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  1. Now a lot of information about the departure of some companies. What do you think about this?
  2. And what kind of system, what is the essence? And then the link does not open
  3. Starting a trade, you must immediately set yourself up for any outcome and not be afraid of it
  4. If you earn and succeed, then your strategy is successful. But the choice of company affects this. This is probably why I chose amarkets where there are favorable spreads and conditions on ECN accounts
  5. Confidence should always be and accompany you during trading
  6. It was interesting to read your information, concise but detailed.
  7. It must be clearly understood that without knowledge, neither success nor good income can be achieved. And you always need to update and improve them.
  8. If we say what Forex is in simple words, then we can draw an analogy with the bazaar, where different sellers offer goods for different currencies, and the price of each asset is determined by supply and demand.
  9. Losses, of course, are very sad, but you do not need to be very afraid of them, especially if you are new to this field. Just trust your knowledge and skills and then you will succeed.
  10. Success in trading is not complete without any losses or errors, so it’s impossible to start immediately and not lose. But over time, you fill your hand and everything works out for you. Of course, success still depends on the choice of company. I chose amarkets and did not lose
  11. Banks really do not want to cooperate with those customers who once had problems with a loan, or something like debts, or some other nuances, so you will need to try to take your advice.
  12. I also agree with the above, the online generator has something to choose for yourself the one that you like the most.
  13. In order to get a good income trading forex, you need to have a knowledge base of composure, observe do not give in to emotions, and, of course, do not be afraid to take risks.
  14. Forex loss is a standard situation, I think and you need to be prepared for the fact that when you start such work you can lose once. There is no escape from this.
  15. I started trusting Amarkets companies with a demo account in order to test all the functions and understand the nuances of this platform, and now I’m already working on the main account.
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