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the program is on French


Upzat.com lets you earn money from pictures you share on the web.


Upzat.com is a free service that lets you earn money easily without effort.


You upload your image, you share with your friends and you earn money every time someone clicks on your link.

How Upzat?


After uploading your image, you upzat generates a new link.


We offer Paypal, Moneybookers and AlertPay. Minimium 5 euro

Can I sponsor a friend?


You can invite your friends by sending them your referral link located under My Account.


You can share your link directly copy the direct link or by using the html code if you have a website or code forum if you post on a forum.


Join upzat here

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this site in french and also i don't understand to register here, but with the thing they have for now, i think they can make some good move later. and it seems more like paid to upload image where we need to make our friend see that photo or images we upload

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interesting concept of make money program but unfortunately there is no information about the rate per click visitors. moreover seems impossible to search these information directly in the website because not use english language. maybe someone willing to provide about rate information and I am thanks for that.

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