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  1. It will be hard to trade in many pairs, especially if there is little experience
  2. I completely agree with you. We will wait for the situation to improve.
  3. If you do not want to trade on your own, you can use the PAMM service. Amarkets offers a diversification concept that reduces investment portfolio risks
  4. I agree that it is impossible to force a deal, because sometimes it does not play in our direction.
  5. Forex is a field of activity where, without knowledge, you will not achieve the result.
  6. Of course, our emotions affect the result of our trading, so until you learn how to manage them, you will make mistakes
  7. Success comes to those who really strive for it and make efforts.
  8. I like that AMarkets has daily accruals. I love when so, you can immediately judge your turnover.
  9. Not everyone can make money, because not everyone is ready for risks and possible drawdowns.
  10. Indeed, people who do not know, of course, compare them to Forex. This is a platform that makes it possible to earn.
  11. When we succumb to emotions we automatically cease to control the situation.
  12. You can’t get away from this, even if you really want to
  13. The most important thing in time to understand what is needed and how it works.
  14. Try to learn how to work out your strategy right away
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