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"One Million Option": Favourites of Luck!

It is a well-known fact that luck is what Forex traders appreciate most. Everyone has thought of how to attract luck at least once. Some acquire various amulets, some carry out rituals, while others plunge into esoteric literature. InstaForex Company grants you an opportunity to take part in a unique contest called "One Million Option". This contest is preferred by Lady Luck, so, who knows, probably you will become one of its five favourites! Now it is time to present the winners of the previous "One Million Option" steps.


The leaders of April 18 - 23:


1 place - Daniil Kostrikin (8330209) - 500 USD

2 place - Selvakumar Ganesan (8326081) - 400 USD

3 place - Rehan Mumtaz Ali (8330243) - 300 USD

4 place - Georgy Tretyak (8328617) - 200 USD

5 place - Yelena Kosteletskaya (8328628) - 100 USD


The leaders of May 2 - 7:


1 place - Yuriy Lisinsky (8350794) - 500 USD

2 place - Natalya Akulich (8350892) - 400 USD

3 place - Yury Kraskovsky (8345676) - 300 USD

4 place - Irina Lyamina (8351240) - 200 USD

5 place - Andrey Svinin (8347484) - 100 USD


The leaders of May 9 - 14:


1 place - Dzianis Puskin (8362283) - 500 USD

2 place - Mikhail Sabirov (8360541) - 400 USD

3 place - Oleg Shin (8360381) - 300 USD

4 place - Anna Krivoshey (8361237) - 200 USD

5 place - Vyacheslav Sinitsin (8358747) - 100 USD


Join the next contest steps - do not miss the opportunity to be one of the jammy fellows, favoured by Luck.


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the leaders

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InstaFX Education Centre held a workshop event

InstaFX Education Centre held a workshop event on May 12 – 13, 2011, at Surya Asia Ballroom Hotel Wonosobo. This time, InstaFX Education Centre collaborated with Insta4ex Banjarnegara and WTH (Wonosobo Trading Hall). The workshop was attended by 63 participants and 2 members who joined during the preceding workshop.




There are various kinds of participants: some of them are newbies, some have known Forex rather well and others are interested to invest their money. It was a challenge to InstaFX Education Centre to promote a Forex workshop in Wonosobo, because public opinion judges the Forex retail market.


InstaFX Education Centre was very concerned about this case. That is why InstaFX Education Centre seeks to provide forex education, especially for Wonosobo communities at workshops like that held on May 12 – 13, 2011. With the help of this workshop, InstaFX Education Centre was hoping to make participants understand what Forex trading is, how to manage risks and many more about trading on the international currency market.




During the first forex workshop day Mrs. Irma from the Wonosobo Trading Hall spoke about the basics of Forex transactions. On the second day, the topic was continued by Mr. Abiyanto Kurniawan, one of the teachers of Semarang InstaFX Education Centre, talking about risk management on Forex. The workshop participants were looking really interested and enthusiastic.


The various data, experience, transaction strategies and also risk management techniques were shared at this event. Another thing to be mentioned is that the participants automatically became lifetime-supported members. They can enjoy the facilities by simple clicking on www.instafxschool.com. This is the place for learning Forex for all people who want to have profound knowledge of forex trading.



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"One Million Option": Do Not Put off Your Success till Tomorrow!

Ask yourself how often you put off things to do and what positive effects such tactics has? Daily routine, concerns, fuss, exhaustion - all these are obstacles on your way to victory and recognition with InstaForex! We congratulate everyone who managed to achieve glorious results. We would like to introduce you the winners of the recent "One Million Option" contest step:


1 place - Vladimir Ikonnikov (8370947) - 500 USD

2 place - Ildar Nasyrov (8368756) - 400 USD

3 place - Sergey Romanyuk (8367756) - 300 USD

4 place - Aleksandr Mokrovsky (8368121) - 200 USD

5 place - Denis Volokhovich (8364193) - 100 USD


Down with doubts, laziness and indecision! Join "One Million Option" and just in a week you will have a solid reason for being proud of yourself!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the leaders

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Campaigns and Contests Administration of international broker InstaForex is glad to inform all its clients and partners about launching a new contest for demo-accounts "FX-1 Race". The competition will be run weekly within 24 hours from Friday 01:00 to 01:00 Saturday.


If you like the drive of high-speed and breath-taking trading together with monetary prizes, then "FX-1 Race" is meant for you. The racing track of InstaForex Company contest is a chance for each trading account holder to demonstrate his professionalism. As everything required is to trade more efficient than other partakers! The best 5 traders who are to cross the final straight with the biggest amount on a trading account will share the fame and prize in the amount of 1500 USD.


The nearest Forex-contest "FX-1 Race" will take place on June 3-4, 2011, meanwhile, you can enroll yourself in and become a participant of a catching race. Besides, taking part in the competition you do not bear any risk, on the contrary, you get a priceless trading experience. You just have to trade and obtain reward for professionally fulfilled duties.


Detailed information about the competition is available on the Contest Rules page.


Be on board and reach the top with InstaForex!

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"InstaForex Sniper": Recipe for Victory!

Take some luck, a pinch of excitement, add adrenalin to make it spicy and do not forget the major ingredient - professional skills and abilities: the more its share is the better! Here is the recipe of the popular "InstaForex Sniper" contest. Consume the dish every day, in small quantities! You will see the results by the end of the week! Hardly believe it? Then we proudly present you the five winners of another "InstaForex Sniper" contest step who followed the abovementioned recipe:


1 place - Aleksandr Mescheryakov (8355968) - 500 USD

2 place - Sergey Legostayev (8358334) - 400 USD

3 place - Yury Han (8358784) - 300 USD

4 place - Igor Kuznetsov (8361787) - 200 USD

5 place - Ahadani Abdul Ghani (8361512) - 100 USD


We congratulate the contestants and wish them further victories! Take part in InstaForex tournaments and get tangible results.


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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Only few hours left until Lotus Elise is raffled!

InstaForex international broker reminds its clients and partners that today we know the name of the owner of Lotus Elise sports car.

You only have few hours to join the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign! Hurry up! It is not every day that you have a chance to be given a dream car!

Luxurious exterior, smooth lines, tough temper, carcass of aluminum and double-lever brackets, sports compound – this tempting automobile inspires you love at first sight. Just one short ride is enough to fall in love with this two-seat sports car forever. Several seconds are sufficient for the roadster to develop the speed of two hundred kilometers per hour. It is maneuverable too: the car is easily managed at turns. High speed yet ultimate safety –sounds like a dream of each auto enthusiast, doesn’t it?

So, who will become a happy owner of the luxurious sports car? No one can tell for sure. The roadster’s keys will be presented to the owner of the account with the last digits coinciding with Lotus Number. It will be automatically generated on the basis of major currency rates at 23:59 on May 27, 2011. In order to partake in the contest, please replenish your account with an amount over USD 1000 and register it for the campaign on InstaForex website. You may well be destined to win!

To boost your chances, you are entitled to have several accounts for participating in the campaign. You can check your chances on Calculate your chances of winning Lotus! Page of InstaForex website.

Lotus Evora is another sports car raffled by InstaForex Company within the framework of the The Fast Ride from the Best Broker campaign. Which is more gorgeous: glossy Evora or hot-tempered Elise? We offer you to watch Lotus Fight video so that you could compare these two automobile models and decide on which is better.

Go ahead and participate in InstaForex campaigns to win the best cars. Last year we gloriously raffled the Hummer H3 off-roader to a trader from Saint-Petersburg. Now it is your turn to get the car keys!


Take your chance on supercars raffled by InstaForex!

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Long-awaited Event! InstaForex Declares the Happy Winner of Sportcar Lotus Elise!

InstaForex Company is glad to announce the glorious finish of the year-long "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign. On May 27 at 23:59 the long-awaited Lotus number was registered: 67221. It is the number that determined the winner of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign and gave him the keys of the new Lotus Elise sports car.


In accordance with the Lotus number, the leader of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign is Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia. The number of his trading account is 7067221, so its five last digits fully coincide with the Lotus number - 67221.


At the moment the campaign administrators have been attempting to reach the happy owner of the gorgeous sports car by all the contact means available to discuss the details of presenting him the main prize of the campaign - Lotus Elise. What will be the choice of the winner: Lotus or USD 75000 credited to his trading account? The intrigue is growing more and more enthralling! Keep an eye on upcoming releases on the fate of InstaForex Lotus Elise.


The other participants of the "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign should not be upset. Just go for another exciting campaign "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker". The main prize of this campaing Lotus Evora sports car will be given to the leading participant just in two months! Additionally, InstaForex Company is glad to announce that all the trading accounts involved in "Win Lotus with InstaForex" yet unfavoured by luck are automatically registered for "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker".


There are more to come! We will soon reveal another pleasant surprise for InstaForex luck chasers. Stay tuned to our publications and releases.

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InstaForex Sniper: to the victory breaking the silence!

What kind of neighbors do you have? Do they accept the loud sounds of computer entry devices? If they never noticed them, it means you have never taken part in one of the most popular contests by InstaForex Company - "InstaForex Sniper"!


Today we honor the winners of this amazing contest and call to their relatives, friends and neighbors for joining our congratulations!


1 place - Artur Chuprov (8366760) - 500 USD

2 place - Alexey Kazakov (8371982) - 400 USD

3 place - Edgaras Narusis (8372467) - 300 USD

4 place - Vladimir Ikonnikov (8370931) - 200 USD

5 place - Wasit Agus Suranto (8366923) - 100 USD


Take part in the forthcoming steps of "InstaForex Sniper" contest and move forward your success breaking the silence!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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Chancy Deposit: Funded your account? - Get the prize!

The number of traders whom InstaForex Company makes happy is growing from day to day. Last month was also rich in presents: Morteza Dezhamfard from Iran (trading account 1024981) and Eduard Suvorov (Russia), the owner of 1010315 trading account became the winners of the weekly campaign - "Chancy Deposit" for May 16 - 22 and May 23 - 29 respectively.


Everyone can get shortlisted for the main prize of the campaign: replenish your account at the amount of not less than $3000 and become a happy owner of a chancy deposit of $1000. Who dares wins!


Campaign page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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Lucky Trader: hot gift time!

Is there any universal component of a good mood? We can certainly say that different people have their own reasons to be in a good mood: sport, favorite dish, adrenalin, travelling. This list will never end but there are some things being guarantee of joy and smile for anyone since the childhood: sun, warmth, favorite activity and gifts! And today we announce the names of those people who used to get everything at once! They are winners of the favorite contest among traders - "Lucky Trader" by InstaForex, who get the prize for their professionalism:


1 place - Aleksandr Getz (8362183) - 1000 USD

2 place - Rozanas Erikas (8361308) - 750 USD

3 place - Yuriy Nelzin (8362205) - 500 USD

4 place - Igor Kuznetsov (8361791) - 250 USD

5 place - Por Swee Hoe (8362234) - 200 USD

6 place - Denis Vasyutin (8359439) - 150 USD

7 place - Alexandr Mesheryakov (8351821) - 100 USD

8 место - Anna Trukhan (8356779) - 50 USD


Hie to take part in the fascinating "Lucky Trader" contest by InstaForex Company because summer is a period of only positive emotions! There is never too much!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the finalists

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"One Million Option": when dreams come true

Many traders must be dreaming of becoming astronauts, actors, builders and cooks in their childhood. But it is really unlikely that some of them wanted to go into trading! There are people combining their beloved work with a hobby, but some are completely absorbed by Forex only. Anyway, InstaForex Company helps everyone move a little closer to the cherished dream: being able to do what they like to do and have reward for it!


Last week "One Million Option" was won by:


1 place - Pyotr Lashkarev (8383131) - 500 USD

2 place - Heri Winarso (8381841) - 400 USD

3 place - Pavel Nogin (8383307) - 300 USD

4 place - Aleksandr Sasyuk (8380452) - 200 USD

5 place - Denis Afanasyev (8379787) - 100 USD


We congratulate all the contestants on the final of another "One Million Option" step! Do not give up, set yourself new goals and achieve them by all means!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the leaders

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"Real Scalping": extremely high-speed trading!

Some brokers do not allow usage of such popular trading strategy as scalping. InstaForex Company does not have any will to impose limits on traders choosing their trading strategies. The company considers this decision as its significant advantage. Recently the regular step of "Real Scalping InstaForex" contest finished, its participants and winners have already appreciated the extremely high-speed trading with InstaForex Company!


Let's all together welcome and congratulate the winners of the regular contest!


1 prize - Ednei Jorge De Souza (8350870) - 2000 USD

2 prize - Yuriy Kraskovskiy (8345682) - 1500 USD

3 prize - Dicky Akbari (8318296) - 1000 USD

4 prize - Liubovi Chissa (8351183) - 500 USD

5 prize - Sergey Plyushev (8313435) - 400 USD

6 prize - Natalia Khripunova (8349601) - 300 USD

7 prize - Mazlan Bin Muda (8348713) - 200 USD

8 prize - Vadim Graur (8336212) - 100 USD


We invite everybody to take part in the race for the fame, victory and prize - take part in "Real Scalping InstaForex"!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Pictures and comments of the finalists

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"Lucky Trader": Get Tempted!

Some say that hazard-driven vehemence is an unnecessary negative emotion. Some cannot live without hazard and need adrenalin like air for without it blood hardly creeps through their veins and no bright emotions are there to spur excitement. There is a well-known aphorism that goes: "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it". We absolutely agree with this principle! Particularly if your temptation is excitement of trading bringing you not only bright emotions but profit as well! InstaForex Company grants you a unique opportunity to enjoy your favourite activity to the full: adrenalin, intense emotions, glory and pleasing reward for your labour - this is what those tempted by trading got, having won another "Lucky Trader" contest step:


1 place - Leonid Palamarchuk (8382652) - 1000 USD

2 place - Arinal Kurniawan (8367519) - 750 USD

3 place - Khaled Abusamhan (8381971) - 500 USD

4 place - Aswaddi (8363363) - 250 USD

5 place - Vasily Baltyansky (8379511) - 200 USD

6 place - Dmitry Grebelny (8382877) - 150 USD

7 place - Aleksandr Zakharov (8382801) - 100 USD

8 place - Jose Baptista (8383512) - 50 USD


Join the absorbing contest arranged by InstaForex Company - and your hazard will bring you to the world of joy and success!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the finalists

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"Chancy deposit": More Happy Moments!

Happiness is a many-sided notion. There are many things in life that bring joy and make a person happier. The question is how long this person stays in the state of euphoria? Having won "Chancy deposit" lottery from InstaForex a person would definitely become happy! It might not be for long, but you can prolong the happy moment be by using the prize for pleasant time spending - trading! This time InstaForex brought a little happiness to a trader from Nigeria, Ogbunamiri Ugomma Chika, owner of trading account №7128524 that won $1000 this week.


Participate in "Chancy deposit" lottery, get pleasant prizes and enjoy happy moments of your life!


Campaign page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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"Rally FX-1": the Price of High Speed!

The smell of burnt tires and motor oil is dissolving into hot air heated by the summer sun and scorching motors. The roar of racing exhaust systems is changing into the loud applause of people who were lucky to watch the first round of the shortest contest among traders by InstaForex Company - "Rally FX-1"!


The first round of a new competition which lasted only one day attracted 1550 traders to take part, but only five of them will be awarded with the first prizes. Now eyes of participants and viewers of the competition are turned on those who succeeded to be the best in the first round of "Rally FX-1":


1 place - Aleksandr Pristinskiy (8397423) - 500 USD

2 place - Sergey Snisarenko (8400261) - 400 USD

3 place - Ruslan Demidov (8400742) - 300 USD

4 place - Vadim Krivosheya (8388831) - 200 USD

5 place - Anna Trukhan (8390339) - 100 USD


We sincerely congratulate the winners and wish them to continue moving on this victory path in life!


Do you also wish to stand on the podium among the winners and splash each other with champagne? So bring something new to your trading activity by taking part in new engrossing contest among demo accounts with InstaForex Company "Rally FX-1"!


Contest statistic

Registration page

Photos and comments of the winners

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it is hard to log in on this site. many times i need to change browsers. sometimes that won't solve the problem either. i don' tknow why there are timeslogging in is just extremely difficult or almost impossible. but they are still the best one out ther.

You mean the client cabinet? I've just tested it and logged in easily. Please, send us your browser info and the URL of the link you fail to log in with the error message.

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"InstaForex Sniper": Simple Forex Mathematics!

What is needed to become a participant of "InstaForex Sniper" contest arranged by InstaForex Company? Firstly: register in the contest. Secondly: check your contest account details. And finally: observe the contest rules stipulated by the Administration.


You can see that it is simple as one, two, three. It is impossible to overestimate all the advantages of such Forex mathematics because participation in the contest is both a unique chance to perfect your trading skills, test the trading strategy and advisor's functioning and get a prize from $100 to $500. Welcome the winners of two steps which have recently finished!


The winners of May 23-28 step:


1 place - Aleksey Sherbinin (8381154) - 500 USD

2 place - Sergey Kocharovskiy (8378068) - 400 USD

3 place - Vyacheslav Paskov (8380620) - 300 USD

4 place - Mikhail Stolyarov (8383270) - 200 USD

5 place - Ernest Ilkhedzhiev (8383249) - 100 USD


The winners of May 30 - June 4 step:


1 place - Melvin Macapal (8392223) - 500 USD

2 place - Juan Mauricio Cosme Orozco (8392461) - 400 USD

3 place - Odianosen Okosun (8389526) - 300 USD

4 place - Dmitry Litvin (8392928) - 200 USD

5 place - Irina Medvedeva (8394018) - 100 USD


InstaForex Company thanks all the participants of the tournament and invites everybody to take part in the next step which is not far off! Go in and win!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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One Million Option: Happiness Is Easy!

Remember yourself admiring rainbow colours in your childhood! You got lost in a kaleidoscope of bright tints and plunged into the enchanting world of rejoicing where you would forget all your troubles! Yet time makes magic less credible and you have increasingly less time for simple joy. We hope that today the winners of famous "One Million Option" by InstaForex Company smiled for a moment and felt childishly happy. This time the Forex rainbow was seen by the traders below.


The leaders of May 30 - June 4 contest step:


1 place - Bronislav Kolodinsky (8393052) - 500 USD

2 place - Olesya Mitrofanova (8393834) - 400 USD

3 place - Anna Savitskaya (8388886) - 300 USD

4 place - Dmitry Litvin (8392925) - 200 USD

5 place - Selvakumar Ganesan (8392876) - 100 USD


The leaders of June 6 - 11 step:


1 place - Vladimir Golubev (8404423) - 500 USD

2 place - Vladimir Belikov (8395000) - 400 USD

3 place - Maria Filipova (8405285) - 300 USD

4 place - Stefan Dinev (8405392) - 200 USD

5 place - Antonina Vishnevskaya (8401679) - 100 USD


Join "One Million Option" and keep in mind that happiness is made of little things! Hurry up to win and enjoy yourself!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of the leaders

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"Chancy Deposit": Go Forth and Do Great Things!

Everybody wishes to attain success, conquer the peak and realize ambitions. Everybody wants to be an example and win the recognition of soul mates. However, sometimes we lack energy, time, inspiration and resources. We are against the lost opportunities! We want the prize gained in the fascinating drawing - "Chancy Deposit" by InstaForex Company to help you to bring your wishes to life! We are glad to introduce Victor Konstantinov, the owner of account 5030128 who became the lucky winner of $1000. We congratulate Victor and wish him all the best!


Join "Chancy Deposit" lottery! Dare to do the great things and we will help you!


Campaign page

Contest rules

Photos and comments of finalists

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Long-awaited Payoff of Forex Chase after Lotus Elise

Not too long ago the awaited Lotus number was registered and the winner of the main prize of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign new Lotus Elise sort car. We remind that the Lotus Number (67221) registered on May 27 at 23:59 fully coincided with five last digits of the trading account owned by Nazri Bin Zainuri from Malaysia (7067221). However, in accordance with the campaign rules the winner could either choose the car, or $75 000 on his trading account. The waiting was intriguing. Lady Luck’s favourite weighed all pros and cons and informed InstaForex contest and campaign administration that he decided to choose the money. Once again we congratulate Nazri Bin Zainuri and wish him effective trading on Forex market with bigger sums and luck while participating in other contests and campaigns by InstaForex. In the nearest time we will publish the interview with the winner of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign. Follow our news releases.




It is also worth reminding that we have ten prize winners of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign whose trading account numbers were close to the Lotus number, but did not coincide with it. All ten prize winners get $200 from InstaForex on their accounts.


7067361 Vitaliy Kalinkin

7067328 Zahari bin mat daud

167304 Jung Hyun Park

7067266 Araik Shirinyan

7067251 Ab Hamid Omar

7067211 Muhammad Hatta Abd Hamid

7067092 Andrey Bakhin

166972 Andrey Chepurnoy

7066534 Arkadiy Golovchenko

166412 László Csajbók


Those participants of "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign who did not win the main prize should not be upset, they can continue participating in exciting draw of Lotus Evora sport car that will be raffled in one year. Moreover, InstaForex Company is happy to announce that all the non-winning accounts that participated in "Win Lotus with InstaForex" campaign automatically become participants of "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" campaign. You will definitely get lucky next year.


Participate and win InstaForex contests!

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"InstaForex Tornado": Storm of Emotions!

People are always attracted by the incomparable brightness and staginess of the ultimate fights. The battle of two fighters, two characters, arises the storm of emotions. Each of them wants to be the winner and is ready to pay for it with pain and blood. InstaForex Company being the general sponsor of "InstaForex Tornado" Fight Club and the general partner of "Grand Mix Fight 2011" tournaments in Ukraine raffled 3 tickets for 2 people each among its clients within the "Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights" campaign! The winners were determined in a random way using the transparent algorithm of so-called Tornado-number which was registered at 23:59 (UTC+3) on June 3, 2011: 447.


So whose account was closer to the Tornado-number? And here they come!


7098428 - Arun Somnath Taskar

3030466 - Konstantin Kopilov

7088467 - Vyacheslav Kovtutskiy


InstaForex Company warmly thanks all the participants of the campaign and sincerely congratulates the winners!


InstaForex - the choice of the winner!

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"Rally FX-1": Turbo-trading!

The second step of a 24-hour contest held by InstaForex "Rally FX-1" ended last Friday on the 10th of June, becoming the example of fighting to win or to die. Not all Forex-racers had enough strength and patience to cross the finish mark, and among the leaders of the rally a serious struggle was observed: neither the spectators, nor the racers - could predict the winners till the very wave of the flag!


So, please, find out our winners:


1 prize - Chai Hoi San (8403762) - 500 USD

2 prize - Yury A. Kraskovsky (8406323) - 400 USD

3 prize - Dmitry V. Agoshkov (8410387) - 300 USD

4 prize - Vyacheslav V. Dumtsev (8410818) - 200 USD

5 prize - Alexandr A. Mestcheryakov (8411841) - 100 USD


You are also free to test your skills, luck and patience in the shortest, though may be the most entertaining and awesome contest for the demo accounts of InstaForex - "Company Rally FX-1"!


Contest statistic

Registration page

Photos and comments of the winners

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"InstaForex Sniper": A Strike to The Heart!

"InstaForex Sniper" is definitely one of the oldest and the most popular contests for traders. And often we can see the same old names in the top of the tournament table. Of course this is brilliant! It means that the contest has constant participants and it stroke a deep chord in their hearts. This week five most stubborn traders crossed the finish line:


1 place - Fahim Rafik Fahim Awad (8401027) - 500 USD

2 place - Lyudmila Khramtsova (8395598) - 400 USD

3 place - Mikhail Fillipov (8398043) - 300 USD

4 place - Andrey Olyunin (8405884) - 200 USD

5 place - Sergey Menyashov (8404953) - 100 USD


InstaForex Company is happy to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their loyalty to "InstaForex Sniper"! We wish you more victories in the future contests!


Contest statistics

Registration page

Photos and comments of finalists

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