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  1. I'm not able to find the post rates and minimum payout , can anybody please sort this out?
  2. There are two threats in this hyip. 1 . Free hosting . The admin doesn't have.money to buy 2. Hourly program with highly unstable rates. No to these programs .
  3. new site. 0$ minimum payout. 1$ sign up bonus . paid 1$ on the first day to few members. try it. Payza, paypal accepted at this moment. http://www.freedbux.com/?ref=absy111
  4. username-absy111 amount for payment- 150 DMT points payment processor liberty reserve - U9738193
  5. i think even 8 year old child can play bingooo..
  6. it is okay to cheat hyip but i think according to my experience it is impossible to cheat hyip's.
  7. i think GTA 4 is the best pc game. its the best open world game i have ever played.
  8. its new and hence very very risky. will wait for some more time and then check it out.
  9. Very high rates for me. Thaks a lot for sharing will try this.
  10. I'm still.a student and I have a mobile. And I'm very much happy that I can earn from that. Ptp and ptc are the best for me.
  11. Hmm should check it. 3000 members and 5000 + paid? I'm not telling its scam. But should check it.
  12. The site is not opening. I think what salman said is correct .
  13. According to me both pes and fifa 11 are the best soccer pc games.
  14. Dint understand your question at all. Please elaborate or ask in another way please.
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