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  1. A small head and shoulder formation is noted on 1day chart. Neck line is also broken . it give a target of around 1320 aprox. after that there is a chance of a free fall upto 1310 level. My observation only.
  2. This is good way to learn trading. One need to analyse every trade and learn from that. Demp accounts helps in a big way.
  3. Analysis is the key before starting any trade. Even an executed trade successful or unsuccessful should be introspected to find what went wrong and right.
  4. Some inside data like volume, open interest, PE ratios helps in a big way to determine probability of any trade.
  5. Timing is the main in deciding any trade. It is not prudent to jump into trades for the sake of trading only. PATIENCE is the key here.
  6. knowledge of technical analysis is a must for any short term trades. Also it is required to keep track of news on a RT basis.
  7. Risk aversion is prime in deciding any trade. As forex reacts very fast to economic and political affairs so it is prudent to track all that are happening around the world.
  8. Always gauge risk reward before getting into any trade. The ratio should be atleast 1:2 in favor of reward. Also consider how much you can loose before jumping into any trade.
  9. While analysing signals in a Forex transaction besides general support and resistance a few indicators may come handy such as Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracements , MACD and Stochastics. No single indicator can provide proper signal rather a conjunction of all of them can determine a trade.
  10. I my view forex trader must have knowledge in technical analysis. Technical knowledge lets you know your entry, exit and stop losses.
  11. This is very interesting. I would love to join this. Is USD-INR pair available with you.
  12. What are the charges that is associated with this service. What is the percentage of successful trades provided.
  13. Regarding the experience I have with trading equity and I think forex trading can't be much different. All i can say that there should always be a plan before the execution of any trade. Where should i entry and exit and what should be the stop loss should be decided prior to any trade.
  14. Following the news related to specific currency is the key in successful trading in forex. One need to be very updated about what happening. Following the screen is another aspect of trading.
  15. I will certainly go for some established brokers. they may be costly but more reliable also. There are much better payout options available with them.
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