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  1. Is it accept payza, because my all money have deposit ed init but it fees is now been very high which looks expensive while working with it. So, kindly share detail if anyone have
  2. I checked that site and experienced that there are few numbers of offers given which most of them trial pay or survey..And it looks so hard to earn money here and will take a lot time as well
  3. Website is not working, i think this site has been closed because everyone cannot afford this type of work which need huge budget and i have seen many sites are shutdown except just DMT which is still going on.
  4. Well, I think trade through robot is not a bad idea and save your precious time because we are living in modern age and there is definitely required for trading but we must have to watched the progress of trading in order to analyze and make free from lose.
  5. In my point of View, A forex is a car which not everyone can drive. And it need to be trained completely otherwise you could damaged the car. And this will cause lose your money. So, it better for you first learn everything about it then take a chance to invest on it.
  6. I have been working here and its Anice site to work with. Further it has plenty of option to earn money because there are various task in which some are easy and some are little bit hard took time as well but they have huge reward too.. And the best thing is that it is still legit site to work.
  7. I have seen many people are engaging in forex sites, but are they get anything from it or just like other affiliate program, you need to promote website otherwise no money.. I know the working in forex is different from any other work but in my point of view, a beginner cannot survive here until he would have some knowledge of earning money here..
  8. Its not a paying site since it starting, who said to you that it a paying to their members. Furthermore, its just an informative site regarding advertising and CPM. That`s it and there is nothing special except it.
  9. Yeah, i was also an active member their but since they ignore to response their people, i got bored and left it out because it is just like nothing but dead forum without soul because an admin makes forum a live otherwise its just a thing...
  10. They have disabled registration for new members due to large amount members been registered their so far. Furthermore, is there anyone who got paid from this site because i didn`t find any interesting which attract me to go their and join in.
  11. Are they still pay? because i didn`t find any interesting which shows that they are paying to their members, however, there are plenty of threads and new things to learn. I`ll check it soon.
  12. its a type of forum where you may be success if you are aware about forex trading otherwise, we may not be approved because all members are sharing details and comments regarding trading as what they get and what formula makes it easier for them..
  13. Well, I don't belive it because it shown huge rates and if it really true so kindly share payment proof
  14. Hey Juan..how are you...well, I made this site and bought .com domain but due to shortage of Time and my post graduation took it closed, however, I am looking to create it again with some budget and people as well, because without team you can't do anything alone if it is a huge one..So, I thanked to those who joined this site...but don't worry it'll be comeback with proper working and a team who'll run this site with me. And those who joined and worked will get their points what they earned before..
  15. Is it support Pakistan currency because i want to use it but I need to know in what procedure to recharge this card
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