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lots of topic - http://lotsoftopic.in


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i am not admin of lots of topic


The forum is made from forumotion free forum and it pays 3cent per reply and 4 cent per thread.


They have a logging in contest going on here.


This are the minimum payment request:

payment processor is ap: $4 and lr :$4.

But lately admin announce that starting Sept 1 that there will be no minimum payout in here.


I have been paid already for the logging in contest and looking forward to be paid with my posting activities in here.


Here's the link:


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well, couldn't find anything wrong with the site, it's opened normal, there is announcement of LOG IN contest as well as post rates,

I would like to join as well and be active, since the three cents rates is okay also that the minimum to cash out is not so far away, it's just $4.

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To me personaly its a great news,i was looking for such a good froum where i can share my views and get some experience too,this froum is also giving good payment.as far as i learnt about this froum this is not too bad we can work here safely.

What is a great news? Last post in this thread was last october and now you post after three months. So what is that great news that you resurrect a dead thread? Becuase if its really going to be paying and popular again then I will join. Anyway have you tried to open the site? Its just look cheap to me.

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