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Found 6 results

  1. IHYIP Templates is the best place to get an crypto exchange template for your investment business website. They deliver exquisitely designed templates for different other trading businesses to leave a lasting impression on new visitors to your website. Since most newcomers scroll the front page of your website from top to bottom, a good-looking design is very significant for your trading website. Also, they offer amazing layouts for various platforms, Smart Contract Templates Gold Coder Template MMM Website HYIP platform & Monitor Bitcoin Mining & Doubler designs ICO website template Additionally, IHYIP Templates offers plenty of designs in their online library and a lot of excellent designs are updated frequently. Besides, their product has the latest version of Bootstrap 5 Responsiveness which displays perfectly on all sorts of device screens without any glitch. Dive into their online store and choose the best crypto exchnage template for your trading website. Skype: ihyiptemplates Email id: sales@ihyiptemplates.com
  2. eXch is an automatic cryptocurrency exchanger, accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Why to use our service: - Fully automatic exchanges that take less than 1 minute to complete - No hidden fees - Flat (1%) and Dynamic (0.5%) rate modes - No JavaScript, no Cloudflare - We don't collect users metadata - Automatic refunds - No registration required Contact information: Open a support ticket on our site: https://exch.cx/support All operations are done immediately and you will not be confused about amounts. Our current domain: exch.cx
  3. 🙏🏻 What is cryptobtcmixer.com? cryptobtcmixer.com is a service where you can exchange your Bitcoins for newly anonymized Bitcoins. Bitcoin tumbling or Bitcoin mixing is the way toward utilizing a service to make your Bitcoin purchases and payments untraceable. Immediately mixing your Bitcoin is the best way to make your Bitcoin payments impossible to follow. This secures you against hoodlums, hackers, or utilizing Bitcoin for exercises denied by law; it additionally secures you against legal implementation. cryptobtcmixer.com: The best rated Bitcoin Mixer in 2021 https://cryptobtcmixer.com is a service where you can exchange your Bitcoins for newly anonymized Bitcoins You can quickly mix your bitcoins with 👉🏼 t.me/crypto_mixerbot , which is integrated into the "blockchain" network that you can use in Telegram.
  4. Welcome to Perfect-Coin.cc ! Perfect-Coin.cc provides digital and cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines, We buy and sell BitCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether USDT, Exmo Code, Perfect Money, Payeer, Webmoney, AdvCash using Bank deposit, 7-11, Gcash and Paymaya. Our service are available 7 days a week. Our advantages: - Fast speed of processing application for exchange - Online support on the website - Stocking system of discounts - Partnership program - Automatic registration - Verified wallets of payment systems - Secure connection through SSL protocol, protection of personal rights Hours of service: Our working time are 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Manila Time, Monday to Sunday. Contact us: E-mail: support@perfect-coin.cc Choose us to get safe, reliable, convenient and quick service!
  5. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ POWH.RU An Ethereum Blockchain Managed Smart Contract Economy In 3-Dimension __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ What is POWH? In a nutshell, POWHRU is an ETH Token, which rewards you for holding it. Every buy order increases and every sell order decreases its price. Additionally, every single POWHRU transaction has a 10% fee, which gets split up proportionately among all P3DRU owners. This means that if you buy in before others do, you will benefit from dividends and a rising token value. Even when people are selling and your POWHRU tokens lose some value, you get dividends. Buy P3DRU __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ POWH Community WEBSITE | TELEGRAM __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Q&A 1. Is POWH a scam? - No. While POWHRU uses a sort of pyramid system, it is not a scam. A scam would allow the creator to profit at the expense of the investors, while this token runs on a smart contract, which makes this impossible. There have been already many different attempts at stealing the ETH, as the contracts ATH was at almost 20’000 ETH. The good thing about ETH Tokens is, that they are open-source. You can go over the code yourself to verify that it is legitimate! 2. What is the minimum investement? - There is no minimum investment required for this token; however, I recommend buying at least 5 tokens so your masternode is enabled. 3. What is a masternode? - In actual cryptocurrencies, Masternodes are nodes that hold a defined amount of coins, to prove that they are invested into the coin. In return, these nodes get a cut of the transaction fees, as miners do. With POWHRU, the masternode is just a “marketing term” for a referral link. 4. Can I refer myself? - Yes, but you will need two accounts. Here is a quick guide: Buy 5 P3DRU tokens with your first address. Create a second address on Metamask, and send your ETH there (Leave a little bit behind so you can reinvest on the first address). Copy your masternode link, delete your cookies and visit the site with your link. Buy the tokens and enjoy a 3.33% Cashback 5. Why should I invest? - This is a coin that reacts very well to price surges, as the token value goes up and the investors get dividends.
  6. Saturn Network Autonomous - Uncensorable - Protocol https://saturn.network The decentralized exchange protocol that is going to remodel cryptocurrency trading - imagine an exchange architecture that is built for the people and governed by the people. One where the order book cannot be blocked. One where the ownership is shared and everyone has a voice... Saturn Protocol - Saturn DAO Whitepaper We are building a decentralized exchange DAO that is compatible with all EVM blockchains, it will be fueled by SATURN tokens. PRE SALE & ICO Details Products Radex - First Zero Fees Decentralized Exchange For Trading Ethereum. Rados - Educational content, userguides, community forum, ICO analysis and more. Services Trading bots - we will provide you with the API and tools to run market making bots and arbitrage bots easily. Saturn Commerce - Processing crypto currency payments should be easy and simple for all merchants. Fund Management - Allow traders or bots to manage your funds securely via smart contracts in the Saturn Protocol. Decentralized ETFs - Wrap up multiple projects all in one ERC223 token so you can invest in simple transaction. Token Details The SATURN token is what is used to power the Saturn DAO and will be available to buy during our ICO. Token Standard: ERC223 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Decimals: 4 Multi Blockchain Airdrop formula The Saturn protocol is compatible with all EVM blockchains and we have plans to scale into various different blockchains! When this happens SATURN token holders and ICO investors will be rewarded via our multi blockchain AIRDROP formula. AIRDROP DETAILS Social Media Twitter: https://twitter.com/rados_io ]Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radosblog Telegram: https://t.me/rados Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SaturnNetwork Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rados.io Forum: https://forum.rados.io Thank you for your support, we welcome all feedback! Sam R Community Manager
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