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  1. Most of the time i use fundamental analysis for trading. Normally trading around the new releases. It gives me good market opportunities. Market has a high reaction to the news releases. So then when the news hit the market i place orders. Technical analysis is use to trade when the trend is generated after the news release. Most of the dull period i do not open positions
  2. Displayed Username : sasanka Amount To Request (DMT points) : 100 Payment option : Perfect Money Perfect Money ID : U6590165Thanks admin
  3. Hello all, This is a new way of earning. This is actually a game . you don't need to invest. you will be given few currency crosses, indexed gold /oil etc. you need to trade and get profit. at the end of the each week depending on your accumulative profit you will be allocated with real cash. once you reach $30 you can withdraw it to your paypa/skrill or BTC account. I got paid two times. Company uses our predictions for trading and make profits. you also will will be given a profit based on the points you make. here is the link . give it a try. I have earn more than $80 from this site. Here is my ref link. you can use it if you'd like https://sparkprofit.com/intro?by=XLV8kx
  4. I'm using this service. Joined very recently. I guess is better than PTC . In most of the PTC site your earnings are limited. But here there is no such limit. The capture are also easy. Most of the time you get numbers these days .
  5. This sounds interesting. But it only support Paypal for withdrawal . No other method. So no chance for us as we can not receive payments to paypal.
  6. Luck has nothing to do with trading. What matters is your experience and knowledge. since forex market is a highly dynamic market you must gain knowledge everyday to keep your self updated on the market events. Experience will help you for a better entry and a exit . If you consider luck it is only for gambling people but not for forex traders
  7. Stoploss is the only safe guard we can use to protect our account from unsuccessful trade. It helps us to protect our funds from unpredictable market movements, i guess it is a one way of admitting your decision is wrong. But choosing the stoploss level is bit tricky. If you choose small stop loss you will end up in loss as well. Most of the time i use support and resistance levels to set the stop loss.
  8. Bonus one important factor i consider when opening a account with a broker. Because it gives you a better margin for trading. Some of the brokers will convert the credit bonus into real cash depending on the trading volume.
  9. I think this is the method use by every forex broker. May be because to avoid frauds. One might steel some one else credentials and make the deposit. So in this manner it will be stopped. But top of the deposit amount you can withdraw to any account with most of the broker
  10. Forex trading can be your main income source. It has so many market opportunities you can grab. But i guess inorder to be such successful trader first you need a higher capital. and you must gather good experience and make a daily profit. For countries like us it is more rewarding as we can earn USD. Since the local currency(LKR) has a lower value against USD make a small profit also matters a lot
  11. I think you need to trade in the demo for at least for six months. But if you can trade a year then it would be much better. Then you will able to experience all kind of economic impact. There are many kind of economic data release to the market monthly /weekly /quarterly basis. So if you trade for such long time in the demo you can identify the impact of each and ever news release
  12. forex trading is comparatively risky. The main reason is the high volatility in the market. Volatility is high thereby risk is also high. If you are trading with a higher leverage then again you are taking a higher risk. But this high is the very reason which gives you a higher return. Even though risk is high it is manageable. if you adopt sound money management techniques you can trade with less risk. It is really up to the trader to
  13. I think people sometimes consider trading as gambling because they haven't understand the underline basic concepts of trading. Since it cost comparatively higher amount to open a forex contact you will need a higher leverage. Since you are using leverage with a small capital you can loose your funds very easily. But if you do the math and adopt a good money management plan then you will not feel like gambling. It is a real buying and selling business. High volatility in the market is another reason why people think this as gambling
  14. Exness is one of such brokers who has lower spread. DMMFX is a new broke with a very law spread. XM is also has very lower spread. Alternately you can use a forex rebate system to lower the transaction cost
  15. Leverage is like sharp blade. it can be used for make good profits. In the correct hand you can get a good use of it. But in the wrong hand it can destroy you. So as for the new traders i also thing trading with lower leverage is better. It reduces the risk in trading thereby safe your trading account.
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