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  1. “Problems – do you need a mentor The problems I see in people’s trading plans are most often the kind that can cripple a trading account quickly… Often before the trader even notices something is wrong. It happens with veterans as well as complete newbies. And it can even happen if you think you ‘know better’. It’s something to do with the fact that we can’t often shine a light into our own blind spots. We need someone else to detect the termites before they topple the castle. We think the market will tell us? Well, the problem is, the market is an inconsistent teacher, rewarding bad behaviour sometimes, and seismically shocking us with the odd earthquake when we least expect it. There are secrets and tricks that you just can’t find out for yourself – unless you had another 6 lifetimes of trading experience. Events you haven’t experienced before that can leave you high and dry. That’s why it’s so important to draw from the power of a mastermind. A group of people who have spread their experience across decades, markets, and twisted weird occasions that don’t occur frequently, but can still kick you in the guts. You need that spread of experience to be as broad as it can be, as it’s just impossible to do and try everything in the markets without sending yourself broke. Learning by trial and error just doesn’t cut it as a trader. And even if you don’t end up obliterating your equity, you’ll chew up the bandwidth of your mental capacity. What might take you 10 years to nut out, was actually there in a quip from a fellow trader passed to you effortlessly over lunch. Where are you cramping your potential lifestyle? Could it be that you’re not excelling because ego makes you want to sing: “I did it my waaaay”? If so, it’s time to grow up. If your goal is to trade with precision and confidence, it’s time to realise you might just need a mentor. No shame. In fact, it’s a sign of wisdom.” – LB
  2. An angry trader sent me this message: “I will make $10,000.00 with just $50 tonight. I will start by 12 midnight to trade till target is met. Enough is enough. If this MT4 broker (name withheld) like, they can employ all their witches by that time . . . They can't stop me.” NB: Later that day, he posted this message: “Entry into the market has been completed. Let's see how the trades develop! Learn the easiest and the safest forex trading methods. Yes EURUSD is my baby and Forex is my ATM machine. God is good.” NB: I didn’t hear from him for many hours, I sent a message to him to know how far. He later responded: “I was punished today! Today the Market Maker is the winner! Forex trading is a tough job. -$354 in total negativity. My enemy has finished me! “Been a long time I ventured into GBPCHF. Plenty of red losses. Back to Gold...” NB: What kind of trader is this? What kind of mindset is this?
  3. I'm a second year medical student, and I just found out that I don't like medicine, I don't want to cure patients or whatever doctors do. I just don't find myself there, What can I do ? I'm more interested in physics and astronomy Answer: Unless you are wealthy STAY IN! Look man, let me give you the hard knock, no BS truth about life that most people won’t tell you. That whole follow your dreams, and you’ll never work a day in your life blah blah blah is a bunch of garbage. The reality of life is that for the vast majority of human beings INCLUDING doctors, work sucks. You do it to pay the bills. Very few people are lucky enough to wake up most mornings and be happy to go to work and chances are physics and astronomy at a certain point will just become work for you, just like anything else. Now since we have grown up and accepted that life and working generally suck, this is why you stay in medicine. The only thing worse than working is working a job that doesn’t pay you enough to enjoy life, vacation, travel have hobbies, provide for your family, give you bargaining power or negotiating leverage. I just finished my 2nd year and am in full blown board prep mode and my life is a level of misery that non-medical students/doctors simply cannot comprehend but it ends eventually, it gets better eventually. The income and freedom being a doctor gives you is worth it or at least its worth it since you are this far in. I’m not asking you to pretend to be happy or lie about being utterly miserable. I’m not asking you not to become jaded or bitter for a time in your life. I’m not asking you to pretend to care about patients. Medical training sucks the empathy out of most of us, and besides most of your patients will be ungrateful, rude, demanding jerks anyways. You smile, you tell little white lies, keep going and at the end of the day you collect that doctor pay check. Just get through it. Now if you or your family are wealthy, screw medical school, get out of this miserable hell on earth. - R John, Quora
  4. Why cryptos investors need to stay away from www.coindirect.com Number one: Their customer support is awful. If you have any problems with their services or issues on their platform, and you send them messages. They won’t reply you. Number two They charge inactivity fees. The best way to make money from cryptos is to buy and hold forever, but these people will begin to charge inactivity fees until all your gains and capital all gone. When you exchange one crypto to another or you trade, they won’t charge you because you pay fees for those activities anyway... However, when you decide to just hold, you pay with all your funds. They begin to charge you gradually and until there is nothing left in your investment again. Binance and Bitrex and other popular cryptos exchanges do not do this. Nothing will ever happen to your funds unless you want to cash out or trade.
  5. MASTER TRADER JOE ROSS PASSES ON Dear Traders, We are sad to inform you of the passing of Master Trader Joe Ross on the morning of Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at the age of 87. He went peacefully doing what he loved, by taking care of Loretta, his wife of 62 years of marriage and teaching his students from every continent how to trade. Joe has always been a free spirit and loved the trading world being his own boss. He quickly learned that teaching others was his true passion. The joy of educating those about a system in which he had true confidence and to see others come into their own. That was his greatest pleasure. He was proud to be a devoted Christian and combined spirituality with trading. Our condolences to our traders and students for the loss of a mentor and close friend, some would even go as far as saying a "father-figure" and he wore that title proudly. Master Trader Joe Ross' passing came upon us unexpectedly and suddenly. Again, we would like to send our condolences to those who lost a mentor and a friend. Joe, you will forever be in our hearts. Who is Joe Ross? Joe Ross is the creator of the Ross hook™, and has set new standards for low-risk trading with his concepts of "The Law of Charts™" and the "Traders Trick Entry™." Joe was a private trader and investor for much of his life, but a serious health situation in the late 80's caused him to shift his focus, and that is when he decided to share his knowledge. After his recovery, he founded Trading Educators in 1988, to teach aspiring traders how to make profits using his trading approach. Joe Ross has written twelve major books and countless articles and essays about trading. All his books have become classics, and have been translated into many different languages. His students from around the world number in the thousands. His file of letters containing thanks and appreciation from students on every continent is huge: As one student, a successful trader, wrote: "Your mastery of teaching is even greater than my mastery of trading." Joe Ross holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles. He did his Masters work in Computer Sciences at the George Washington University extension in Norfolk, Virginia. He is listed in "Who's Who in America." After 5 decades of trading and investing, Joe Ross still tutors, teaches, writes, and trades regularly. Joe is an active and integral part of Trading Educators. He is the founder and contributor of the company's newsletter Chart Scan™. “Master Traders Joe Ross was one of the most eclectic traders in the world. And he remains one of the few best mentors I have, alongside, Dr. Van. K. Tharp (may he live long), and one or two others. His teachings and insights into the markets have contributed in making me who I am today. He also talks about the spiritual side of trading (https://tradingeducators.com/about-our-traders), concluding that trading is no sin.” – Azeez M. “The trading world has lost a unique and passionate trader. He explained to me that his material will never go out of date, only the technology. Recently, we updated several of his hardback books into eBooks and he was right. From making trades over the phone to the "pit" then to opening an online account, my how things have changed. But he is correct about his methods, they will continue to apply to the markets regardless of how technolgy advances.” - Martha Ross-Edmunds (Joe’s daughter) Joe Ross' Trading Philosophy: "Teach our students the truth in trading — teach them how to trade," and "Give them a way to earn while they learn — realizing that it takes time to develop a successful trader." IN MEMORIAM: https://www.tradingeducators.com/special-edition-897-in-memoriam Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  6. There are many of them honesty. Can't mention all now. Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  7. “Profit and discomfort stand side by side. Ancient wisdom from the East: What at first brings pleasure in the end gives only pain, but what at first causes pain ends up in great pleasure. Don’t confuse execution with opportunity. Save Donkey Kong for the weekend. Pretty colors and fast fingers don’t make successful careers. Understanding price behavior and market mechanics does. Learn what a good trade looks like before falling in love with fancy software. Control risk before seeking reward. Wear your market chastity belt at all times. Attention to profit is a sign of immaturity, while attention to loss is a sign of experience. The markets have no intention of offering money to those who do not earn it. Don’t count your chickens. Profits aren’t booked until the trade is closed out. The market gives and the market takes away with great fury. Don’t have a paycheck mentality. You don’t deserve anything for all of your hard work. The market only pays off when you’re right, and your timing is really, really good. Don’t try to get even. Trading is never a game of catch-up. Every position must stand on its merits. Take your loss with composure, and take the next trade with absolute discipline. Don’t seek the Holy Grail. There is no secret trading formula, other than solid risk management. So stop looking for it. Don’t forget your discipline. Learning the basics is easy. Most traders fail due to a lack of discipline, not a lack of knowledge. Don’t project your personal life. Trading gives you the perfect opportunity to discover just how messed up your life really is. Get your own house in order before playing the markets. Don’t think it’s entertainment. Successful trading will be boring most of the time, just like the real job you have right now.” - Author: Alan Farley
  8. Good chart... Good point... Good analyisis.
  9. There’s a HUGE difference between a traditional domain name and a blockchain domain. Consider the Difference When you buy a traditional domain, you don’t actually own the domain and you have to pay annual fees. Nevertheless, some domains ended up being a great investment. In 1999, someone bought business.com for a whopping $7.5 million. In 2007, it was sold for $345 million to RH Donnelly, the third-largest print and online Yellow Pages published. (In 2009, probably not unrelated, the company filed for bankruptcy.) Lasvegas.com sold for $90 million in 2005. Insurance.com sold for $35 million in 2009. Carinsurance.com sold for $49.7 million in 2010. Now, consider how blockchain domains are different from traditional domain names. Consider the difference: → Self-custody: The domain is stored in your wallet. You own it. → No annual renewal fees: Unlike traditional domains, once you buy it, there are no recurring fees. → Uncensorable: You can build a website tied to your domain on a decentralized storage network that can’t be taken down. → Send/receive from one domain: You can tie all of your wallet addresses to this single domain and get rid of complex addresses → Programmable: You can integrate decentralized apps into your domain name, allowing it to chat with other apps. The current leader in blockchain domains is Unstoppable Domains. Currently, their domain name system supports 260+ cryptocurrencies and almost 100 wallets, exchanges, and browsers. Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has already integrated its domain system… alongside Gemini, Brave Browser, and many popular wallets. Again, the biggest benefit of having a domain name is you no longer have to deal with clunky addresses. Simply give people your domain name and they can send crypto there. Moreover, you can create a simple website that doesn’t require annual fees. On the speculative side, they could also prove as good investments… if you’re creative enough with your choices. (The low-hanging fruit is gone.) At the moment, you can grab a domain name for as little as $20.” – Chris Campbell Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  10. DeFi Coin (DEFC) Price Analysis – August 14 After last month’s fall paused on the approach to daily cloud base and subsequent positive finish, the DEFC continues to consolidate its position in early August as recovery sustains, buyers are adding additional evidence to cement reversal. On July 31, the team said it will lock in DeFi Coin Liquidity for a one-year contract within 72 hours. Locking liquidity not only protects trade volume but also demonstrates a commitment to the DeFi Coin Protocol. Key Levels Supply Levels: $2.186, $1.500, $1.277 Demand Levels: $0.661, $0.500, $0.075 DeFi Coin (DEFC) 12-Hour Chart: Ranging The DeFi Coin (DEFC) will most likely rebound from the ascending trendline support around the $0.833 level before recovering to the $1.277 resistance level, according to the price most likely scenario. Alternatively, until a new fundamental catalyst arises to prompt a range breach, the DEFC could remain range-bound between $0.661 and $1.277. However, the positive relative strength index (RSI) price divergence in the coin is still extending up to $1.500. This raises the probability of the coin rallying to rise in the medium run. A notable entry for the DEFC will be on a bounce off the ascending trendline at $0.833 or on a reach of the horizontal support level at $0.661 if a short decline occurs. Source: https://deficoins.io/
  11. Can't one try a non-directional, market-neutral strategy? Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  12. Fungible means that something can be traded for itself. For example, you can trade one BTC for another BTC, you can trade a dollar for another dollar, and you can trade a one-ounce gold coin for another one-ounce gold coin. Non-fungible means that you cannot trade something for itself. For example, Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa painting is non-fungible—you can’t trade it for another Mona Lisa. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are blockchain-minted artworks with unique encryption codes which allow for verified authenticity and ownership. An NFT can represent anything from a digital art piece to a song or cartoon, sports card, or a whole album. Even fashion designers are getting in on the NFT craze. More than 509,000 NFT artworks were sold in March 2021 alone, totaling more than $85 million in sales so it's kind of a big deal. If you want, you could draw a stickman on a sticky note, take a picture of it and upload the jpeg as an NFT. Elon Musk’s girlfriend, Grimes, a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer learned about NFTs recently. As a result, she promoted one on Twitter and then made $6 million selling it in about 20 minutes.   Here’s a list of 15 NFT developers who have sold over $5 million in NFTs (from https://gothammag.com/top-selling-nft-artists): Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) Trevor Jones 18-year-old FEWOCIOUS PAK who is anonymous but has produced digital work for two decades Mad Dog Jones (Michah Dowbak) SlimeSunday (Mike Parisella) Hackatao XCopy 3Lau (Justin Blau) - DJ, and fintech aficionado. All of his music is now being released as NFTs Grimes - singer, composer, and record producer (and Elon Musk’s girlfriend) WhIsbe - a street artist who has made gummy bears into NFTs SSX3Lau - (this title is for two people, a DJ, and an art director) Jose Delbo - at least a famous artist for such things as Wonder Woman and Little Lulu RTFKT Studios - a collective of artists that create digital skins that can be worn by digital characters in the metauniverse Bosslogic - (Kode Adoba) – a graphic designer from Australia To make an NFT, you simply have to create something unique and upload it to a site such as Rarable, OpenSea, or Mintable. As I said, you could draw a stick man on a sticky note, take a photo of it and then upload the photo to one of these sites and you have your first NFT. But good luck selling it. To me, NFTs sound crazy. I’d rather own a tulip bulb or a beanie baby, however, for those of you looking for infinite wealth, study the field a little bit and perhaps you can start selling NFTs for $5,000 each. Author: Dr. Van K. Tharp
  13. Since the signals are free, are they also effective?
  14. Yes. Thank you for sharing this information, and we would love more of it.
  15. Privacy Refresh: Simple steps to take back your privacy from Facebook Take control of your privacy on Facebook with these practical daily tasks The first week of our Privacy Refresh is all about Facebook. When it comes to collecting information about people, there’s really no social media company that does it quite like they do. While they didn’t invent the “free” social media in exchange for a data model that we’ve all come to know and (not) love in the past couple decades, they’ve certainly perfected it. Facebook collects extensive data both on platform and off — and even has data on you if you don’t have an account. While the social media company says that it “doesn’t sell” your data to advertisers, that’s not quite true. While they don’t sell personal identifying information like your name and the contents of your posts, they do sell the aggregate data they gather on you. That information is arguably more revealing than your name alone, as it includes everything from your likes and dislikes to your moods to the things you buy to who you talk to… And the list goes on. Basically, your Facebook profile is the best way to sell you things that advertisers have ever seen. If Facebook having so much information about you makes you feel gross, here are six super simple steps you can take this week in order to get back some of your privacy. Each one shouldn’t take more than five minutes and most take even less than that. Get ready: It’s time to start your Privacy Refresh. Monday: Put each step into your calendar That’s it! That’s all you have to do today. Pick a convenient time that will work every day and put that week’s task into the calendar. (We recommend the same time every day, if possible, because it’s easier to remember.) Make sure to set up some kind of notification, like a pop-up on your phone. This simple action will make it much more likely that you’ll actually do each of the steps this week, so don’t skip it! Another suggestion: Put the full text of each tip into the actual calendar event. That way you don’t have to go searching for this article every day — you can just click on the notification when it pops up and have everything you need, right there. Tuesday: Revoke app and game permissions If you’re like most people, you’ve probably signed into other apps and websites with your Facebook login details. While this is super convenient, it also gives those sites access to your data and gives Facebook more information about you. Similarly, any games you used to play still have access to your data if you haven’t revoked it. In order to see which apps are still connected to your account, click on the arrow in the top right hand corner of your screen. That will bring up a drop-down menu. Click Settings and then Apps and Websites. Once you’re in there, you can revoke permissions by clicking “Remove” or you can choose what data the apps and games you still use have access to. Wednesday: Delete the categories used to target you Facebook collects your data so that they can sell it to advertisers. But did you know that you can actually decide what data they collect? This is our longest step of the week — and we’re splitting ads into two days because of it — but stick with us, because it’s worth it. In that same Settings area, click on “Ads.” Another screen will pop up, with information about advertisers you’ve seen, ad topics you can restrict, and then Ad Settings. That last one is where the magic happens. Under “Categories used to reach you,” you can decide which bits of data advertisers use to target you. Toggle off employer, job title, education, and relationship status and then go down to “interest categories.” You can choose to remove any or all of these, which will make it more difficult for companies to target you. However, there’s no “remove all” button (which means it might take a little while) and it’s worth noting that Facebook explicitly says “We may still show you ads related to these categories if we think these ads may be relevant to you.” Cool, cool. Not shady at all, right? Thursday: Finish locking down ad tracking Today, we’re going to tackle the last two ads sections. While yesterday was a hassle, luckily “Audience-based advertising” — which is the next section in ads and which determines which advertisers can target you based on their own lists — does let you opt out of all the options in one click. But, of course, it’s a little bit difficult to find. Click “Data Management” at the top of list and then click “They uploaded or used a list to reach you.” Then click “Don’t Allow” for both sections. A popup will likely appear asking if you want to do this. Keep strong and click again to make sure you can’t be targeted this way. Finally, go to “Ads Shown off of Facebook” and toggle to “Not Allowed.” This makes it so that advertisers can’t buy ads that target you using Facebook data that are then shown off of Facebook. Confusing, I know, but it’s part of their model. Phew! You’ve now taken back a major part of your privacy from Facebook. And while there’s no way to delete previously collected information — nor can you stop ads altogether — you can rest assured that significantly less info will be collected on you moving forward. Friday: Turn off Face Recognition Facebook uses facial recognition technology to recommend friends tag each other. While they don’t seem to be using it for nefarious purposes yet, there’s no telling what could be done with that data set in the future. So, today, go into settings and click Face Recognition in the left toolbar. Click “Edit” and the the drop down menu for “no.” Saturday: Turn off Location History Location History is one of those settings that actually way creepier than Facebook tries to make it out to be. It allows Facebook to track and catalogue your “precise locations” in order to “help explore what’s around you” by using the Location Services on your cellphone. If you’ve already turned off Location Services on your phone, you can skip this step. But if you haven’t, go in to Location in the Settings toolbar; then Edit; then toggle down to “Off” in the drop down menu. In order to delete any previously collected data, go into Location History in the Settings on your phone and delete it there. Sunday: Learn too much about your elementary school BFF’s life Finally, on Sunday, use Facebook for what it’s best for: Learning way too much about the lives of people you don’t talk to anymore! Or, you know, whatever your favorite Facebook activity is. Indulge. You earned it. Source: https://blog.avast.com/facebook-privacy-refresh-avast?utm_content=445270&utm_term=173432284_5849_354&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sfmc&utm_campaign=c_oo_fr_a_a_20q4_jj_news11gdpr Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  16. You know the purposes of savings accounts. If you put your money in savings accounts, the bank lends it out at around 15 – 20% per annum and then give you 1.7% per annum on it. If you withdraw more than 2 times per month, you forfeit your monthly interest rates on the account. Actually what you were supposed to get on monthly basis is divided into 12 and paid in 12 installments. When you received around 3.7% per annum on savings accounts, the stats were better. But now that they claim that business environment is harsh, things are worse. That brings the question: Does it make sense to still keep savings accounts? Yes it still makes sense. Most people now operate savings accounts as if they operate current accounts. Because of the advances in banking technology, there are now many ways to move money and transact business, using savings accounts. You can even get a POS for it. Banks also need income to maintain the costs of all the facilities you enjoy with a savings accounts. They need to stay in business. Despite all what people might complain about savings accounts, one thing is ever sensible: Saving money in a bank is far better and safer than saving it at home or in a hole or a hidden place.
  17. Meet our new NETELLER VIPs Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They’ve permanently special status with us and they can fund/withdraw Neteller through us, at parallel market rates, whether they open brokerage accounts through us or not. These are people who funded with the highest amount of Neteller, and who also withdrew the highest amount of Neteller through us. They would be announced in January each year and added to our list of VIPs. Here are our latest VIPs: Amechi V. Nwanjoku: She is the second woman to become our VIP, following Ufuoma Richard. She buys and sells Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin, and she has been doing so for years. She deserves to be our VIP. Mosindi Phillip O.: Mosindi deals in Neteller and Skrill and he does so consistently. He is the kind of person that goes for small, but consistent profits. He has been with us for years. Thank you for your patronage Sir. Adewuyi Abdullah Tunde: Adewuyi is a great online trade and he’s also very religious for that matter. He knows how to make money as he speculates online. He buys and sells mostly Neteller and he does so with utmost seriousness. Yes, we made a good choice to choose him as our VIP. We now have 23 VIPs in the house. NETELLER at Parallel Market Rates We offer Neteller at parallel market rates for those who open Instaforex.com accounts with us. That means you can fund or withdraw Neteller as often as you wish at parallel market rates, as long as you place at least, one trade per month. Buy at: N475/$. Sell at: 430/$. To open an Instaforex account with us (a minimum of 20 USD), please register on www.instantforex.com.ng and follow this link to open an account: https://www.instantforex.com.ng/realaccount.php Or you can use this link: https://www.instaforex.com/en/index.php?x=LYZG
  18. In the old Access Bank mobile app, you could edit or delete beneficiaries you no longer need. However, you cannot do this with their new Access Bank mobile app. I went to their office, in case there would be some tech geeks among their staff who could do this. Sadly, they can’t do this. Their common argument is that such functionality is not yet included in the new mobile app. But why is such? There are many functionalities in that mobile app, and there is no simple feature like deleting unwanted beneficiaries (beneficiaries that are not needed again). I just don’t want to scroll through long list of unwanted beneficiaries or send to wrong accounts. Why is Access Bank doing this? Please enable the mobile app to include deleting unwanted beneficiaries. Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
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