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  1. It’s certainly tough to make money for beginner in early phase of the career, but it can be done and we just need to make sure we do hard work and that’s what can help up with gaining profits. However, I am not exactly master yet I am able to make money and that’s entirely to do with Fullerton Markets and their master piece Copy Trading option, it’s just stunning since we can watch experts’ signals and able to execute that in our own account, so rewards are almost guaranteed!
  2. There should not be even 1% doubt over the potential of this business, it’s just too good. The greatest benefit for me has been becoming the head master under the guidance of TechForBrokers, as they added whole new layer of layer to make work. As being a Forex broker is not tough, but to put it on the map and to keep it up on quality graph, it’s the hardest deal. But, thanks to their offering and guidance, it just becomes walk in the park! I just love it!
  3. Trading without losses is next to impossible in every way, so keep that out of the system, at least with trading. But, there is no loss thing possible with becoming the ring master by our self. I have been working towards having my own brokerage company started and thanks to TechForBrokers and their epic support, it’s all happening. From Web Development to Design to Mt4 While Label service or even Vanilla Options like features, it’s all available from here, so my journey from ordinary trader to be a broker is now all becoming reality due to their service!
  4. This is something I was always curious about because I too wanted to be a Forex Broker. I always thought that becoming broker means having millions or even billions, but there was nothing like that. I am grateful to TechForBrokers site that they not only helped me with my dreams, but showed me that such amount is not required at all and even an ordinary person like me can actually become a Forex broker and earn through genuine way like spreads and swap!
  5. It’s easier if we do the hard work and work according to good plan, if we are not having great plan then we could have struggle, so that’s where we need to be good with, as that’s how we will be able to succeed and achieve positive results as well.
  6. There is no reason why it can’t be and to be honest, I know many people who do trading as their primary work and do it successfully, so there is really no reason why we can’t do it, we just need to make sure we have proper plans for it and then we can easily make it our primary work.
  7. We all are worried about our investment and safety, it’s why we should give just extra push to make sure we work with quality broker that cares, I am lucky enough to have ForexMart with me, as they are one of the best there is and helps us in every way.
  8. I think there are several reasons that traders could encounter loss for, but one of the biggest reasons is lack of discipline and all that, but if we are able to cover that up then we will definitely be able to work it out.
  9. There could be several reasons for it, but I believe one of the biggest reasons why Forex is often considered as scam/gambling by many is to do with not understanding it well, so once we learn how it is then we will definitely find it as pure business instead of gambling.
  10. I think often lack of knowledge makes us feel that it’s gambling and we can’t gain consistently, but there is other side of things, it’s all about building up good strategy and that would be enough to bring rewards for us, so we just need to do well in planning and then it will always be like a proper work.
  11. It’s to do with lack of knowledge and experience, but I don’t think we should get upset or depressed with it, we should just believe that we can do it and always focus on our ability, if we do that then trading is not going to be gambling or for that reason anywhere near it.
  12. Yeah, we need support which can be in various forms, but bonus is one of the best ways and that’s why we often seek for bonuses, I am lucky that I get up to 50% bonus on deposit, it’s something that gives me extra license to do trading with freedom.
  13. Demo has It’s own place and benefit while real account too got it’s own benefits, so we just need to make sure we learn to use everything according to the requirement of the hour, it’s why we should begin with demo and after good results, we should start up on real.
  14. Hard work is definitely required, but just think about the results and opportunity that’s present, if we do the hard yard then we can gain so much, it’s all about just been positive and determined, if we are that then we give our self enough chance to perform.
  15. Forex can indeed be our main job, but we just need to adapt to it and learn to handle the pressure, it will be something which will lead us to success and achieve results. I have learned a lot, it has helped me gain confidence and today I am taking Forex as my full time work.
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