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  1. It will depend upon each trader but I think most of the newbies like technical analysis because it is easier to read charts than keeping eyes on news. It is much harder in the starting days to get going with fundamental analysis but you will be getting used to after some months of experience.
  2. Ofcorse, we have to set good profit targets but we should not set higher targets beyond our potential and skill level. If you can set weekly target, it will be better because you will be having less pressure and you can trade easily.
  3. Mobile phone definitely help us to trade in situations where we can't use laptop and don't have Pc. Now, it is very important to make some changes in your trading plan if you are a full time trader. It is alright for part time trader to trade without mobiles.
  4. Ofcorse, if you are afraid of losing money and not willing to take the risk, forex is not a right place for you. I am in this stream for about 3 months and I am gaining more confidence with every day. I hope that I will be on way to success in near future.
  5. Ofcorse, the bonus we will get should not be underestimated because we can make real profit on that bonus. You don't need to invest from your pocket and if you are good you can grow that bonus more and more and enjoy the profits.
  6. You can't trust any hyip no matter howmuch balance system it have. The admin will have to close down the site one day. The thing is about controlling the cash flow. The admin who can do this in better way can sustain the hyip for some more time but all hyips have to scam one day.
  7. Yes the profit rate of other plans are just insane and it seems, the site owner wants to get big money by giving lucrative daily profit. I am afraid this will be another scam so you should not be investing in this more than minimum if you really want to test this one.
  8. So they are giving good percent on daily basis. I think if they can continue to pay for 3 months, it will be good. What is good about this is that they are SSL secured and Ddos protected which will attract more investors for them.
  9. Yes thee hourly hyips are always more risky than others but you can get good if it survives for some good hours. The promo plan is interesting and let's see what happens with this. You have to take risks in hyips at early stage if you really want to get something out of this.
  10. It seems like the end of this one but this has certainly paid a lot of members. If you are the pioneer members of this, you should not complain about this because you already have made good profit with this one.
  11. The best time frame I use is H1 as it works good for me with my favourite indicator. Now this is not like that I am using only this time frame. I also use H4 time frame and sometimes M5 time frame for scalping.
  12. Well, if you making 50% profit daily is something which require super skills and great strategies. You need to have good risk management, money management and must be able to trade on multiple pairs. One more thing, you must not force yourself to make profit daily.
  13. The profit target can be upto 10% daily when you don't have much account balance but when you are having good funds in your account, it is wise to use good money management and set a lower daily profit target. I think this will decrease the stress and risk also.
  14. I think one month is not enough for every one because all have not same abilities to pick things. The users with active and sharp minds will get things going in their first month but for others it may take 3 months or even 6 months.
  15. I have registered today and I have quit this forum after making 2 posts because the per post was only 1 cent. How can we get upto 5 cents per post which they are claiming.
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