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  1. On Thursday the 9th of August, trading on EURUSD closed down. Bears resumed the downtrend after the break of the trend line at 1.1582. By the close of trading, the euro fell to 1.1526, surpassing Monday's low (1.1530). In the first half of the day, the major currencies were under pressure against the US dollar due to the collapse of NZD. It crumbled following the RBNZ's interest rate meeting in which the regulator decided to keep rates at the current level until 2020. Before the opening of the US session, bulls tried to win back losses, but were crushed by the statements of FRB of Chicago President Charles Evans, who said he admits the possibility of two increases by yearend. Fig 1. EURUSD hourly chart. Source: TradingView Current situation: The bears broke the trend line at 1.1530 and the 45th degree (1.1574). I will write about the reasons behind the drop in the afternoon review. It stopped at the 90th degree. Technically, nothing is keeping the price from sliding down to 1.1495. On the weekly chart sellers haven't been able to pass 1.1510 since May. You can short the euro for a few weeks once the price falls below 1.15. For today, we have a correction to 1.1550 , from 1.1560. Purchases are risky, so the risk to the deal needs to be reduced by 2-3 times. The stochastic oscillator is on top in the sell zone, so we do not know whether we will drop to 1.1520 or make a new Asian session low. The stochastic signal will be perceived by the trend, so it is unlikely that sellers will ignore it on the hourly timeframe. Today, traders' attention will be focused on British data and US CPI data. See more the best forex trading strategy in Alpari.com
  2. Well, interesting forex technical analysis basics, The EURUSD down to 1.1342 is too much. the bearish dominant now
  3. Piotr Matys, explains that they have argued that the reluctance to even consider a rate hike by Poland’s rate setters led by Governor Glapinski leaves the zloty more sensitive and vulnerable to the global backdrop. Key Quotes The latest comments from Poland’s most hawkish policy maker Kamil Zubelewicz validated our view. “The dovish rhetoric, in my opinion, is unnecessary and it doesn’t serve the Polish currency, Mr Zubelewicz said in an interview with Bloomberg.” The higher the core inflation, the more important the role of the zlotys to dollars rate and its volatility, he told Bloomberg. They impact many non-core components of inflation. That’s why the currency is so important for the stability of our monetary policy. We fully agree with Mr Zubelewicz. To recall, earlier this week we wrote that we find it increasingly difficult to justify the wait-and-see approach. The labour market continues to tighten, which applies upside pressure on wage growth at the time when private consumption is a major source of growth. The outlook for the Polish economy is relatively positive and maintaining GDP growth at or even above 4% y/y in the coming quarters is a realistic scenario. “It is also worth noting that last year the NBP used a stronger zloty as one of the main reasons not to raise rates. However, so far this year the zloty has actually depreciated. A weaker currency would not only have inflationary consequences due to higher costs of imports, but a far more volatile zloty could also undermine confidence amongst households and corporates.” “While comments from Mr Zubelewicz are positive for the zloty, as long as Governor Glapinski is not concerned about a weaker currency, it is difficult to expect that he will abandon his preference – shared by the majority of the MPC - to keep rates on hold throughout 2019 and perhaps until 2020. The wait-and-see bias will continue to weigh on the zloty.”
  4. The euro to swiss franc trades at 1.1639 currently. It remains below the 1.2000 level that was the level the SNB pegged prior to the January 2014 when they stopped selling the currency. The CHF shot higher and has been recovering since. Earlier this year the price moved to a high of 1.20047, and sellers reentered (buyers of CHF). The low since reached 1.1367. We trade near the middle of the 2018 range (that is at 1.1686)
  5. Heading into the discussions in the economic trading calendar today, both sides have made threats and demands. The U.S. has threatened to increase its 2.5% levy on imported cars to 25%, while the EU has threatened to introduce tariffs on $20 billion worth of US goods if the United States follows through with additional tariffs on imported cars. GBP/USD rose 0.05% to $1.3150 as data showing mortgage approvals hit a nine-month high was offset somewhat by continued Brexit-related angst. USD/CAD fell 0.40% to C$1.3102 as pair came under pressure as rising oil prices supported the loonie. USD/JPY fell 0.19% to Y110.98.
  6. A trading platform is what gives us the capability to open, manage, and close trades on the Forex market, which makes it the single most important piece of software for Forex traders. This is especially true for short-term traders, who rely heavily on technical trading rules and spend hours in front of their trading platforms. In fact, the trading platform you choose can have a significant effect on your trading performance based on the tools it brings on board and its overall stability and reliability. In this article, we’ll provide a list of the top Forex trading platforms and highlight their main advantages and disadvantages. We’ve also researched the best online Forex trading websites to answer the most interesting question for many of you, “What is the best platform to trade Forex?” Features of the best Forex trading platform Let’s first cover what the best Forex trading platform should offer. In order to be labelled as the best Forex platform, it needs to have all of the following features: Real-time price quotes – While this is not directly linked to the trading platform itself but to the broker that provides the quotes, it’s still important to mention that real-time price quotes are the cornerstone of successful trading for many retail traders. The reason for this is the relatively short-term trading horizon of retail traders, many of which are day traders and hold their trades for only a couple of hours. Security and reliability – Naturally, when placing trades worth thousands of dollars, the best Forex platform has to be secure and reliable. Imagine a program that freezes the second you open a new trade – this would probably cause headaches for many of us. Fortunately, the most popular trading platforms are reliable and don’t crash when we need them the most. Advanced charting tools – Many traders will spend most of their time on a trading platform looking and analysing price charts, which makes charting tools an important consideration when choosing a platform. Most of the well-known platforms offer a variety of charting tools, such as trend lines, channels, and Fibonacci levels, but the differences often lie in the details. Are the tools easily accessible, are trend lines smooth and do they automatically connect to the opening and closing prices of candlesticks, and in how many ways can charts be customised? The best Forex platform needs to answer all these questions. Types of market orders – Even if most of your trades are executed instantly, we can’t neglect the advantage of pending orders in certain situations. Take breakout traders for example. Instead of waiting for the actual breakout to occur, breakout traders could simply place Sell Stop or Buy Stop orders at the desired price level and let their trading platform do the rest. That’s why a good trading platform needs to offer a range of different market orders. Online support – In case you have any questions regarding your platform’s tools, there should be a large and strong online community willing to help. Large Forex trading platform providers tend to have an advantage here, since a large user base also creates a strong online community. Now that we know what we’re looking for in the best Forex trading platform, let’s cover the most popular of them, showcase their pros and cons, and provide an answer as to what is the best Forex trading platform currently available to retail traders. MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 is hands down the most popular Forex trading platform among retail Forex traders. Although the platform was launched in 2005, it still constantly ranks among the top 3 platforms across various reviews of the best Forex trading platform. MetaTrader 4 has a user-friendly and simple interface that is divided into five main windows: the Toolbar, Market Watch, Navigator, Terminal, and Chart windows. The Toolbar offers quick access to the most widely-used tools of the platform, such as basic charting tools, a range of timeframes, and other chart-related functions such as zooming in and out or changing the chart type. The Market Watch section includes a list of all tradeable instruments, which can be easily applied to the price chart itself, while the Navigator provides certain account information and a list of technical indicators and Expert Advisors. Finally, the Terminal shows a list of active and pending orders as well as any unrealised profit/loss, used and available margin, and the total value of your account’s balance and equity. It’s important to mention the large online community that has grown over the many years that MetaTrader has been on the market. Literally millions of traders are using the platform, and you can reach out to an online forum with any type of question and rest assured that someone will provide you with an answer. The platform also features automated trading capabilities with programs called “Expert Advisors”. There are hundreds of EAs available to download for free and you can also back test them using MetaTrader 4’s built-in Strategy Tester. MetaTrader 5 While MetaTrader 4 is still the most-widely used trading platform, its successor – MetaTrader 5 – has some fresh and upgraded features. Since all of the functionality of MetaTrader 4 is also available on MetaTrader 5, here we’ll just focus on the main differences. Compared to MetaTrader 4, metatrader 5 trading platform now includes additional technical indicators and a greater variety of graphical objects and timeframes. This brings its charting capabilities to a new level since traders are able to analyse price charts in more detail. MetaTrader 5 also includes more pending orders than MetaTrader 4. New types of orders that come by default are Buy Stop Limits and Sell Stop Limits, which are basically a combination of Stop and Limit orders, which are well-known from MetaTrader 4. Additionally, the new platform features a built-in economic calendar, which can be directly accessed from the Toolbox window (previously known as the Navigator window in MT4), and all major market events can even be shown directly on the price chart itself. The Strategy Tester, which is shown in the following picture, has also been improved, and now allows for multicurrency and multi-threaded back testing using real ticks instead of closing prices. MetaTrader 5 also has the best Forex web-trading platform, which is a significant improvement on all previous versions. The major disadvantage of MetaTrader 5 is that there are still few brokers that support the new platform, and the online community is not as large as that of MetaTrader 4. However, as time goes by, we’re confident that both the number of brokers that support MetaTrader 5 and its respective user base will grow. NinjaTrader While MetaTrader is widely used by retail traders and offered by a large number of brokers, NinjaTrader caters more to professional traders and many brokers impose certain volume requirements to access this trading platform. Both platforms have advanced charting tools, automated trading capabilities, and back testing options, but NinjaTrader adds more detail and complexity to many of these features, which may be overwhelming for beginners. Charts and indicators are fully customisable in all possible ways, and traders can even apply data feeds from different sources to their charts. Unlike MetaTrader’s Strategy Tester, which is focused on historical prices, NinjaTrader users can both back and future test their trading robots, even using simulated data feeds for trend-following robots. MetaTrader 4/5 uses its in-house developed MetaQuotes Language to code trading robots and is heavily based on the C programming language, which means that it allows for quite sophisticated trading algorithms. Still, coders need to learn the syntax of MQL to be able to write Expert Advisors for MT4/5. NinjaTrader, on the other hand, uses a language almost identical to C#, which means that any developer with a C# background can start coding on NinjaTrader right away.
  7. USD/CHF USD/CHF bounced from the daily low 1 usd to swiss franc at 0.9907 and is now challenging the 0.9950-0.9961 area. USD/CHF bulls need the breakout above 0.9950-0.9961 area in order to target 0.9989-1.0000 zone. A failure to breakout above the 0.9950-0.9961 area may lead to a continuation of the range. However, bulls seem to have a slight advantage as the main trend remains bullish. Trend: Bullish / Bearish pullback Resistance 1: 0.9950-0.9961 area, figure and June 21 open Resistance 2: 0.9989-1.0000 area June 15 high and parity Resistance 3: 1.0036 weekly high Resistance 4: 1.0069 current 2018 high Resistance 5: 1.0170 March 7, 2017 high Resistance 6: 1.0343 December 15, 2016 Support 1: 0.9929 daily 50-period SMA Support 2: 0.9920 intraday demand level Support 3: 0.9900 figure Support 4: 0.9856 June 25 low Support 5: 0.9788 June 7 swing low
  8. In my opinion is better Binary Options because binary trading is a good instrument for novice traders since the possible profit is known before entering into a trade and a position can be opened by simply choosing which direction the price is believed to be heading.
  9. This marks a new all-time high for bitcoin and an increase in its price by a factor of more than 10 since the beginning of 2017. Many experts claim that this growth is the result of reduced hype surrounding the US dollar. They believe that this is more a case of the dollar depreciating than the price of bitcoin rising. Crypto-analysts claim that the US Federal Reserve has printed so much money in the last 10 – 20 years that not even the regulator actually knows how much USD is in circulation around the globe. Crypto-analysts claim that with the collapse of the dollar, bitcoin will cost somewhere between 1 and 5 million USD. At the time of writing this review, bitcoin is trading at 17,200 USD with a market cap of 162.22bn USD somebody can think that bitcoin is better that invest in forex.
  10. It intesting the daily forex trading signals They allow you to have a clear idea of investment made by someone who dominates the market or has a well-defined market strategy. But the issue is finding a reliable signal provider
  11. Crypto-analysts claim that during the next US crisis, not only will global investors shift towards cryptocurrencies (i.e. the dollar will lose its status as a safe haven and become a high-risk, unreliable asset), but American citizens will also look to exchange their dollars for crypto, bringing about a total collapse of the US dollar. But there are many sectors that see it as a bubble about to explode, I have invested a bit in the bitcoin through cfd and the forex signals always tell me buy bitcoin, but I really believe that having an intervention of the banks or the development of the quantum processor by google the bubble can explode
  12. This morning, the price of bitcoin rose to 9,771 USD on the Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex. I use lot size converter one Bitcoin that has gained a lot throughout the year. This marks a new all-time high for bitcoin and an increase in its price by a factor of more than 10 since the beginning of 2017. Many experts claim that this growth is the result of reduced hype surrounding the US dollar. They believe that this is more a case of the dollar depreciating than the price of bitcoin rising. Crypto-analysts claim that the US Federal Reserve has printed so much money in the last 10 – 20 years that not even the regulator actually knows how much USD is in circulation around the globe.
  13. A forex brokers with mt4 is certainly great, since mobility is important to keep them abreast of what is happening in the market in real time. It amazing that MT4 Mobile trading platform provides access to the financial markets when you are on the go. The mobile trading app provides all the features you enjoy using on the leading MT4 desktop platform.
  14. EURUSD: daily pin bar model suggests a decline ahead The U3 MA line held buyers up once again. The resistance around the 1.1850 mark was bolstered by the horizontal Gann line. In the second half of the day, some buyers exited the market, while some turned into bears. The price returned from the U3 line (SMA 55, 1% divergence) to the LB balance line. The market is now in equilibrium on the hourly timeframe. The price is sitting on the 67th degree. Considering that a pin bar has formed on the daily timeframe, I’m forecasting a drop to 1.1751 with an intermediate rebound to 1.1803. This drop won’t happen, though, if the hourly candlestick closes above 1.1805. If the euro opens down in Europe, we can set a target at 1.1724 (112th degree). I’d also recommend keeping an eye on price behaviour after the long-tailed candlesticks formed on 29/08, 08/09, and 22/09. The target for the pin bar is 1.1710, but there’s no guarantee that this will be reached. However, it has more than a 60% chance of working out. These things tend to work out well when there aren’t any important news releases planned. There are a lot of speeches scheduled for today and no one knows who will say what.
  15. In daily chart you can value that the pair is heading towards 1.0023, currently the value is 0.9923 so there is a long journey in favor of an uptrend
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