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  1. There are forex brokers who use fixed spreads and floating spreads.
  2. using the stochastic indicator might help you.
  3. Investors do not need to have FOREX and CFD market trading experience, but only need to choose one or several managers.
  4. I agree with what you have said. it must be like that.
  5. Maybe that is a good sign of the prayer that you have spoken.
  6. This article helped me tremendously in understanding the performance of brokers. Thank you friends
  7. I agree with you. When we follow the strategy, then we are approaching 70% success.
  8. always focus in the work is the key of discernment.
  9. How are we focusing on the goals? and how do we trade with mastering the systematic manner?
  10. What percentage of success by following the rules above?
  11. whether it's trusted and safe for a newbie like me?
  12. We never know the problems we will encounter on the road. hope we become a reliable trader.
  13. the advantages of forex trading is conducted on a wide range of currencies around the world, so that we will not run out of profit opportunities.
  14. Some traders turned their attention to other financial markets, because they are convinced that the cause of his success on the forex market does not of itself, but rather from the market the less fit.
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