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Here is a new forum sponsored by belforfx.com a forex broker and fbs.com.

They just launched their services yesterday.they pay to ourpayment processor and payment is completed within 48hours.

More information here moneyfx.boardhost.com

you can help the admin(Drake ) creat some thread and you will get paid

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This sounds really good. You should put some referral link here so we can click on it. Now, I'm just like the rest of the people who are always eager to learn more about forums. Its exciting to be able to learn more about forums and to participate in it so this is a very good post. I'll be sure to check it out and sign up. Now, the 48 hours payment is great since that will recruit a lot of users fast for fast payment. 

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You can use my direct link below to register because right now they dont offer any referal bunos so I decided to use direct url.

They are good forum but when I contacted the admin about his intension to creat more thread in the forum he said he is proberly Busy offline ,that who ever creat a thread will be awarded double amount for now till he come back so I have join and I think its the best

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takiya_ - 1st payment proof

Transaction DetailsDate9/29/2013 12:38:32 AMReference NumberD1B9A-7F58F-7C46AFee$0.33 USDTransaction typeTransfer Received From
Name/EmailOfonime Udo
Current StatusCompletedAmount$3.54 USDTotal Amount$3.21 USD
Purchase TypeService
Shipping DetailsNot Provided
NotePayment completed . thank you for posting on moneyfx




thanks admin smile.png

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Yes, I saw the payment proof so I'm super excited to be participating soon. I've registered already and will be making posts there. Of course if they're sponsored then they will have money to pay us. As long as they pay I don't mind recommending it to others and posting there myself. I love to post so they will have me as another poster and trader. I think there is nothing wrong with using a hosted domain cause they can save money you know. And any kind of saving is better than nothing at all. They can keep that to pay us.  

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now there is a demand for payment made ​​new in this forum, but until now has not been processed by the admin, admin is sebuk so may not be able to process the payment request another member, now I've reached 65 posts and probably two more days I will make a payment request new ones.

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I'm waiting for them to become a little older and more trustworthy then I will post but I have a good feeling about them since they're fully sponsored so that mean that they will pay. Also, the website looks very nice. I wouldn't mind posting just that he only has one payment and we need more than one payment. 

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I'm not able to find the post rates and minimum payout , can anybody please sort this out?

You get paid once you reached like 100 posts and the rate is like up to six cents per thread and then up to four cents per post I think. He only paid one member. Now, you have to wait until he paid at least five more people before you post since it looks kind of like a site where they will just want investors for pamm and then take off with the money or so. I would highly recommend for you to wait for like five or ten more payments before you post. At this moment, I urge everyone to not post and wait for the old requests to be clear before you post. They have like five waiting so if they do not do what they say they would do then I smell a scam. So do not post just yet. 

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I found this today payment was porocess today as well



transcation Details.

DATE : 15/10/2013 6:25:10


Reference Number


fee : $0.00

transaction type

transfer sent to



current status


Amount $3.10 usd

Note : moneyfx payout






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I guess it does not matter if you use a sub domain admin if payment is done quickly because it would make more active members can post on this forum, now the problem is that he's admin time online payment processing only and not on time in accordance with the promise which he gave!

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You are such a lucky poster got paid in the forum. I have a pending payment request in the forum for like a month now and my payment request hasn't even been approved. I still make posts in the forum because admin has not declared that he would not be able to continue with the PTP,I am now very close to another payout.

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