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  1. Spreads are the difference between the selling price (bid) and the buy value (ask) or sell quotes and buy quotes.
  2. Can you analyze forex price movements by using forex fundamental analysis?
  3. Every Trader must have experienced the name MC (margin call).
  4. it turns out that it is a more efficient way than just waiting for a computer, but still can get high profits.
  5. Okay. a good opinion. Thank you already share your experiences to me.
  6. in my opinion, the business to earn money. and to be able to travel abroad.
  7. all strategy in the forex was important to do.
  8. Thank you already gave a very interesting presentation I like to freshforex.
  9. so, what about the continuation of our chat in this forum?
  10. How to cultivate a diligent attitude to people who are truly lazy?
  11. In addition to trading forex, I work at a private company.
  12. Forex can be a good choice for active short-term traders. If you are interested in buy-and-hold, you're probably best to look elsewhere.
  13. ya, because today's forex transactions can be conducted online, with your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, with just a click on the trading software that you have prepared the broker.
  14. This is a nice presentation of material. Although I am not yet so familiar, I'll ask my friends who understand.
  15. How much money do day traders make?
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