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The Best Scalper EA 2014


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I'm a professional trader and MQL programmer for about 3 years. 
I have created the best Scalper EA 2014 "Overlord" with the following characteristics: 


-Exclusive for ECN brokers with low spreads 


-Exclusive for the pair EURGBP M5 


-Win 90% trades Short/Long 


-High Profit Factor 


-High Expected Payoff 


-Low Drawdown 


-Perfect Money Management 


-Never destroy the balance 


-Has the power to convert $200 in $28 millions in 10 years



-Download the Backtest below


-It's free. If interested send me an e-mail or Skype: pc.gamer.cr 




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-Win 90% trades Short/Long


If its a scalping program or EA is it not that scalping is a short term strategy and not a long term strategy? How can you do scalping if you going to think of long term? This alone make me think twice if using this program. Maybe you are a good programmer but its seems your idea or knowledge about forex trading is some how slim. Because scalping is not a long term strategy.

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