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  1. It is not the only broker that does that. Forexchief broker does not charge for deposits and withdrawals. It is the payment system that takes their charges. Also, Forexchief trading fees and spreads are very insignificant.
  2. That is a simple Truth. This is so because new traders will always lose at first. There will always be a first mistake, which will result in loss of money. It is part of life. Everyone cannot be a winner, else the world would be a happy place.
  3. Forex has a lot of advantages. The only disadvantage is that you can lose your money at anytime. Simple as that.
  4. Every business has its advantages and disadvantages. If you think too much about the disadvantages, you will never achieve anything in life.
  5. There is no strategy for handling emotions. If you can't control your emotions when trading, then you are bound to lose all the time. One of the effects of emotions is revenge trading, which has wiped so many accounts.
  6. Hello, Forexchief and Interactive Brokers are big. Let us compare the two brokers for the sake of information. Which of these broker would you rather trade with and why?
  7. I made sure to use a trusted broker, at least one that is licensed and regulated. I use Forexchief broker. Their low spreads and execution speed is the top reason why I decided to trade on their platform.
  8. I have used more then two broker in a span of 2 years. Now I am fine with Forexchief broker; their server is perfect for news trading.
  9. There are still other ways to make money with these pairs. I mean they are there for a reason.
  10. There is no best time to trade. It all depend on your trading condition. There are various market hours to trade, such as the NY time, Asian Time and the rest.
  11. Yes, i traded with an EA once upon a time and it went so well. I installed it on Mt4, which was a perfect broker for the EA at the time. But I discontinued when it stopped making profit due to changes in market condition.
  12. Do they offer managed account? I am using this broker; it is a very good broker with lots of benefits. Still I don't know if they offer managed account.
  13. I think it is best to look for unbiased review websites to see what others think about the signal providers.
  14. Regulation is a good criteria to select a Forex broker. It is not the number criteria because even regulated brokers can be bad for your trading strategy. So first look at their trading conditions and decide if they offer what you need.
  15. Yes, you are very correct. Forexchief broker has an education section, and even have articles that teach traders new strategies to begin with.
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