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  1. Is this service like PAMM? We invest to a broker and they earn money for us? How's if they lose ?
  2. Can you tell me what are benefits for them and for trader like us? I really want to know if I miss something.
  3. Skrill now is worse Netleller, I am planning to use Neteller for payment. Anyone experienced?
  4. Live Analysis is coming, last one I joined were so helpful in knowledge and history aspects.
  5. I don't think this is a place for crypto trading/mining/service advertisement.
  6. There are brokers large enough to have many language support but I think English is needed for online business as Forex.
  7. I notice many Live Analysis webinar, will be there many high impact news on markets in this month?
  8. Indeed, such a dream but to me, but it's not easy to get there, visa could be a huge barrier for me.
  9. From what I read, this is a live contest and prizes are travelling to UK from anywhere in the world (where you can trade forex) and learn racing with a professional racer Sounds good.
  10. I really don't know the differences between MT4 and MT5 since I only use MT4. But I think MT5 could be for some trader types.
  11. You can live-chat with this broker with a click at the right bottom button, but you have to wait for a few mins. Some brokers put you in a support queue and you have to wait for 15-30mins for support.
  12. Most MT4 brokers are tradable via mobile phone through a MT4 terminal. I think MetaQuotes - MT4 publisher share the API for mobile application developer.
  13. Seems you guess right, from what I checked at LMFX contact page, they offer 2 lines: One is UK (+44) Another is International phone (+80))
  14. This broker could be a child company of a U.S company. From what I Know, only a few brokers accept U.S trader.
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