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  1. Contests of InstaForex: there's a prize for each trader! Do you want to test a new trading strategy? Or maybe you just want to check your luck and feel adrenaline? So go on and take part in contests arranged by InstaForex Company which appeal to every trader! "InstaForex Sniper" Get the spring dose of adrenaline in the contest of the international Forex broker "InstaForex Sniper". Hurry up to register starting from April 30, 2012 (GMT+3) and it can be you who will be honoured a title of Forex Sniper of the week! And now please, find out the winner of the last step - Valery Yantsov from the Russian Federation. "Lucky Trader" What can make a trader really happy? Of course, a successively closed trade. Register in the contest for Demo accounts "Lucky Trader", the new step of which starts on May 7, 2012 (GMT+3), and receive real money for trading on unreal accounts. So Petr from the Russian Federation has already gained his price! Hurry up! "Real Scalping" Have you ever wanted to check your skills of scalping? Then the contest "Real Scalping" arranged by InstaForex is really for you. Sign up for the contest and get a unique opportunity to win $100 - $2,000. The champion of the last Forex contest was Nikolay Skochinkin. Congratulations! "One Million Option" What is the contest "One Million Option" by InstaForex missing? Of course, you! Enroll for the contest and get prizes from the best broker in Asia. It can happen that next time you may be the one to win. This time it is Ardian Wibowo from Indonesia - the winner of the contest step held on April 16 - 21. "FX-1 Rally by InstaForex" Be the first one to cross the finish line and get an amazing prize from InstaForex Company, like the winner of the last "FX-1 Rally" did - Vladimir Ikonnikov (Russia). And the new registration of Forex bolides is already running! Hurry up! "Chancy Deposit" Do stars support you? Do you feel that luck favours you? Then you really have to enroll for the contest "Chancy Deposit". You should believe that you will get the next prize from InstaForex Company. And now meet Rezuwan Bin Che Din from Malaysia - the lucky owner of a chancy deposit of the last week. Enroll for the contests by InstaForex! Write your name in the history of trading! Find out more about the contests Photo and comments of Finalists
  2. InstaForex - Best Broker in Asia by IAIR Publication The international broker InstaForex is delighted to inform its customers about getting another award - IAIR Awards by the "Best Broker in Asia" category. This award has become the fifth international award to confirm the leading positions of InstaForex Company in the Asian region. Year by year there are more and more worldwide known and prestigious premiums acknowledging InstaForex in various categories. InstaForex team greets every similar award with a huge enthusiasm, recognizing that the very first client-oriented strategy and improvement of rendered services and facilities prompts the company to move forward steadily. It is reflected not only in InstaForex recognition as one of market’s leaders by independent premiums and publications, but in hundreds of our loyal customers, as a topmost feature. IAIR Awards held official winners awarding in a fascinating palace in Milan Visconti Palace. This award has been arranged the second year already, gathering a great number of candidates and event guests. IAIR Awards was launched by a famous Italian business magazine "International Alternative Investment Review" and is granted to the most successful companies by 30 categories at year-end. InstaForex Company appreciates all votes given for it and gives thanks to the IAIR Awards organizers for such an honor. Trade and gain with InstaForex!
  3. Spring of contests by InstaForex Company The Administration of InstaForex contest department offers its traders not to miss a perfect opportunity and to combine pleasant and useful things by taking part in any of the tournaments organized by the best broker in Asia. A wide choice of contests can be agreeable to every trader, providing no limits of terms, strategies and trading instruments! Lucky Trader A contest for demo accounts. The contest is held once in two weeks. You can register for the next contest which will start on March 12, 2012 (GMT+3) and is to finish on March 24, 2012 (GMT+3). The registration for a new step of the contest closes one hour before it commences. Do not lose your chance to feel a really happy trader! One Million Option The contestants use demo accounts. The event takes place every week. Hurry up and register for the next step of the contest which starts on March 12, 2012 (GMT+3). Become a millionaire having chosen InstaForex! InstaForex Sniper USD 1,500 raffled weekly! We invite you get enrolled in the contest which will start next Monday. Get in haste: the registration closes on March 11 at 23:00 (GMT+3). Trade right in target and the prize will fall right into your hands! Chancy Deposit The campaign where InstaForex Companies Group holds a weekly draw of USD 1,000. Check how lucky you are without losing anything! Join contests by the best broker in Asia, win money prizes and experience only the most pleasant emotions! Find out more about the contests Photo and comments of the winners
  4. InstaForex: results of ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012 InstaForex international broker took part in a regular ShowFx Asia exhibition held in Singapore on January 10 and 11. Within the walls of Suntec City exhibition center InstaForex presented the full range of its trading offers and innovative services. The broker's booth attracted a lot of visitors that were interested in its advantages and the latest innovative systems namely: the PAMM system with great possibilities either for investors or for managing traders; the unique ForexCopy system aimed at copying deals of successful traders; Binary Intraday Options service. It was a pleasure of employees of the company to answer all the questions of visitors and give them detailed consultations on different issues of trading with InstaForex. Everyone who visited the broker's booth received from the company not only brand presents and souvenirs, but also $50 trading accounts. Some guests were fortunate get larger managed accounts. The ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012 was held in friendly atmosphere of constructive conversation of not only brokerage firms, educational projects and software developers, but also of the traders that took part in this event. Business program was full of seminars, master classes, meetings with professional analysts and traders. InstaForex sincerely gives thanks to organizers and guests of exhibition for active participation and hopes to meet them at the next exhibition ShowFx World in Kiev on May 18 and 19, 2012. The photo report is available in InstaForex Official Blog.
  5. Please, check this page for more information about our bonus campaign.
  6. One Million Option: Earn without Any Risk! Are you looking for low-risk quick profit? Then binary option is your choice! It allows getting profit even from the insufficient price fluctuation of a financial instrument. We invite all fans of forex options to take part in the One Million Option weekly contest which will bring you from $100 to $500 credited to your live account in case of victory. Follow the lead of the recent contest finalists and win the next step! The winners of January 30 - February 4 contest step: 1 place – Khoe Ferry Pranoto (8854955) - 500 USD 2 place – Maksim Vezhevich (8850714) - 400 USD 3 place – Sergey Zaika (8858017) - 300 USD 4 place – Vyacheslav Obschin (8858072) - 200 USD 5 place – Oleg Yuminov (8855124) - 100 USD The winners of February 6-11 contest step: 1 place – Dmitry Prokofiev (8861297) - 500 USD 2 place – Odianosen Okosun (8860276) - 400 USD 3 place – Andrey Putintsev (8869082) - 300 USD 4 place – Igor Kuznetsov (8873507) - 200 USD 5 place – Anatoliy Efimkov (8864348) - 100 USD Stick at nothing in chase of profit! It's easy to be successful with InstaForex! Contest statistics Registration page Photos and comments of the leaders
  7. Sorry, that's impossible. If you get this error message, that means you enters an incorrect data. Please, restore your password through the Client Cabinet and try to login once again.
  8. Oleg Taktarov Is the Face of InstaForex Company In late 2011, famous athlete and actor Oleg Taktarov agreed to become customer of InstaForex international broker and represent the brand. According to Oleg Taktarov, he is honored to be the face of such a young and successful company that strives for new victories in the same way he does. InstaForex Company is looking forward to long-lasting and win-win cooperation with the athlete whose proactive life philosophy and morale show an example for imitation and encourage new achievements. Champion in ultimate fighting, actor, TV show host, film producer and writer, Oleg Taktarov bravely shoots for the stars and scores them like a real "Russian Bear". The world champion in jiu-jitsu and winner of multiple international MMA fights in the U.S., Japan and Brazil starred in more than 40 Russian and American films and won recognition from film fans. Russian TV audience knows him mostly as a popular show host on the central TV. Oleg Taktarov has become an active trader determined to conquer Forex. The champion is confident in himself and his broker that permanently creates comfortable and profitable conditions for each and every customer. "InstaForex Company largely contributed to my successful start on Forex. I say I am definitely lucky to be its customer", said the athlete in an exclusive interview for InstaForex TV. Learn more about Oleg Taktarov and his cooperation with InstaForex on the official website of the company. Famous basketball player Ilona Korstin and chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen also represent InstaForex Company.
  9. Rio de Janeiro with InstaForex InstaForex international broker happily presents you another video of the Geography with InstaForex section dedicated to various cities of the world. The new video is focused on one of the Brazilian financial centres - Rio de Janeiro where InstaForex TV team filmed a report about the 2012 Dakar Rally. Strategy is a key notion on both Forex and football too; the latter is a kind of national religion for Brazilians. In Rio one of the largest and famous world’s stadiums is situated - the Maracana stadium that will host the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Our video about Rio de Janeiro shows all the most enticing and remarkable places of this dream city, allowing you to feel the Brazilian spirit and realize why Rio is one of the world’s capitals. So as to ensure success of InstaForex customers during the whole Year of the Dragon, InstaForex journalists as true Brazilians welcomed the year 2012 on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean giving white roses to the foamy waves. Keep following new videos about economically and financially significant cities of the world on the pages of InstaForex official website. Discover new horizons with InstaForex!
  10. InstaForex Sniper: Forex Rollercoaster! Everyone has ridden the rollercoaster. Someone was amused, other people were in panic, but no doubt everybody experienced the rush of adrenaline during the ride. If you are a customer of InstaForex Company, you can get a healthy amount of adrenalin every week! You are required to register for the InstaForex Sniper contest and actively trade during the whole contest step in chase of the prize, and we guarantee the adrenaline and a pleasant money reward! Now welcome the winners of the previous contest steps. January 9-14 contest winners: 1 place – Anna Pronina (8811393) - 500 USD 2 place – Amin Mady (8811978) - 400 USD 3 place – Anna Kostina (8810931) - 300 USD 4 place – Sergey Baybak (8810232) - 200 USD 5 place – Vitaliy Obukhov (8811309) - 100 USD January 16-21 contest winners: 1 place – Geveilers Andrejs (8821224) - 500 USD 2 place – Sinchevici Vitalie Boris (8823656) - 400 USD 3 place – Adam Malik Bin Kasang (8826407) - 300 USD 4 place – Roslan Senik (8824200) - 200 USD 5 place – Margareta Lovin (8827921) - 100 USD InstaForex Company sincerely thanks all the participants and congratulates the winners. Use a chance to be on their place in the next competition. Register for the contest and ride the best forex rollercoaster next week! Contest statistics Registration page Photos and comments of the finalists
  11. Lucky Trader: No risk! The higher the risk the more sophisticated your trick. This unwritten rule is crucial either in circus show or in extreme sport. Forex trading is also associated with constant risk. The difference is only what is at stake. Taking part in the weekly contest Lucky Trader by InstaForex you risk nothing. On the contrary, you may get the unique chance to increase your capital just as the winners of the contest’s final stage held on January 2-14: 1 place – Mirza Pasic (8773859) - 1000 USD 2 place – Vitaliy Obukhov (8797988) - 750 USD 3 place – Vyacheslav Vyushkov (8798085) - 500 USD 4 place – Yuriy Ogorodnikov (8797605) - 250 USD 5 place – Arpiar Shakhbazyan (8798354) - 200 USD 6 place – Oganes Ganadyan (8797422) - 150 USD 7 place – Valeriy Vakulenko (8796824) - 100 USD 8 place – Gennadiy Vershinin (8796835) - 50 USD InstaForex sincerely congratulates the winners of the contest and gives thanks to every participant! Contest statistics Registration page Photos and comments of the finalists
  12. InstaForex Great Race: Your Right Direction! When the icy-cold wind of the Northern valleys brings endurance rather than exhaustion; when the burning air of deserts makes one energetic rather than tired; when the Milky Way inspires to move further, being at the brink of the sunrise and falling to diamond dew… only then it is possible to realize that you took the right way - InstaForex Great Race - that can be overcome only by the person who is sure of the final objective. And today the day has come for grand announcement of the eleven roamers' names, each and every one of who deserves high respect for the brave heart and iron self-control. These people will be rewarded and will enter the history as great travelers: 1 prize - Ariyo Olaoye (8729447) - 3000 USD 2 prize - Dmitry Banayev (8729843) - 2000 USD 3 prize - Boris Odintsov (8726016) - 1200 USD 4 prize - Felipe Carvalho (8710540) - 800 USD 5 prize - Jamian (8698472) - 600 USD 6 prize - Igor Volosach (8728822) - 300 USD 7 prize - Muhamad Arfan (8667988) - 250 USD + 40 bonus points 8 prize - Khadijeh Fazlullahi (8727382) - 200 USD + 30 bonus points 9 prize - Zhovlon Zhamatov (8726389) - 200 USD + 20 bonus points 10 prize - Alexandr Fedorov (8632419) - 100 USD + 10 bonus points 11 prize - Sergey Komarov (8683542) - 100 USD + 5 bonus points Even if you have never participated in any of the carried out contest steps, you still have a chance to win from USD 100 to 5,000 in the final of the 3rd season of the InstaForex Great Race – the tournament with history! Just a few days have left until the end of the registration in the final of the contest: you have the last opportunity to join the contestants until January 29. Hurry up! The Great Race will lead you in the right direction navigated by the best broker in Asia! Registration page Contest rules Photos and comments of finalists
  13. One Million Option: Time to Win! Christmas and New Year's holidays have come to end, and a new year is ahead of as, a year of hard work, rewarded efforts and breathtaking success. Some have started this year together with InstaForex and One Million Option. The popular contest was full of passion and record activity even in the New Year's Eve. Everyone participants will keep warm memories of this contest, but five lucky traders will remember it for a much longer time! Meet our winners who have started a new year with a splendid victory! 1 place – Vadim Derevitskiy (8791946) – 500 USD 2 place – Aleksandr Mokrovskiy (8789119) – 400 USD 3 place – Andrey Dyadin (8797916) – 300 USD 4 place – Tatyana Prokofyeva (8787908) – 200 USD 5 place – Nadezhda Savochkina (8796336) - 100 USD We congratulate the winners and wish them never rest on the laurels! We thank all participants and invite those who have not participated yet to take part in the InstaForex option trading contest. It's time to win! Contest statistics Registration page Photos and comments of the leaders
  14. "Chancy Deposit": Do You Believe in Chance? Have you ever considered yourself lucky? Luck and chance is a happy coincidence that could change our life and help us to find happiness. But some might think that there is no coincidence and we are the only makers of our happiness. We make our future ourselves and we are the only responsible for changes in our life. The only thing we need is self-confidence to make a step towards success. A unique campaign "Chancy Deposit" by InstaForex can be such step for you as it gives you a great opportunity to get additional USD 1000 on your trading account. These are people who took their chance: November 28 - December 4: 1074865 - Hamzah Bin Musa (Malaysia) December 5 - 11: 7132508 - Mohd Azli Jasmin Bin Bidin (Malaysia) December 12 - 18: 7149616 - Eko Prasetio (Indonesia) December 19 - 25: 340255 - Vadim Salimov (Russia) December 26 - 31: 322070 - Nicholas Johansyah (Indonesia) Our congratulations to the happy owners of the wonderful prize! We wish all other participants of the campaign to experience these feelings and emotions and to get their well-deserved rewards! Campaign page Campaign rules Photos and comments of finalists
  15. ForexCopy - an innovation in the world of trading InstaForex international broker is happy to introduce an innovative service - the ForexCopy system which allows copying trades of successful forex traders in a real time mode. The ForexCopy system is an InstaForex product that has no analogues on the brokerage market. This service is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it does not imply investment in profit sharing projects. Secondly, orders that have been copied are executed immediately. Thirdly, followers can choose currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and enjoy subtle settings of volume of trades copied. ForexCopy members are traders who allow others to follow their trading, i.e. to copy trades from their accounts, and followers who have activated the service of automatic trades copying in Client Cabinet. As ForexCopy trader, you can have a commission for rendering this service to followers. Payments are calculated and credited to ForexCopy traders automatically. You can set a fixed payment rate for each day followed or for each trade copied. Otherwise, you can receive the commission equal to part of profit gained by followers after closing the trades copied. Once the registration with the system has been passed and the settings have been customized, the system functions automatically: followers choose you in the monitoring list and copy your trades, while the system ensures the commission crediting. As ForexCopy follower, you can automatically copy trades of professional traders on certain currency pairs and trading instruments. InstaForex Company provides followers with comprehensive statistical data on trading of every ForexCopy member for them to choose traders. You can also customize adjustments for each trader, including choosing a volume of trades to copy, selecting currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and setting the daily limit of copying. You can start copying trades right after you have chosen a trader in the monitoring list. ForexCopy - the best services for InstaForex customers!
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