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  1. Hello friends.. I am creating website but i am getting error into inserting cart and in checkout code. I am using C# with asp.net. Help me with the code. I can't complete my project without this. Please reply soon. Thank you in advance.
  2. Captcha load spped is depends on your connection and your pc or laptop ram. Its quite faster in my laptop. captchas are continues. And they do pay within a min or 2 mins.
  3. I have publishes 99 articles and not getting enough traffic so i m not in mood to publish my 100th article. :/ Those who have good traffic they worth it not me.
  4. @fortunehunter yes they provide their software for $5. and i must say it worth. because you can access multiple ids together. I have worked with 4 ids and its easy to earn 2$ per hour.
  5. @danielle yes i have seen that it is quite interesting and they do have referral system. They mail the questions to our email and you have to register with the name you do have on your paypal and you can register with any email id but paypal must be same as your name.
  6. @fortunehunter yes you are write at this point. They randomly verify our old answers in survey but it does not affect in survey amount but affect in trail points. And trail points are also important for withdrawal.
  7. Its not so difficult to work there. I earned from that site and compare to any other typing sites its quite good and faster. And even if you can type 9captcha/minute ( right captchas) you are able to earn $1 in just 1 hour atleast. Else it depends on your typing speed.
  8. Ofcourse. Why not. I will surely check it our if it makes good difference in my pocket.
  9. It never worked for me.. I have waited for a long time and then I quite. They have no offers suitable to my profile. :/
  10. I think moderators and admin keep eyes on the posts asobvious they have to. And you're right we have many things to do here. Just focus on that now.
  11. Well that's quite true. Sorry for the silly question. I am not in hurry.. I will wait for payment proofs.
  12. Congo for your payment. It seems you like to work with that site. Good luck. Tell me if it worth the effort. I will surely try.
  13. Oh. So she just hide her IP address from remote server. that's cheating but nice idea. No one gonna know where she is from..
  14. That's good. Isn't it?? We meet regularly new people and get some knowledge from them. Nobody knows everything. But everyone knows something
  15. It happens when Internet connection problems occurs. So tryy to check first if your comment posted then try to post again if not. This will help you from get reported
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