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  1. Sign up for healthy wage make your bet on how many pounds you will lose in between 1-18 months and use your debit or credit card to make the bet.I bet $85 for 7 months to lose 38 pounds.I have until dec 2018.I need to be 173.I am 200.6.I need to lose 27 pounds.
  2. I don’t think I would ever do forex trading programs to make money online because it is to risky.
  3. Can people request payment in 2018?
  4. Payout is now $5 at mylot.It used to be $10.Been paid by that site many times.
  5. All get paid to read article sites are scams.
  6. Pay rates are to high and it sounds to good to be true.
  7. Any payment proofs from paid to watch video site.
  8. I am new here to joined July 2018.
  9. Clixsense used to be paid to click site.Never have paid to clicks anymore.It is just surveys and offers.
  10. PayPal is my number one and favorite payment processor.I got PayPal money on Friday from beer money forum.
  11. Good rates for posting but site is offline for good.
  12. Not for me.I was paid once by the site.You have to have high ratings at that forum or else you are locked from many forums.Very strict site.
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