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  1. the one who pays the profit of the trader is not a broker, but the banks and large financial institutions that determine the price, and the profit that you get is purely from the market mechanism.
  2. knowledge of forex is very important. yes it is important for the foundation.
  3. The essence of business is activities in order to help people who need our help. So, you will never meet between sellers and buyers who are not related.
  4. how much start-up capital for forex trading?
  5. robot or manual? How many robots are used to trading?
  6. by changing the strategy, what could be better?
  7. very interesting, I will try it. but before I tried, whether members in this forum have ever been tried?
  8. Thank you for your advice. hope this makes me increasingly diligent in trade.
  9. people rarely succeed on the first leap. Similarly, in a business.
  10. This call the importance of Technical And Fundamental Analysis In Forex.
  11. If you place the pair's overall position, you can be represented as a student. You should focus on 1 currency pairs.
  12. Forex trading may make you rich if you are a hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader.
  13. After I auto summary of the responses to this forum members, I find the keyword. that is, a sense of
  14. Yes correct what you write. with the other techniques a trader could be more successful.
  15. Yes, I use the EA when trading. but the results were not always satisfactory. is there anything wrong with me?
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