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  1. Lose weight without exercise.. Check out this information i read up.. http://bit.ly/Ulsq6d
  2. I just read something interesting on the 7 wacky weird tricks celebrities are using to lose weight. You can check it out here.If they can so can you.... http://bit.ly/Q1JJqo
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  4. ops sorry but right now we have stopped the pay it forward system as everyone wants to just take advantage of that and dont pay even $15 so please let me know if you want to join.
  5. yes odesk.com is real good. I too have started a project there and it is nice to have reliable people who hire us.U can also do some ad posting job if you are in India .But search a good and trusted one.
  6. Long long ago so long ago i posted here. I am back . Drinking water regularly helps a lot
  7. This is what our team build is doing. We can all do so much more together, than each on our own. If you can't afford to get into all of the programs, we will start you in QCB. That one is a $15 one time fee. If you can’t afford it, we will put you on a list for a pif (pay it forward), to be done by existing members profits. This is how you can take your earnings to get into the other programs. $15 to get into QCB $45 payout when you cycle in QCB (6 people) $5 to buy into iccycle (6 people) $40 to buy into MXF $0 left $100 when you cycle in MXF (6 people) $100 to buy into MX1 $0 left $700 when you cycle in MX1 (14 people) $300 to buy into MX3 $400 left At this point, we ask that you do a couple pif’s for people to help us move faster. $2100 when you cycle in MX3 (14 people) $700 to buy into MX7 $1800 left At this point again, we ask that you donate what you can for pif’s. $4900 when you cycle (14 people) $6700 to use how you want to Not to mention matching bonuses and some higher cycle amounts not figured in. Once you get to the $400 profits you can do some pifs for some others to help the process go faster, and for the $15 you are in all 6 of the programs for further money making opportunities. A pretty small investment to take a chance on 6 different programs. This does take some time to make this happen, but once it does, the earnings continue. Keep in mind that it will happen faster for you, if you actually work it, than if you just wait for it to happen. Either way, it is happening for the ones who got in first, so it will happen when we get to your name. If you can afford to pay your way into more than one program, it will just happen faster for you. if u wanna join pm me...
  8. This Team is being formed with the sole purpose of helping Indians and in particular Indian Moms who want to become successful in earning a regular online income. The Team is not about products or programs but about people. We want that everyone one of you should become successful and become financially independent. Most of you I am sure have faced failure in Online earning at some point of time. Some of you might have overcome this failure and succeeded. We need you for the valuable experience that you have built. We also welcome the newbie to join us and become successful. The modules in the Team are designed for everyone from newbie to veterans and all of us together reap the rewards of collective team efforts. The Team is in pre-launch and you are being invited at the very beginning of this journey and those who join earlier stand to gain more as it on first come first serve basis. Please go the link the link below and get started. http://workfrumhome.com/qcb.html
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  10. hey are u really gonna pay then i will join... but i am an indian how will u pay me Lr??
  11. hey guys i have started doin this online job with a real good team i need members for the team to grow.. if you are interested to join please message me... if u cant afford $15 ... we can help u with tht... its a great offer..
  12. Displayed Username : cpriya108 Amount To Request (DMT points) : 150 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID: U9683995 Hope to get approved.. thanks admin and moderators.
  13. I am not the admin. Welcome to SupremeIncome. SupremeIncome is an investment program, designed mainly for people who wish to make money online in the most secure way. Our program is mainly involved in forex trading, stock trading, real estate business, and oil trading. Besides these, we are involved in many offline profit generating activities to keep the smooth flow of the program. Our program is controlled by a group of specialists who are experts in the areas we have mentioned above. They know the best tactics to generate profits with the least risk, and with the least amount of money. Our expertise helps us to generate profits of millions of dollars, just with the usage of a few thousand dollars. This high expertise helps us to decide what kind of tactics we have to follow, depending upon the situation. Even if the markets fall, our financial status will be in good standing, mainly due to the expertise of our team. This helps us to protect your money in the best possible way, and guarantee you the return we offer. 125% After 1 Day 225% After 3 days 625% After 7 Days 1300% After 15 Days 3000% After 30 Days Minimum -$10 Maximum-$50,000 Payment options: LR AND PM click here to view http://supremeincome.com/?ref=cpriya108
  14. @macky,i have started to dislike PTC sites because they promise so many features and offers but when we click all the way for 1 month or more then find they are not paying.Very few sites are genuine and honest.
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