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  1. Farmer and a Doctor. How many countries have you lived in, and what were they?
  2. We are "one CAP." But we also have many uniforms. I guess this is consistency a la CAP. One CAP but many uniforms. One CAP but many domains. One CAP but many... What else can you add to the "many..." there?
  3. I won the great turkish war. The more you play, the easier it gets. Now Im losing as mongols vs japanese in sengoku jidai.
  4. Turns out the keyboard needs two USB connections to work properly. No idea why.
  5. rnrn Thanks for the compliments, except for calling me "old.". My next workout I plan to work on cardio and speed. Something more Crossfit inspired and hopefully outside weather permitting at the soccer field. Maybe sprints and burpees. Im trying to prepare for an Outdoor Soccer season this summer. Can anyone suggest a good leg speed exercise? rn
  6. I have used CloudFlare and still use to this very day. CloudFlare is a great service and I set it up on every new domain I get.
  7. I have heard that now very many people use this platform. But I have a question, how much can it protect the client from scam?
  8. In this thread you can follow my technical analysis and signals My favourite pairs are:Eur/Usd,Gbp/Usd,Gbp/Jpy My analysis will be numbered to make it more transparent. =0=
  9. Can you post/link some better pictures of the case with the red triangle buttons rightmost case in the middle row?
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