework of a significant financial world award "World Finance Award". The awards "Best Broker - Asia" 2009 and 2010 have become the reflection of the company's expansion in many directions as well as of its stability.




Asia remains a significant region for InstaForex development


In spite of numerous InstaForex achievements in Asia, including an impressive quantity of representative offices; educational training and seminars, held on a regular basis; direct selling offices establishment; additional online services for the clients in Asian region and the beauty contest Miss Insta Asia the management of the Broker does not intend to stop the progress and continues to pay extra attention to Asia as a strategically important area. We hope that our respectful and professional attitude to the clients from Asia will facilitate your trading advances and our growth.


InstaForex expresses gratitude for the honor which the organizers of the award represented by "World Finance" have granted to our Company, as well as to thousands of traders who voted for InstaForex, having joined us.

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"InstaForex Sniper": it's high time to grant prizes!

There is nothing more exciting than contests and comptetitions! The untamable ardour rushes through the veins of the participants of each weekly "InstaForex Sniper" tournament. Striving to be the first inflames tough struggling. Traders carefully keep an eye on each minute change in the contest monitoring table. We, in our turn, fairly estimate the results the fighters for the title of the best trader show and exhilirate the winners with generous prizes. This time the five of the leaders comprises the following traders:


1 place - Andrey A. Titov (8167661) - 500 USD

2 place - Veselin Zdravkov (8166422) - 400 USD

3 place - Lawrence Onyechekwa (8168140) - 300 USD

4 place - Pavel Medvedev (8161061) - 200 USD

5 place - Nursyafafwati (8161846) - 100 USD


InstaForex Company heartily congratulates the leaders! We also welcome all the concerned to join the upcoming contest step which is to take place on January, 17.


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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insta forex is a fantastic forex broker,i never seen a forex company like insta forex which offers many contests and such a huge prizes,i didn't participate that much but many benefiting from the contents.

Thank you for the appreciation. :) We are so much happy, our service is up to your expectations.

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"InstaForex Sniper": meet your profit halfway!

"InstaForex Sniper" contest has been abundantly described and so much talked about, its happy winners have been granted many generous prizes! Yet, the interest for this tournament is still soaring, which can be proved by a December 20-24 contest step results. The contestants again revealed their brilliant trading skills! Despite numerous rivals, the most purposeful and attentive were able to accomplish their goals. Thus, the lucky leaders are as follows:


1 place - Yuriy V. Tsvetkov (8157772) - 500 USD

2 place - Nikolay Tsvetanov (8159445) - 400 USD

3 place - Abdul Jalil Bin Harun (8158737) - 300 USD

4 place - Suparmin (8158549) - 200 USD

5 place - Vladimir T. Gladoun (8158763) - 100 USD


Another contest step ended up which means that you will soon have one more chance to try your luck and win in the next "InstaForex Sniper" contest! We call for you to pull yourself together and dare to take your profit in the contest!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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"InstaForex Sniper": New Year, new victories!

The year 2011 has come finally. Who will be favoured by Lady Luck this year? Who is going to be the most successful Forex trader? Of course the answer is - InstaForex contest participants! The decision to participate in the competitions indicates trader’s commitment, self-confidence and will to win. These qualities are quite typical for the cat family, which is the symbol of this year. Thus, the winners of the first "InstaForex Sniper" contest of this year are:


1 place - Valeriy M. Yantsov (8175288) - 500 USD

2 place - Viktor M. Yaremchuk (8171102) - 400 USD

3 place - Victo Ion Morozan (8173073) - 300 USD

4 place - Ivan Ivan Zubic (8174517) - 200 USD

5 place - Galina E. Yantsova (8176005) - 100 USD


We wish all participants to get ready for the "struggle". And let the strongest win!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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"Lucky Trader": ladies first!

InstaForex is happy to announce the results of another "Lucky Trader", contest, which has earned the title of the most popular competition organized by our company. We can assert this for sure as during almost a year the contest has been getting more and more sought-after. We are glad to see that more than 1000 traders are expecting the results along with us. This contest was exceptional to have a lady as a winner for the first time in the competition history. This proves once again that women conquer Forex on a level with men!


Finally, it is time to announce the names of the winners:


1 place - Galina N. Sytch (8158500) - 1000 USD

2 place - Alexander V. Peregudin (8156904) - 750 USD

3 place - Vladimir A. Ikonnikov (8159037) - 500 USD

4 place - Vladimir V. Erofeyenko (8159546) - 250 USD

5 place - Sergey K. Krutikov (8156479) - 200 USD

6 place - Nuzuly Rahmawati (8156391) - 150 USD

7 place - Abiodun Mayowa Akanmu (8158823) - 100 USD

8 place - Vladimir N. Krivenko (8159347) - 50 USD


InstaForex Company is happy to congratulate the lucky winners! We wish all future participants of "Lucky Trader" contest to overcome all previous results and add a glorious page to the contest history by gaining even more fantastic victories!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the finalists

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"Real Scalping InstaForex": the success formula has been discovered!

Who was not dreaming to find out the success formula? What does the luck consist of? Due to "Real Scalping InstaForex" from InstaForex Company the answer to an enigma was found! Patience and diligence - that will help to reach incredible highs! Patience and diligence - here are the real success components. As exactly due to a strict forbearance and enviable eagerness our contest parttakers managed to attain the aim and became the winners of the monthly tournament of InstaForex Company.


Here are the names of these lucky fellows:


1 prize - Maya M. Malkova (8132748) - 2000 USD

2 prize - Dmitry B. Turkhanov (8141786) - 1500 USD

3 prize - Tatyana A. Pazenuk (8142017) - 1000 USD

4 prize - Sudadi Nasum (8141977) - 500 USD

5 prize - Vasily V. Braginets (8141894) - 400 USD

6 prize - Bahnini Moustapha (8143089) - 300 USD

7 prize - Dmitry N. Minchenko (8135270) - 200 USD

8 prize - Dmitry V. Zayanchkovsky (8126274) - 100 USD


InstaForex Company gives thanks to all involved in the competition and invites to register in the next contest stage! Try it out and you will say "Bingo!".


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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InstaForex Great Race: new victories, new records!

"InstaForex Great Race" chronicle was enriched by an unprecedented number of participants: over 2800 traders had registered in the fourth contest step and did their best to win prestigious places and prizes of which the fund comprises as much as USD 8000!


Be it avarice or craving for victory, fervour or desire to show one's skills that drove the finalists, they succeeded in accomplishing their cherished goal and proudly took a place on the victory rostrum. The last spurt was particularly successful for the following contestants:


1 place - Maya M. Malkova (8057838) - 3000 USD;

2 place- Aleksandr A. Kudryashov (8070960) - 2000 USD;

3 place- Ruslan B. Popadyuk (8064975) - 1000 USD;

4 place- Suruceanu Iurie Vasile (8071460) - 750 USD;

5 place - Showunmi Funke (8064433) - 500 USD;

6 place- Dmitriy V. Litvin (8071428) - 250 USD;

7 place- Dmitriy V. Zayanchkovsky (8068890) - 100 USD + 40 bonus points;

8 place- Yuriy V. Kulabukhov (8038562) - 100 USD + 30 bonus points;

9 place- Aleksandr V. Pletukhin (8061109) - 100 USD + 20 bonus points;

10 place- Aleksandr A. Korotayev (8042481) - 100 USD + 10 bonus points;

11 place - Andrey S. Basarab (8071394) - 100 USD + 5 bonus points.


We remind you that just a week is left untill the final of "Great Race". The contest that has been held for a year is coming to its close at last! Yet, the most exciting surprises are still ahead. The future has got in store an enthralling final of the contest which will serve for traders as a great opportunity to test their luck and professional skills and no matter what results they had shown in the previous steps. However, it is worth mentioning that the winners of the four previous steps enjoy the right to have bonuses which provides them with a priviledge but does not guarantee the victory though. Each participant has a chance to be favoured by Lady Luck.


The final step of the contest is to take place from January 31 till February 25, 2011. The last day to register in the contest is January 29. So, you have few days to do it and start struggling for the prize. Hurry up, do not waste your time!


The total prize fund of "InstaForex Great Race" comprises USD 46400. The contest has five steps with the last one being the most spectacular. According to the rules, you can join the contest at any step, even at the last one. Thus, you have a marvellous opportunity to participate in the final step of InstaForex supercontest. Go ahead and maybe you will be the one to hit the Jackpot at your last gasp. This is the kind of people Luck always favours most after all!


Registration page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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"Chancy Deposit": luck test is accomplished!

Now it is time to remind about the weekly lottery "Chancy Dposit" where every client takes part automatically putting 3000 USD into account during the week. So, who is such a fortunate soul obtained 1000 USD? Drum-roll...and the winner for January 17-23 is the holder of account number 7093375 Jefferi Bin Sakedan from Malasyia.


We congratulate the happy owner of money prize and invite all clients to participate in the next contest "Chancy Dposit" from InstaForex Company!


Campaign page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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One Click Trading with InstaForex!

InstaForex Company always working on introducing the most leading-edge technologies for its clients gladly brings to your attention a completely new system One Click Trading allowing to put deals immediately by means of proprietary interface developed by the company's specialists. In such a way, One Click Trading technology makes your activity easy manageable and fast.


Adoption of One Click Trading technology gives a trader an opportunity to see several the most essential trading instruments in front of him at the same time, so there is no need to switch between them in the order window for deals execution: opening of any instrument deals is available in a split second by dragging the mouse to the required instrument.




Therefore, trading by one "click" is possible now, once setting buy and sell parameters from 1 up to 6 trading instruments. The complex involves the functions library and interface program. One Click Trading runs monitoring of dealing totals, displays the current Ask and Bid prices of the instruments in use and shows the dynamics of the last price correction. Due to multifunctional interface the program is simple and user-friendly that saves your time for putting the same settings from deal to deal, and the key point - it allows to enjoy your trading.


InstaForex Company always cares about the comfort and safety of its clients during the trading on Forex. We constantly work on creating and improving new technologies, facilities and options supplied to InstaForex traders for their convenience and benefit.


Trading with InstaForex is easy, fast and handy!

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I have recently joined the Instaforex and I find it very good in many aspects. Specially they provide cent account which are really great thing for novice traders as they can trade in that account just as they are doing in demo account but the account is based on real market.


it is really easy to open an account in instaforex. and you can make many accounts as you want. and they have good customer support. that is why i like to trade in instaforex. i think other traders like instaforex too not just me.


Glad you`re with InstaForex!

We work for your profit :).

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InstaForex has launched the trading server No.7

The international online broker InstaForex is happy to inform the clients and partners about launching the 7th full-scale trading server. A new server InstaForex-HongKong.com is located in Hong Kong and is designated to meet the needs of InstaForex customers and to provide faster execution of trading operations in Asia, which is extra relevant due to the constant growth of clients from the Asian region, using the services of our company for entering Forex market.


The new server in Hong Kong, like all other servers of InstaForex, has a few data centers and is able to process a huge number of deals from numerous traders irrespective of their residence. The latest server will offer a high quality and fast speed of the orders’ execution for the traders from Asia and will partially offload other six servers of the company.


Launching the 7th trading server is a sequent step of InstaForex Company on the way to improving the trading conditions and their optimizing for the needs of each and every trader. While opening the account, a client of InstaForex can manually setup the server location with respect to his/her needs and geographical position.


At the moment, the system of trading servers and data-centers of InstaForex Company includes 7 trading servers and over 25 data-centers across the world, which provide the reliable and best-quality attendance to over 300,000 customers around the globe.


We are ascertained that establishing another trading server will make your trading with InstaForex even more comfortable.


Trade and gain with InstaForex!

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Chancy deposit: Lady Luck has made its choice!

A draw - is a great opportunity to test your luck! InstaForex Company provides its clients replenished their trading accounts with more than USD 3000 with such an opportunity. Last week the darling of luck was Konstantin Y. Logashin, the owner of account #5003978.


We sincerely congratulate the winner on this victory and invite everyone to take part in "Chancy Deposit" weekly draw held by InstaForex Company!


Campaign page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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The number of InstaForex customers exceeded 300,000

The international online broker InstaForex is proud to announce a sequent good round figure in its history. The number of customers, that have registered real trading accounts with InstaForex Company has exceeded 300,000. InstaForex team would like to express gratitude to every client of the company and to thank them for the positive assessment of our services’ quality and trading conditions, which is seen as trust to our company and gainful cooperation on Forex market.


InstaForex Company is developing dynamically offering the most comfortable trading terms and top-notch instant service to the ever-growing number of traders. We pride ourselves upon unchangeability of our principles’ and targets’ orientation on the client that is the basis for success. The authority and excellent reputation of InstaForex as a reliable partner is determined by experienced managers, united by the mission of qualitative customers' attendance.


The stimulus to continue self-progress is received from the part of our clients. It is you who we should thank for the recent implementation of new technologies - the PAMM-system, One Click Trading - the widening of special offers for the traders (such as debit InstaForex MasterCard and InstaForex Club cards), modernization of the technical facilities (7 trading servers across the world and over 20 data centers). Only for you we are holding the extraordinary campaigns (the world’s highest trading operation ever conducted) and raffling one of the two sport-cars produced by the famous British brand Lotus, the rush over which can be observed in a short video Lotus Fight.


Being a multi-sided broker, we are making provisions for our dearest clients to have all the services available on Forex market at present moment at their disposal. Our company has entered the currency market with serious intentions and for good, that is why we plan to regularly invest in further advancement.


Today InstaForex occupies leading positions in Forex industry around the globe. This fact is numerously confirmed by such awards as "The Best Forex Broker - Asia" and the Best Broker in Asia awarded by ShowFx World (2009 and 2010) and by World Finance (2009 and 2010), we are also acknowledged by such reliable international publications as "CNBC Business", "Business & Finance", "European CEO", "Public Finance" and "The Market Leader".


Thank you for having chosen InstaForex as your one and only broker and for becoming one among other 300,000 clients!

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