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  1. E-Currency Exchange & Payment Processor - Buy, Sell & Trade E-Currencies here! https://yourchanger.com/ Bitcoin , Ltc , Dogycoin , Nettler , Skrill , PerfectMoney , PayPal , Payeer, Exchange. Exchange payment time 01-20 minutes. If there is problem in network problems or your ID problems and account ID problems. Your balence refund in 12 hour. Find Us & Please contact us ? yourchanger7@gmail.com contact@yourchanger.com +966556648920 Skyep: yourchanger https://web.facebook.com/YOUR-Changer-20452.../?ref=bookmarks https://twitter.com/yourchanger7 https://www.linkedin.com/company/14454449/admin/updates/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgJFSmQZy9p1Y46eWv8rJkw
  2. We can make complete hyip investment website for you including Hyip or btc script,Design,Logo, SSL,Banners,Live chat button and free guidance and support. For detail you can check our website www.customwebmaker.com or you can also contact us on skype or Gmail Skype: live:customwebmaker.com Email: customwebmaker.com@gmail.com
  3. Welcome to Perfect-Coin.cc ! Perfect-Coin.cc provides digital and cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines, We buy and sell BitCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether USDT, Exmo Code, Perfect Money, Payeer, Webmoney, AdvCash using Bank deposit, 7-11, Gcash and Paymaya. Our service are available 7 days a week. Our advantages: - Fast speed of processing application for exchange - Online support on the website - Stocking system of discounts - Partnership program - Automatic registration - Verified wallets of payment systems - Secure connection through SSL protocol, protection of personal rights Hours of service: Our working time are 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Manila Time, Monday to Sunday. Contact us: E-mail: support@perfect-coin.cc Choose us to get safe, reliable, convenient and quick service!
  4. I am not an admin or owner. The topic was created for informational purposes. For some time I am invested in a trading program called CMC Trading. I know the creator of CMC trading personally, I know they trade for real and I am very happy with my investment there. Minimum invest at CMC trading is 5000€ though - so it is not for everyone. But since one week they have also started a telegram bot for their trading. Do not misunderstand, there are still real traders working in the backend and not a bot. The bot was created to handle automatic funding and withdrawal. Minerva Trading Bot What is MinervaTrading? Behind Minerva Trading stands the (GM. Inc. DOO) corporation, which owns a license for financial transactions. Minerva owns several trade cooperations with merchants and traders worldwide and wants to use the Bot to give small investors access to the financial world. Company documents are also visible in the marketing area of the bot. Minerva Trading investment plan: Baserate: 0,714% per day – 5% per week. Deposits from 5 Euro in all common crypto currencies are possible. After 3 to 6 blockchain confirmations, your Deposit will be automatically activated and starts working for you. Withdrawal: The 1st withdraw of a recent made deposit is possible after 7 days. After 7 days, withdrawals are possible every day and will be transacted within 24h in Bitcoins. You will be notified by MinervaTrading bot about your profits every 6 hours. Affiliate program: 1st level 7% (at least 500 euros as an active investment) 2nd level 3% (at least 1000 Euro as an active investment) 3rd Level 2% (at least 1500 Euro as an active investment) Reinvest: 1st level 3% (at least 500 Euro as an active investment) 2nd level 2% (at least 1000 Euro as active investment) 3rd Level 1% (at least 1500 Euro as an active investment) Affiliate Ranks: Newbie = up to 500€ team sales Bronze = from 500€ team sales Silver = from 1500€ team sales Gold = from 2500€ team sales Platinum = from 3750€ team sales Sapphire = from 5000€ team sales Ruby = from 10.000€ team sales Emerald = from 15.000€ team sales Diamond = from 20.000€ team sales Double Diamond:gem:= from 25.000 Euro team sales Tripple Diamond = from 35.000 Euro team sales RoyalStar = from 50.000 Euro team sales Bonus program: For each rank, you will immediately receive a bonus, which will automatically be added to your active investment. ATTENTION: each bonus can only be reached once and remains active for 150 days. This means that you can collect a total of 1000 euros. Bonus: Bronze = 5€ bonus Silver = 10€ bonus Gold = 15€ bonus Platinum = 25€ bonus Sapphire = 50€ bonus Ruby = 75€ bonus Emerald = 100€ bonus Diamond = 125€ bonus Double Diamond = 150€ bonus TrippleDiamond = 195€ bonus Royal Star = 250€ bonus Minerva TradingBot: The Minerva TradingBot works with the messenger service telegram. 5% weekly on your deposit Corporation with license for financial transactions Deposit from 5 Euro in all crypto currencies Attractive 3 level compensation plan Withdrawal´s in BTC Try it, check the offer and see for yourself. Register If you need help setting up the bot I am happy to help you!
  5. Quickex | Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates One-tab service with the lowest fees. Website: https://quickex.eu About: Despite the turbulence on the crypto market, the number of regular users has been steadily growing as well as the need for crypto exchange platforms. Quickex is here to harness this wave and aims to provide regular cryptocurrency hodlers with efficient and easy-to-use tool to buy, sell and exchange crypto and fiat. By March 2018 around 25 mln US citizens had come to possess crypto among their assets. As the tendency had been the same in the rest of the world for quite some time, crypto exchange platforms started popping up. They offered to facilitate financial operations with crypto for regular users who were not that much savvy when it came to such operations. However, none of those platforms has managed to meet all the requirements and provide truly user-friendly and cost-effective solution so far. Changelly charges high fees on fiat-crypto transactions. Shapeshift does not work with credit cards. Selling crypto at Bitpanda is less lucrative than on regular exchanges. Whatever platform you pick, it is most likely to be flawed in some way. Quickex’s main goal is to address those flaws by implementing better mechanisms that will allow the users to buy, sell and exchange at the best rate all the time. Aggregating the buy and sell orders available on more than 30 crypto exchanges, the platform finds the most lucrative match and exercises the transaction charging only 0.25% commission. Quickex uses sophisticated and complex mechanisms but leaves them behind the curtain and offers simple design and pleasant experience. The platform is already up and running. Be sure to check it out and share your experience on FB, Twitter, VKontakte and Telegram. Website: https://quickex.eu Best Regards, Quickex Team
  6. Are you an advertise practitioner? Do you seek a platform you can advertise your products? Then you are at the right place. Crypto Monsoon is a platform to beat when it comes to advert placement. Whether you want to target a specific market or your intention is to reach out to the global market, Crypto Monsoon has got you covered. Crypto Monsoon is a blockchain powered platform where advertisers promote their product and get targeted traffic exposure for their product. They are also using artificial intelligence to help advertisers gain best from our product. Crypto Monsoon intends to share 75% of whatever amount would be earned from the platform. What's more? As a registered user of Crypto Monsoon, you have an opportunity to earn up to 130% Per Adpack during the upcoming ICO scheduled for the 9th of February, 2019. That's not all, you'll also enjoy a sustainable business environment if you are a long-term investor, and there is a referral program for you to earn Commission. If you have made your mind to join the league of those making it big in the advertising space, then visit https://cryptomonsoon.io to get started. You can also follow their ANN thread via https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104075.0 for more information about their project. You've got to stop talking and start acting.
  7. Imexchanger.pro - professional service for buying, selling and exchange of e-currencies and cryptocurrencies on Internet, founded by a team of experts. We work in the following directions of exchange E-currencies: Perfect Money, BTC-E Сodes, WebMoney WMZ, OKPAY, Payeer, Paxum, AdvCash, eCoin.eu Codes and EXMO Codes. Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Money transfer systems: Western Union, Mgram, Contact, Unistream. Web site language versions - ENG, RUS Customer’s support is provided through online chat and Email within 24 hours (ENG, RUS). URL: https://imexchanger.pro/ E-mail: hello@imexchanger.pro
  8. Bitcoin Stash Planning Hard Fork From Bitcoin Cash The Bitcoin Stash team is comprised of a group of former Bitcoin Cash developers and community members that have become dismayed at the current outlook of BCH. We are sure that you are aware, but a multitude of factors show that there is disaster on the horizon for Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin ABC is proposing a contentious hard fork for no reason, Craig “Faketoshi” Wright is moving ahead to fork his own coin (Bitcoin SV) out of self interest, and Bitmain has revealed an extremely large BCH holding which they intend to rid themselves of in their now controversial IPO. As we see it, a price and hashrate collapse of the chain is inevitable. We have decided that we must take action now, to rid ourselves forever from the bad actors that plague this chain. We are planning to hard fork from Bitcoin Cash on November 15th. With the hard fork, we will not be increasing the maximum block size or following the tokenization/ICO platform roadmap of Bitcoin ABC. However, Bitcoin Stash will be implementing replay protection and continue using the SHA-256 mining algorithm. Additionally, Bitcoin Stash will incorporate merged mining with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. With merged mining, Bitcoin Stash will solve the security issues that currently hamper Bitcoin Cash. As a minority chain, Bitcoin Cash is struggling to obtain substantial hash rate, and this has only been made worse following its recent decline in price. As of 9/25/18, the hash rate of Bitcoin Cash only totals about 6% of that of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Cash hash rate has been continuously declining ever since a peak of roughly 15% of Bitcoin’s back in May of 2018, and we do not see this situation improving. Merged mining will lead to Bitcoin Stash obtaining a much needed higher hash rate since the chain will consist of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Stash miners. As a result, there will be three benefits that will be immediately realized. First, Bitcoin Stash will be less susceptible to a 51% attack which has recently plagued other chains such as Bitcoin Gold and Verge. Second, a single entity such as Jihan Wu’s Bitmain or Craig Wright’s CoinGeek will have a difficult time forcing any consensus breaking changes as they now must muster a much higher hash rate to do so. And thirdly, merged mining will also increase security on Bitcoin since miners will see greater profitability and will no longer have to choose between mining one chain and missing out on the other. Because of this, Bitcoin Stash will not only be a more secure and decentralized version of Bitcoin Cash, but it will also benefit the current miners of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. After the fork, Bitcoin Cash holders will be able to obtain an equivalent amount of our coins if they hold the private keys to their wallet. If they do not, we will release a list of exchanges supporting Bitcoin Stash as the hard fork approaches. We will also have more exciting announcements to make regarding the technical features of Bitcoin Stash, so please follow our Twitter (@BitcoinStash), Instagram (@BitcoinStash), Medium (@BitcoinStash), and continue checking our website https://bstash.org. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcoinstash Website: https://bstash.org Instagram: https://instagram.com/bitcoinstash Medium: https://medium.com/@bitcoinstash Read More Articles Inside Bitcoins https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-stash-planning-hard-fork-from-bitcoin-cash/179276 Blockonomi https://blockonomi.com/bitcoin-stash/ Bitcoin Exchange Guide https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/bitcoin-stash/ ICO News Watch https://iconewswatch.com/2018/10/01/bitcoin-stash-legit-bitcoin-cash-bch-hard-fork-cryptocurrency/ Watch on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ycqMEINhtT_RfZV3x0NpQ/about Join Us on Telegram! http://t.me/bstash
  9. buy/sell all types of prepaid/giftcards like itunes, Itunes USD Itunes AUD Itunes GBP / UK Itunes CAD onevanilla,moneypak,amazon,ebay,target,walmart,greendot Western Union & MG instant pick up service BTC , Perfect Money & many other ecurrencies buy and sell Apart from these if you need any exchange or buy / sell service , please feel free to enquire anytime ICQ: 496514221 Skype: currency2cash@gmail.com
  10. Every year several people lose their hard-earned money through investing in wrong, unprofitable businesses or by putting their money into High Yielding Investment Programs that turn out to a hoax. Why do people gamble away their money? It’s simply because they do not have the right skills and knowledge about the right investment schemes to put their money into. They either rely on instincts or simply take avoidable risks they later end up regretting. BTCMagician directs you to the right place Instead of throwing away your money through unguarded investment, while not depend on a system that is tested and proven to work? BTCMagician is an online platform where you can subscribe to crypto signals and use the information you get to invest in the right cryptocurrencies. With BTCMagician, you can easily earn up to 1.5% profit daily or 152.50% Return on Investment (ROI). Do you really think there is a better investment that will pay you more than that anywhere? Their results are unbeatable! If you do not have what it takes to make a professional analysis of the crypto market, you can rely on signals provided on this platform to place your trading and make huge profits, minimizing losses in the process. The BTCMagician team works tirelessly to analyze the crypto ecosystem thereby providing potential investors the right information regarding Bitcoin, Altcoin, Token and ICO which people are trading mostly on in the crypto money exchanges. Join the platform today and start earning huge ROI with minimal exposure to risks.
  11. Hello Forum, Welcome to BitStarz Сasino - an epic fusion of real money and bitcoin. 5 Facts you need to know about BitStarz: ★ Over 750 games from the leading game providers ★ 180 Free Spins + €500 Welcome Package ★ 10 minute average cashout time ★ 8 currencies to play with (BTC, EUR, GBP, USD and etc.) ★ 24/7 Live Chat support Get 20 Free Spins instantly on Sign up and have a look yourself Still in doubts? Check files in attachment to read what real players say about us. If you have any questions, please write them here and we will be happy to help. Best regards, Max BitStarz.com
  12. We present you a semi-automatic e-currency exchanger. NewLine.online We will help you buy, sell or exchange your currency to all popular directions: Qiwi Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum BTC-e Exmo Livecoin Perfect Money NixMoney OKPay Advanced Cash AdvCash Western Union MoneyGram Actual courses Performing operations on an exchange within 1 - 10 minutes for the e-currency, up to 30 minutes for cryptocurrency and up to 3 hours for directions with participation of courier. Our partners: perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html#become livecoin.net/partners okchanger.com/exchangers/newline advcash.com/en/about/exchange/ Our reviews: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1404604.0 bestexchangers.ru/ru/detail.html?xobmen=497 xrates.ru/testimonials/348/p1 kurs.expert/ru/obmennik/newline-online/feedbacks.html Access to the site via an encrypted SSL connection. Our contacts: Jabber: newline.online@jabber.ru ICQ: 695523244 Telegram: @NewLineonline Telegram: @NewLineOnline_bot Skype: newline.online Viber: +79817827276 E-mail: info@newline.online Our consultant is online in site chat every day in working hours feedback form on the site: newline.online/feedback/ Waiting you for exchanging from 09:00 to 22:00 Moscow time. We will be thankful and very grateful for the positive feedback`s in this thread Please note - exchanges are carried out only after the creation of application on web site! In exceptional cases or individual agreement is possible to exchange through the available messengers , for this application is assigned the status of "Exchang via messenger". Operator must make an application yourself and give valid link to the client prior to the exchange operations. In cases of exchanges without applications claims will not be accepted , we can not be held liable for this exchanges!
  13. Telcominer - Telcominer.com, (HOT) Clone of HashOcean / Bonus 15 KH/s. BTC TELCOMINER is a site cloud life mining deposits, registration receive 15 bonus KH / s free, it only uses Bitcoin. Minimum Deposit 20 KH / s. Main info about Telcominer: 1) Sign up bonus 15 KH/s for 30 days. If you'll make a deposit bonus remains forever. 2) Daily profit equals 1.09% of investment. 3) Minimal sum of withdrawal - 0.005 BTC. Automatic payments daily. Thet have 4 data center worldwide. My opinion about Telcominer: Telcominer is a good clone of HashOcean. It has same bonus/prices/functions etc. The only new thing here is a design - and pretty attractive design in my opinion. As far as I know people like this type of services so I think there will be lot of investors and that's why I think this service may work for a long time. I've decided to make test deposit - and bought 20 KH/s. If everything will be allright I'll buy more hashpowers a little bit later. Telco Miner is fastest growing Bitcoin cloud mining company. Telco Miner is brought you new range of cloud mining services to you by the Telco Mining team of crypto mining experts. Our team has been involved with crypto currencies since the inception of Bitcoin & has over 3 years of experience in mining crypto currencies. We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies & we love being part of this growing community! Referral program: earn 10% bonus on each deposit of your referrals. LINK subscription https://telcominer.com/signup.php?ref=66361
  14. $1-300.00 Daily Pay 1.10% upto Life Time $301-$600.00 Daily Pay 1.30% upto Life Time $601.00-$1000.000 Daily Pay 1.50% upto Life Time $1000-Above Diamond Daily Pay 1.60% upto Life Time Referral Commission 10% 5% 3% 2% 1% Payment System:Bitcoin Automatic withdrawal https://coinze.info/?id=438871
  15. Zebpay 0.11 Bitcoin International Giveaway do some tasks and you are done https://gleam.io/KuD2n-tQI2wK GOOD LUCK!
  16. I'm not admin or owner Cloud Hashers Investment plans: Small contract - 0.1% hourly - 2.4 % daily Min: 0.01 BTC Max: 1 BTC Break-even point: 42 days Period of investment: 365 days Full contract - 0.1125 % hourly - 2.7 % daily Min: 1 BTC Max: 5 BTC Break-even point: 37 days Period of investment: 365 days Top contract - 0.125 % hourly - 3 % daily Min: 5 BTC Max: no limit Break-even point: 34 days Period of investment: 365 days Automatic hourly payments You can invest with: Bitcoin (BTC) No referral program Languages: Any (Google Translate) Whois: Domain Name: CLOUDHASHERS.NET Registrar: PDR LTD. D/B/A PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY.COM Whois Server: whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com Name Server: NS1.DOMAINS4BITCOINS.COM Name Server: NS2.DOMAINS4BITCOINS.COM Name Server: NS3.DOMAINS4BITCOINS.COM Name Server: NS4.DOMAINS4BITCOINS.COM Status: clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 23-may-2014 Creation Date: 23-may-2014 Expiration Date: 23-may-2015 My investment in project: Status: 29 confirmations, broadcast through 12 nodes Date: 26.05.14 18:28 To: CloudHashers.net 15jBLCxe7bgGzG2Su4uXH2iSMZD9cefYfb Debit: -1.01 BTC Transaction fee: -0.0003 BTC Net amount: -1.0103 BTC Transaction ID: 5a9b7bd6c7e289b3c99227b9a909e96c06d08403e84569a4cded21442cd28c9b-000 Link to site for preview and investment: Cloud Hashers
  17. We would like to present you our new fully-automated service on e-currency exchanging. Currency exchange directions: PM -> BTC, PM -> WM, PM -> Paymer and many more. Convenient and intuitive interface, low commissions. Qualified technical support. Services work 24/7. Please feel free to contact us: ICQ:653843769
  18. We proudly introduce a fastest digital currency exchanger for Perfect Money and BitCoin https://eXch.cc https://eXch.bz We offer you simple and fast interface to get your money just in 1 minute! Also, our fees are lowest on the market. Get a try!
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