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  1. Leverage is a good tool offered by many brokers to be able to help traders buy or sell more. More trades means more profit. I don't use too much leverage, but I have access to about 1:1000 with Forexchief broker. I can use that leverage any day anytime.
  2. The percentage of profit you make is enough if you have a high capital input. 5% profit from $10000 is $500 per month. Well, that is something. To make more you have to increase your capital.
  3. I have tried all kinds of trading strategies with Forexchief broker. I have used two accounts for scalping, news trading and even swap trading. There are no restrictions and the spreads are very favorable.
  4. Just a quick reminder!!! Forexchief offers Advanced Mt5 and Mt4 Platform, with amazing features better than the previous versions. Characteristics: New generation of MetaTrader platform, MQL5 programming language, Code Base technical indicators database, strategy tester, application store, a wide range of tools for DMA/STP Enjoy Trading with Forexchief
  5. I think the question is "Which indicator you are using". Did you read the thread before posting?
  6. Greed is a tiny part of the human nature, and it is not a good part. So in every thing we do that involves money, we must learn to control it. In Forex, greed could be your downfall. Greed can make you use high lot sizes and leverages when it is not necessary. Greed can also make you enter a trade that you are not very sure of.
  7. A high leverage like that is not healthy for any trader. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of money to start Forex. Leverage will eat you up if you lose many trades.
  8. The first step would actually be to open a demo account for practice purpose.
  9. The bonus which is equal to 100% of the first deposit, but does not exceed $500. It is credited automatically and does not require personal documents verification. The Profit can be withdrawn without any limitations, and the bonus itself can be withdrawn after required trading turnover completed This is your opportunity to get enough money to start trading Forex. 1. There is no need to upload personal documents and wait for data verification. 2. The bonus is credited automatically upon the first deposit. 3. Trading robots and any strategies are allowed, including scalping and arbitrage. Enjoy Trading with Forexchief
  10. I think you should just create an offshore profile and choose any EU broker or some good broker in Asia. The PDT rule does not apply to such brokers and the requirement is not limited to a certain amount.
  11. That is a great review. How long have you been trading with Forexchief?
  12. It is not the only broker that does that. Forexchief broker does not charge for deposits and withdrawals. It is the payment system that takes their charges. Also, Forexchief trading fees and spreads are very insignificant.
  13. That is a simple Truth. This is so because new traders will always lose at first. There will always be a first mistake, which will result in loss of money. It is part of life. Everyone cannot be a winner, else the world would be a happy place.
  14. Forex has a lot of advantages. The only disadvantage is that you can lose your money at anytime. Simple as that.
  15. Every business has its advantages and disadvantages. If you think too much about the disadvantages, you will never achieve anything in life.
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