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  1. To win you have to be very well prepared and look at all the details even if you only trade a couple of currencies. Any variation in the details affects all markets. You have to know where to place your stops and when to execute them. Don't risk more than 2% of your account per trade and learn to control your emotions.
  2. In effect, it is computer software that transmits live currency market prices, so that users can trade those currencies, in the pairs they want, through a financial intermediary or among themselves.
  3. Forex is a very innovative market platform that gets you into a unique and great world of generating money.
  4. The best advice I can give is to trade with real money because it's like an adrenaline rush and doing it on a demo account is like floating on cotton balls.
  5. The coronavirus has affected many things in recent months, but in my opinion the economy is at a stable level. But alarms are going off every day around the world. The question is not whether we are close to a global recession, the question is how long will it last and how will we get out of it?
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