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  1. I like all types because I feel all are necessary required. If we go for specific analysis then we could struggle in long term. So this is where we need to work towards using all available out there. I trade with FreshForex, where they fantastic Market Analysis setup, and that allows me to work with comfort and high level of confidence as well.
  2. Most people are types that like to become rich overnight, and because of that they face this issue. If we are truly wishful to succeed then we should move towards doing trading properly and not worry about anything else. I am working with FreshForex, who are so amazing having all features that makes working simpler. It especially is to do with their Stop-out Insurance, it plays huge role in making us comfortable even if losses happen.
  3. Trading is an art which requires a lot of attributes to succeed. We have to be determined, dedicated, patience and sharp. As these are the type of things that makes one succeed or fail. I trade with FreshForex, who are amazing with low spreads, high leverages, bonuses and most likable part for me is their Rebate Program, which is thrilling to say the least.
  4. We should not have better but we should have the best possible management, as that’s the only way we are going to succeed and make money. If we are not able to do that right, then there is just no way will we succeed. I get so much help from my broker FreshForex with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it boost my risk management so much.
  5. Very honestly no. I never even thought I would ever trade as this was not even in top 100 things I would have thought of doing. So this just came itself and I am grateful to my broker FreshForex for this. Thanks to their guidance and support, I understood the value of Forex and able to trade fairly nicely.
  6. Selecting the right broker is a major need for anyone to be successful, and it’s not exactly that tough. But we just need to ensure that we plan it out accurately, as if we do then we will be able to gain a lot of benefits. I have done it perfectly via joining FreshForex, they are classic with having low spreads, lightning fast execution of trades, cash back, bonuses and many more such features to make working simpler and easier.
  7. We need to be very careful and ensure that we understand these things properly, as only then we will be able to move towards getting results in our favour. I do this easily with the guide and support of FreshForex. They have lovely educational setup through which we can learn and able to help our self with achieving greater results.
  8. A successful trader is always one who is able to make decisions on the spot and that too accurately. It’s not something easy but it is something that’s possible to do with hard work and effort. I find it easier with broker like FreshForex. As not only they have features that helps me with that but also have Market Analysis, so I can really make decisions with comfort and confidence.
  9. Starting in a business like Forex is no easy play for anyone, especially a beginner but we can do this easily if we are determined and dedicated. I am just that and it adds up with a broker like FreshForex, who not only got low spreads, high leverage and several such features but also complete safety and security.
  10. It’s obvious that spread is very important but it’s not the most important part, so that’s why we need to go for complete broker. I am with a very best in FreshForex. They are amazing with low spreads, high leverages, bonuses and my favourite Stop-Out Insurance feature, it just makes the working so nice and easy by all means.
  11. There is really no broker of this level out there and it is the reason I am able to work with highest level of comfort and ease. If our broker is good and trustworthy, then we will always be able to work with comfort and confidence.
  12. Losses are part of work and that shouldn’t discourage us but we need to learn from it. I have seen a lot of people lose because of wrong broker including myself which is the most painful thing and something you really have to be careful about. And always require to check things properly.
  13. Mostly the reason people complicate it is because they want to make money fast and in trying to do that they end up going off track. So, it is something we MUST avoid at any cost. I am always very careful and it helps with having a quality broker. I have suffered a lot with companies like Instaforex, so I know the value of a quality broker.
  14. Frankly speaking, I don’t prefer lending too much, as I feel it’s far better that we do normal way of trading. I like Crypto trading and I am very lucky to be with broker like FreshForex, as they offer dual-service which means I can do trading on anything I want which include Cryptos. Their features are also top notch which include the enormous 200% deposit bonus as well. So this is where trading becomes simpler for me in every term!
  15. Honestly, it’s all to do with education for me. If we want to be successful then we need to give highest priority to education and education only. If we do that then we will see results in our favour. I am so grateful to my broker FreshForex, as thanks to their educational setup, it eases out the way for me. And more so, they even got demo and often comes up with freebies in no deposit bonus shape. So, with that one can easily reach the desired destination.
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