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Proper risk management

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in this trading forex we need to anticipate the risk before we gain a profit,  better start with good condition and fresh mind to make sure we can handle the risk and we choose a right action to get more profit , as i do in Freshforex by managing my own risk and profit to more stable and consistent

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I totally agree that this business is risky. On the other hand, we have a lot of opportunities to earn money with the help of brokers. I can advice you to study all available info about brokers. That's important to study the broker you want to work with. When I was looking for the right broker I found the site Finarm, which helped me to choose the right broker. I can recommend you to visit it.

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On 8/12/2021 at 7:10 PM, Lechosław Król said:

Risk management can make a trader successful. If a trader does not manage risk, he will never be able to make a profit. Therefore, every trader should trade by maintaining a 1: 2 risk ratio. This will increase the profit percentage a lot.

We must understand that if the Risks that are present in our trades will start to come down we will become Profitable Traders.

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Proper risk management means you pick right combination of lot size and stop loss (in pips), adjusting your profit target and risk to current volatility, for long-term trades with Hotforex I do it every time manually, for short-term trading systems you can set simpler rule like risking no more than 0.01% of equity per trade and also choose fixed number of pips for stop loss or take profit. 

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