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  1. It depends on the type of App you are planning to developing as both iOS and Android have their pros and cons. If it is going to be a paid app or an app with in app purchases, i would prefer iOS, as iOS users are found to be more likely to spend on paid apps/in app purchases over Android users. If the main source of revenue is going to be Ads, i would go first with Android as over 75% of the market is Android. I have my own project, it is best shopping deals. I have only one app on Android which created with help of Reinvently developers https://reinvently.com/android-app-development/ they can also create professional iOS apps.
  2. The best exercise for purely losing weight is building better habits around eating. One exercise will not help you lose belly fat, neither will one workout. This would be like trying to drain the ocean with a measuring cup. What will help you lose weight is eating in a caloric deficit for a period of time. I’m talkin’ like months. Honestly, working out isn’t even necessary to lose weight. I was able to help my dad lose 30 pounds without doing a simple rep of exercise. The only thing he did was become aware or what and how he was eating and build better habits around that. So rather than focusing on an exercise, here’s how you can build better habits around eating and lose weight. This is called Habit Based Dieting. Workout also is very useful, you can start with some not difficult sets with for example barbell(find out more) or dumbbells.
  3. Good tips are collected here. I can only add that you should try special sleep gadgets to improve your sleep quality. It can be some pillow or light. There are many such smart devices on 4Prototypes website, you can choose the most suitable one for you.
  4. I do win consistently at casino. Have a strategy that gives long term 5% of plus edge and then you will be okay. A 1% edge strategy makes when dealer cheats harder to spot (let alone stop), plus how the percentage stacks like compound interest: higher the way better. I've made tons of money from casinos and am looking forward to play at more places. EQ skills is necessary, I bring mine to every floor manager, guards, dealer and etc. Sometimes if you help the casino win a lil, they like you instantly. Everybody likes to smile, if you smile, all staffs smile, and they let you win more. Be sure to avoid scam casinos in 3rd world and weird islands, those ones are not restrained by any form of law. Also you can play online, for example my favorite place is https://syndicate.casino/casino/bitcoin
  5. For what do you need keylogger? I have to use keyloggers from https://www.refog.com sometime. They help me keep an eye on my kids and be sure that they don't browse anything inappropriate. I don't see anything bad in it. Try it for free.
  6. I recommend you to use these tips https://osxtips.net/how-to-block-any-incoming-network-connections-in-macos/. I use firewall, it is highly recommended if you use public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, subways or hotels. In the home network, protection is already enabled in the router, although additional security through the macOS firewall will not be superfluous.
  7. I found several useful combinations for me:)
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