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  1. PAMM (Percentage Allocation Module Management) a collective investment service in the forex market. In PAMM, traders can only trade with lot sizes according to the percentage of total equity in the master account, and profits will be shared with investors based on the percentage of their contribution in the master account. Trading with the PAMM system can be profitable, depending on the trader you choose. To find a good trader, look at the average monthly profit percentage. Also, look at the traders who generate the highest average profits in the long term. Brokers often release PAMM performance reports useful for investors to find the best managers, such as recently FXOpen released the top 10 PAMM in 2023 on their official blog. PAMM itself is a money management system carried out by PAMM traders and investors get profit sharing according to their investment portion. and investors are also charged a fee or commission to the trader. In PAMM there are three parties involved, the first is the broker as an intermediary who provides the system, the second is the trader who manages the PAMM account and the third is the investor who invests through the PAMM system.
  2. Cryptown Limited is the ultimate platform for all Cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Our innovative platform offers a range of features With Novamining, you can earn money and enjoy financial freedom in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Join us now and experience the future of the crypto world! https://cryptown.biz/images/468x60.gif Registration Link: https://cryptown.biz/?ref=investanalyzer71 Investment Plans: 9% daily for 13 days | 18% daily for 10 days | 200% after 7 days | VIP 300% after 5 days Principal Return: Included in % Charging: Calendar days Minimal Spend: $10 Maximal Spend: $100,000 Referral: 5%, 2%, 1%* Withdrawal: Instant Minimum Withdrawal: $0.5 PM, ePayCore | BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE - $10 Payment systems: ePayCore | Tether ERC20 | Tether TRC20 | Tether BEP20 | BNB.BSC | BUSD | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Litecoin | Ethereum | Dogecoin | Dash | Tron | Ripple DDOS PROTECTION Our state-of-the-art software provides advanced DDoS protection. SSL SECURITY A green EV-SSL icon in the browser window indicates that your information is secure. Join Now About Company CRYPTOWN INVESTMENT Cryptown.biz is an international financial company headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company number is United Kingdom 14800184. We provide trading tools in a number of cryptocurrency storage and trading wallets and decentralized exchanges. Our teams are the best in their field and the security of your funds is our main concern. After completing the registration on our website, you have the opportunity to invest and receive a completely passive and stable income.
  3. Hey everyone! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I wanted to share with you some information about an exciting investment project called ShaoBank.com. This Chinese project offers high profitability and features an impressive functionality on its beautiful and well-designed website. ๐Ÿ“Š Investment Plans: Let's take a closer look at the two plans offered by ShaoBank.com. Here's a table with plan details: ๐Ÿ’ฐ Plan ๐Ÿ’ฒ Minimum Amount ๐Ÿ’น Daily Profit โŒ› Duration ---------------------------------------------- ๐Ÿ’ผ Bonds BB 7280 | $100 | 0.45% | 3 years ๐Ÿ’ผ Bonds AA 5190 | $5200 | 0.55% | 3 years These bonds, namely BB 7280 and AA 5190, are financial instruments issued to raise funds for the operations of Shao Global Future Limited and Global Future, Universal Century, Technology and Culture respectively. They are designed to provide investors with a fixed income stream over a period of 3 years. ๐Ÿ’ต Deposit and Withdrawal: It's important to note that investments on the ShaoBank.com platform are conducted in Hong Kong dollars. The current exchange rate is 1 HKD = 0.13 USD. For example, to make a $100 deposit, you would need to deposit approximately 782 Hong Kong dollars. ShaoBank.com offers a convenient withdrawal system with minimum withdrawal amounts. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 HKD (6.35 USD) for USDT TRC20 and TRX, and 400 HKD (50.8 USD) for other cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal fee is 0% for USDT TRC20 and ranges from 0.5% to 4% for other cryptocurrencies. ๐Ÿ’ผ Referral Program: In addition to the lucrative investment plans, ShaoBank.com offers a unique referral program that allows you to earn up to 20% commission on bond purchases and up to 12 tokens per Hong Kong dollar. You can build your business network up to 10 levels and receive passive income. The ShaoBank referral program provides exceptional financial opportunities, paving the way for successful business growth and long-term financial success. ๐Ÿ’ธ My Deposit: I have personally invested $305 in the ShaoBank.com project and closely monitor its performance, actively tracking the results. ๐Ÿš€ Conclusion: I highly recommend taking a closer look at the ShaoBank.com project. It is a reliable and promising investment opportunity that can bring you substantial returns. Don't miss out on the chance to invest and achieve financial success! Register using my referral link: [registration link]. ๐Ÿ“Œ Please note that this is not financial advice, and I encourage you to do your own research before making any investment decisions. Invest responsibly.
  4. Hello forum members! I would like to share my latest investment discovery with all of you. Recently, I decided to invest my funds in the promising company World Golden Way LTD, and today I want to tell you about their investment program. World Golden Way offers a wide range of investment plans that allow investors to earn stable and long-term returns. Here are some of the available plans: ๐Ÿ”น SILVER: Returns ranging from 0.4% to 0.57% daily. Deposit amount: $50 to $50,000. Deposit period: 365 days. ๐Ÿ”น GOLD: Returns ranging from 0.7% to 0.9% daily. Deposit amount: $500 to $500,000. Deposit period: 200 days. ๐Ÿ”น DIAMOND: Fixed weekly return of 7.2%. Deposit amount: $5,000 to $500,000. Deposit period: 20 weeks. ๐Ÿ”น VIP: Fixed weekly return of 3.2%. Deposit amount: $15,000 to $500,000. Deposit period: 10 weeks. Affiliate Program World Golden Way offers a generous 7-level affiliate program. Each partner receives rewards based on their level and the structure of their affiliate network. More detailed information about the affiliate program and rewards can be found on the company's official website. The roadmap of World Golden Way includes opening branches in different cities, launching their own pawnshops, celebrating their 1st anniversary in Yerevan on a large scale, expanding their presence in the region and beyond, as well as entering and promoting the brand in the USA and European countries. Register at Golden Way. P.S. I have just invested my $100 via USDT TRC20 in the SILVER program, and I am eagerly awaiting the results. I will share my successes and updates in my blog. https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/a9b515fbe54d8bb093c071a4c3975f400068c184baac3fedb9e74776542fd526
  5. Hello everyone on DigitalMoneyTalk! I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting project I recently discovered, Tronstaking.io (TronChain). This project offers you the opportunity to stake TRX and benefit from the cryptocurrency market's growth. Investment Plans Tronstaking.io (TronChain) operates with a single tariff plan that yields 1.56% daily profit on your investment. This converts into a healthy 46.8% profit per month and an astonishing 571.2% profit per annum! Referral Program Another advantage of this platform is its robust referral program, where you can earn 30% of the income generated by your direct referrals. Video Tutorial for Deposits For those unsure about how to make a deposit, we've prepared a step-by-step video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Our Investment We have made our investment in the Tronstaking.io (TronChain) project as follows: Investment date: 29.07.2023 Amount: -100 $ Transaction link: https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/2d9ffc468526df3bac7dee832fa5799b1e27f456dfb8e2ec42216f22bae5e263 Proof: Register via our link: [Registration] Stay tuned for updates as we share our experiences and results with this project!
  6. The Worlds leading Mutual Aid Community The community which is For the People & By the People, uses Bitcoin as a means to help & pay each other. All transactions are directly between the People. New task every 12-hours Task is assigned daily with a fresh contribution/Provide help of $100 to the community members. The tasks are only available to be voted upon PH commitment and closed 4 hours before the event is unfolded into a result. Join Our Answer & Earn Program Join us using a referral link , contribute $100 to the community and earn from 50% to 500% and more by just winning a single taskโ€™s result. The task topics are the global affairs whose outcome/results are meant to be announced shortly e.g Financial market, opinion polls, sports, other events Join here. https://teamreddragon.info/join/9b478b68
  7. Best HYIP template enables your business websites to run more quickly and effectively. Before investing in a template for your investment business website, keep in mind how essential it is to have a unique design that meets all your necessities. IHYIP Templates offers unique HYIP templates to its clients, whereas all other market players deliver the same templates to their clients. Once the unique HYIP template design has been sold, they will not resell it to new customers in the future which is most welcomed by users worldwide. Basically, by integrating these templates into your business website, you can begin to enjoy the benefits that they offer to their customers. Check out more designs that have passed different levels of quality testing and offer the best possible appearance for your business website. Additionally, they keep providing professional services of the highest caliber, which helps in bringing in happy clients worldwide. Visit their online gallery, choose your favorite design, and get it before sold out. Email id: sales@ihyiptemplates.com Skype: ihyiptemplates
  8. โฐ Superhourly.shop Start: Sep 11, 2022 Minimum Deposit $10 Withdraw $0.1 sign up link https://superhourly.shop/register/hyiperorg Plans : 2.55% hourly for 24 hours 3.55% hourly for 24 hours 4.52% hourly for 24 hours Referral: 1% No commission when withdrawing, no commission when replenishing an account Withdrawal Auto Registered and legal business Accepted Payments โœ… Accepted Payments : Perfect Money Request Your RCB fast https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/51fd2d67-8620-4549-96bc-ecb2be224c15
  9. cryptocapital.shop Start: Sep 04, 2022 Minimum Deposit $15 Minimum Withdraw $0.1 perfect money and 15$ for crypto sign up link https://cryptocapital.shop/register/hyiperorg Plans : 130% after 24 hours 380% after 5 days 1800% after 7 days Referral: 0.05% up to 50% No commission when withdrawing, no commission when replenishing an account Withdrawal Instant Registered and legal business Accepted Payments Accepted Payments : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron, Binance Coin . Request Your RCB fast https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/97329b1d-d514-4363-8dfa-b03ea0cad219
  10. cryptocapital.shop Start: Sep 04, 2022 Minimum Deposit $15 Minimum Withdraw $0.1 perfect money and 15$ for crypto sign up link https://cryptocapital.shop/register/hyiperorg Plans : 130% after 24 hours 380% after 5 days 1800% after 7 days Referral: 0.05% up to 50% No commission when withdrawing, no commission when replenishing an account Withdrawal Instant Registered and legal business Accepted Payments Accepted Payments : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron, Binance Coin . Request Your RCB fast https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/97329b1d-d514-4363-8dfa-b03ea0cad219
  11. โฐ Eagle-funds.shop Start: Aug 24, 2022 Minimum Deposit $20 Minimum Withdraw $1 perfect money and 15$ for crypto sign up link https://eagle-funds.shop/register/hyiperorg Plans : 4.82% daily for 30 days 5.82% Daily for 30 days 9.82% Daily for 30 days Referral: 3% - 2% - 1% No commission when withdrawing, no commission when replenishing an account Withdrawal Instant Registered and legal business Referral bonus is available without an active deposit Accepted Payments โœ… Perfect Money, BTC, BCH, ETH, LiteCoin Request 200% RCB https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/d626ea05-7325-4c24-bb1f-b671e2810d2b
  12. โฐ Amr Invest Started: Aug 19, 2022 Minimum Deposit $50 Minimum Withdraw $2 sign up Link https://amr-invest.com/?ref=HYiperOrg Plans : 2.2 โ€“ 3.3% daily for 3 โ€“ 21 days; deposit return Referral : 5% - 3% - 1% Withdrawal Manual Registered and legitimate business Accepted Payments โœ… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, Dogecoin, Tether Request Your RCB fast https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/cbd664dc-bd21-4df9-a261-e63e9f631f23 Company's Social Media: Registered company profile: License โ„–05211291 Company Address: 48 Warwick Street, London, England, W1B 5AW Instagram:https://instagram.com/amr_invest_com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AMRinvests/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMR_invest Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdyK8If7K7VmVbgEZ_PwuEA
  13. โฐ aquatrade.store Start: July 16, 2022 Minimum Deposit $15 Withdraw $1 for perfect money , $5 for crypto sign up link https://aquatrade.store/register/hyperorg Plans : 4.66% hourly for 24 hours (deposit included) 31% daily for 4 days 44.5% daily for 4 days 36.5% daily for 3 days Referral : 1% 3% 5% No commission when withdrawing, no commission when replenishing an account Withdrawal Instant Registered and legal business Referral bonus is available without an active deposit Accepted Payments โœ… Perfect Money, BTC , BTC CASH, LTC , ETH Request 200% RCB https://hyiper.org/post_rcb/ab3d2a68-adcb-450d-a35e-917945c2911a
  14. Registration: Electric vehicles mixed fund We are roughly $17.3 million hybrid fund. Our fund focuses on investing in foreign equity funds and mutual funds ETFs of the operator in battery production lines, lithium mining, and the development of battery technology companies. The Master funds invest in the companies that benefit from the development of technology, products, and services related to future transportation, such as automobiles, electric vehicles, digital technology used in transportation such as autonomous cars, etc. The return for investors is 0.5%-1.8% daily and total Return on investment (ROI): 115%-154% monthly. Smart strategy Electrical Investment Fund will help you earn higher investment returns than from equity investments Our plan: 1) 0.5% daily for 20 days (+principal) or 2) 0.8% daily for 30 days (+principal) or 3) 1% daily for 60 days (+principal) or 4) 1.2% daily for 90 days (+principal) or 5) 1.4% daily for 120 days (+principal) or 6) 1.8% daily for 240 days (+principal) Minimum deposit: $10 Maximum deposit: Unlimited Referral: 5% Withdrawal: Instant Best perfomance Fund structure Diversification opportunities in EV Sectors. To help manage risk, investors often evaluate a portfolio's level of diversification by analyzing stocks according to their market capitalization or investment style. Diversification may also be achieved by including a mix of investments in different sectors or industries. During volatile markets, being mindful of a portfolio's sector allocation may help manage risk while being positioned to potentially benefit from market trends. Systematic wealth accumulation Investment fund let you invest in otherwise inaccessible markets and participate in market movements with even small investments. No charges on deposits and withdrawal. Low risk through diversification Diversification keeps the risk of loss low. If the fund company declares bankruptcy, investors will be entitled to their assets. Build wealth easily and systematically over time. Manifold opportunities We identify, mentor and integrate within our network innovative business ideas at different levels of their development. With attractive return opportunities. Our monitor status: Read more.
  15. Active traders Low commissions, innovative trading platform, live data packages and discounts. Find out why active traders are switching to CMC Capital. Why you should choose us Registration The interests of our customers always come first. Our experience shows that if we serve our customers well, our own success will follow. Our assets are our people, capital and reputation. If any of them ever decreases, the latter is the most difficult to recover. We are committed to full compliance with international rules and ethical principles that we are guided by. Our continued success depends on an unwavering commitment to this standard. We are proud of the professional quality of our work. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do. Although we can be involved in a wide range and large volume of activities, we try to provide our customers with everything necessary for financial development. We emphasize creativity and imagination in everything we do. Recognizing that the old way can still be the best, we constantly strive to find the best solution to customer problems. We are proud to be the first to introduce many methods and techniques in international brokerage that have become standard in our industry. We make extraordinary efforts to identify and select the best person for each job. Although our business is measured in billions of dollars, we choose our people one by one. In the service industry, we know that without the best people, we cannot be a better company. We emphasize teamwork in everything we do. Although personalized creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team efforts often produce better results. We have no place for those who put their personal interests above the interests of the company and its customers. The loyalty of our people to the company and the intense efforts that they devote to their work are higher than in most other organizations. We believe that this is an important part of our success. We consider our size an asset that we are trying to preserve. We want to be large enough to carry out the largest project that any of our clients could conceive, and at the same time small enough to maintain the loyalty, intimacy and corporate spirit that we all cherish and which contribute a lot to our success . We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our customers and develop new services to meet these needs We know that the world of finance will not stand still and that complacency can lead to extinction. We regularly receive confidential information as part of our normal relationships with customers. It would be inconceivable to violate confidentiality or use confidential information in an inappropriate or careless manner. Our business is highly competitive and we persistently strive to expand our relations with customers. We should always be honest with our competitors and never slander other companies. Honesty and decency underlie our business. We expect that our employees will maintain high ethical standards in everything that they do, both in their work for the company and in their personal lives. More info.. Our plan: Paying Project Payouts: 0.3-0.9% daily for 365 workings days (you can withdraw a deposit with a commission 60%, after 90 days there is no commission) Withdrawal: Manual Min/Max: $100 / $50000 Referral: up to 10% from attracting new traders; up to 15% Withdrawal: Manual
  16. I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I donโ€™t know the admin! Started: 22/1/2021 Payouts: Instant! Features: DDoS protection SSL encryption Licensed Custom Script Dedicated server/IP Description: =============== View / Register =============== Accepts: Nitronpay Ethereum Litecoin Payeer Perfect Money Paypal Credit Card Bitcoin Perfect Money: U4083024 - Verified - 337.7 Trust Score point(s) Investment plans: 5% Daily / 30 Times| Min $500 - Max $100000 135% Weekly / 1 Times| Min $250 - Max $50000 125% Daily / 1 Times |Min $5001 - Max $500000 125% Daily / 1 Times |Min $251 - Max $5000 102% Daily / 1 Times |Min $1 - Max $250 Our investment: This topic was created for the purpose of information. I am not responsible for your decisions!
  17. NEW FX GOLD EARN CRYPTO COINS 20% Daily profit and Forever Earn Crypto Coins is a brand new online trading platform made so even investors . RUNNING DAYS 0 INVESTMENT PLAN 5$ - 500$ 0.33% HOURLY FOREVER 8% DAILY PROFIT 501$ - 2000$ 0.42% HOURLY FOREVER 10% DAILY PROFIT 2001$ - 10000$ 0.63% HOURLY FOREVER 15% DAILY PROFIT 10001$ - 100000$ 0.84% HOURLY FOREVER 20% DAILY PROFIT Register New Account Instant Withdrawals Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! Minimum withdrawal is $1 . There is no fee for withdrawals of hourly interest.
  18. INVEST IN EARNERSTAR.COM TODAY Welcome to earnerstar.com- Experience one of the best available solution to increase your investment capital by investing in our modern technological venture. earnerstar.com is the one stop roof for investors who explore to create regular revenue in crypto markets without exposing towards any master skills. At earnerstar.com, we believe in keeping things simple, steady and transparent. Experience the best at earnerstar.com and thank us later. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Welcome to earnerstar.com EXPLORE THE PRIVILEGES OF INVESTING IN SELF-REGULATION EARNERSTAR.COM ASSET MANAGEMENT PLATFORM. earnerstar.com -officially handled by the British Incorporated company earnerstar.com is the self-regulated and automated financial management platform. Advancements in artificial intelligence bots and improved trade technologies will allow AI robots to manage with a far greater extent of market variability. The intelligence to accommodate their actions in response to market changes in their environment creates opportunities to use information in a precise manner. earnerstar.com is built to elevate your earning potential. LEARN MORE INVEST NOW PAYING Our plan: 600% AFTER 1 DAY, 2000% AFTER 2 DAYS. Min/Max: $30 / Unlimited Withdrawal: Instant Registration You can see your monitor status: https://www.besthyip24.com/image/lid/8701/
  19. Based on bitcoin investment only, perfect-income offers the best investment program with a simple payment system. 100% insurance backup registered and licensed investment currency Bitcoin (BTC) only 10% Interest in short term investment program $20 Minimum deposit $22 minimum withdrawal No withdrawal fees No investment limit in any of the 4 plan Rapid Withdrawal Processing Referral Reward: 5% per one active investor visit https://perfect-income.net
  20. WELCOME TO COINSFORCE LIMITED Our investment platform is the result of our intensive and fruitful work for the past 15 years in the financial industry, We offer high quality, and most importantly, secure asset management service on the basis of cutting-edge business, associated with Forex and Crypto cloud mining as well as highly profitable trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our company has already established its positive reputation in the UK, where COINSFORCE LIMITED has passed the required registration process and received a permission to conduct financing activities around the world. Paying 2% HOURLY FOREVER, 5% HOURLY FOR 36 HOURS, 20% HOURLY FOR 10 HOURS, 30% HOURLY FOR 6 HOURS, 60% DAILY FOR 3 DAYS, 1000% AFTER 3 DAYS + PRINCIPAL BACK Min/Max: $1 / Unlimited Referral: 4.50% Withdrawal: Instant Registration COINSFORCE LIMITED INVESTMENT PLANS COINSFORCE LIMITED offers 2% - 30% Steady and Stable return on your investment. COINSFORCE LIMITED FEATURES COINSFORCE LIMITED is based on long estabilished profit making strategies and long lasting relationships with all our clients with the aim to provide secure investment environment to all its users. We use of most advanced technology with high level of professionalism as well use intelligent monitoring technology, allowing us to conduct successful cryptocurrency and forex trading operations and satisfy all the needs of customers. Our aim is to provide stability and guaranteed high returns on your investments.
  21. I'm not the admin Project start: January 9, 2020 About company: Innovative Working with our experienced which will handle all risk. Stability Our plans allows us to anticipate possible market changes in order to get maximize profit. High Security The strong safeguards in place to help protect investor privacy. All data is stored in highly secure data centers. 24/7 support Our Support Center is built with Security, Quality of Service, Up-time and Scalability in mind. Impeccable The payout schedule is perfect as the time goes by and the work is still smooth as clockwork Investment plans: Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Dogecoin Minimal deposit: $25, 0.003 BTC, 11000 DOGE Minimal withdrawal: $0.01 Type of payment: payments are made daily during working hours from 10.00 - 17.00 UTC. Maximum processing time is 2 business days. Referral system: 0.8% My investment:
  22. REGISTER NOW! I found interesting program which i consider low risk because it pays logically sustain! Minimum deposit 10usd, minimum withdraw 1usd , INSTANT WITHDRAWAL ! Deposit Method : Perfect Money , Payeer , Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin Withdrawal Method : Perfect Money , Payeer , Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin Referral Bonus : 4% for 1st level , 2% for 2nd level , 1% for 3rd level Scalp : [10usd-500usd] = 0.5% daily, principal return after 114days [ 90days weekdays payment ] Swing : [501usd-50000usd] = 1% daily, principal return after 114days [ 90days weekdays payment ] REGISTER NOW!
  23. INFO SITE: PLANS: PAYMENT METHOD: => JOIN HERE AND BUY SHARE AND EARN BONUS 2$ <= REPLAY TO RECEIVED 2$ BONUS + CASHBACK 5%: Email support : s_satthutinhtruong25@yahoo.com LIST MEMBER RECIEVED BONUS 2$ + CASHBACK 5%: 1 - Bonus 2$ +REBACK 5% money - User: Donnes -120$(17/04/2013) 2 - Bonus 2$ +REBACK 5% money - User: Kentorious160-250$(22/04/2013)
  24. Westland Storage 1% daily forever, Up to $100 sign-up Bonus I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS PROGRAM SIGN-UP Features Licensed Script Licensed Company Unique Design Professional SSL DDOS Security Plans 1% daily forever Payment Processors Bitcoin Litecoin Payeer Perfect Money AdvCash Referral Commission 10% Minimum Invest No Minimum SIGN-UP Monitoring http://hyiperhyiper.net/details/lid/319/ Risk Warning http://hyiperhyiper.net/news/id/2/
  25. Citrine Finance 4.5% Daily for 50 Business Days, 5.5% Daily for 45 Business Days, 7.5% Daily for 40 Business Days I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS PROGRAM SIGN-UP Features Unique Script Unique Design SSL, DDOS Security Plans 4.5% Daily for 50 Business Days, 5.5% Daily for 45 Business Days, 7.5% Daily for 40 Business Days Payment Processors Bitcoin Payeer Perfect Money AdvCash 3-Level Referral Commission 7% - 2% - 1% Minimum Invest 25$ (USD) SIGN-UP Monitoring http://hyiperhyiper.net/details/lid/276/ Risk Warning http://hyiperhyiper.net/news/id/2/ First Payment Received PAYMENT DETAILS Amount Paid: $1.0200 Account Number: PerfectMoney Account Type: U15297068 PROCESSING DETAILS Transaction I.D: Cashout I.D #24Payout Batch# 210370142 Date: 1st Apr 2018 Time: 15:21:04 0 GMT Citrinefinance.com Admin https://www.citrinefinance.com/
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