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  1. Username : omar.elalfy Amount To Request : 201 Liberty Reserve ID : U5989264 i am new on this nice form .... i made wonderful posts and topics ..... i wish you pay for me ..... thank you
  2. WHAT IS FOREX SCAM? Forex scam means that the code of the expert advisor is not genuine, it was stolen from another EA. Here is what scammers do: they find free EA with a good backtest on public forums, rename it, put the trading logic into DLL to hide it and release as a new $97 robot to gather some pocket money from forex newbies. On the other hand If the EA does not trade well that does not mean it is a scam. All EAs have periods when they perform better during the certain market conditions. There is no EA that can perform the same during 10 years. This is a myth. So beware guys and don't forget to check out reviews before buying anything! thanks , best wiches , omar
  3. demo and real only different in we didn't get emotions when trading in demo account and we can't withdraw our profit in demo account. maybe we can get money if win in demo account but we must follow contest accoount. in real we get pressure becase we using real money and if we loss we can loss our money and it make many trader fail in real but get enough profit in demo account
  4. iam trading the forex about 2 weeks some time getting profits and some time getting loss i still just learning but doing good in forexx
  5. I guess, I would suggest that a Forex newbie must get educated to understand forex, before plunging into the actual trading itself. There are lots of good resources out there to help. One of the best I have come across is makemoneycurrencytrading dot co dot uk as they run free webinars and training. And will train you in their strategies as well. And they run live portfolio so you can actually see if their strategies are making profit live. They send out a daily report each day with the trades. My best tip to a newbie is to learn the basics. rest is very easy to deal with. educated trader is always a better trader, knows why he trades and can understand what is good and bad.
  6. I don`t know much about which website you can get it but I advice you to listen to all CNN business news, it has really helped me. You can also listen to wall street closing bells on CNN and finally, Always keep check the prices of gold and crude oil.
  7. Some of the aspects that traders must have in mind before starting to trade are: time in when the currency value is expected to go up, another aspects is to conceder your chances of loosing or wining, or even by trying to predict which currencies’ values can make you gain more money. In my own experiences these three factors have been very successful to make significant trades; even thought I am even thought I am still a beginner at FOREX. So, what are some of the aspects you consider before you trade at Forex?
  8. as a forex beginner trader How Much Do You Need To Invest In Forex so that can i earn 1000$ daily? is it possible or not, someone told me, It is possible to AVERAGE 1% profit each day. But there's one catch, you have to trade with $1million in your trading account. so what do you think about that discuss Here.
  9. Ava group is one of the world’s leading on-line financial trading brokers. More than 150,000 registered customers from over 150 countries world-wide execute over 1.5 million trades per month with Ava, with total trading volumes exceeding $40 billion / month*. Founded in 2006 by a team of financial professionals and experts in Internet technology, Ava is dedicated to creating the ultimate on-line trading experience. What makes Ava unique in the world of on-line trading is its user-oriented perspective. While many other trading sites are merely on-line extensions of banking institutions, Ava FX was designed to fit the individual needs of both retail as well as institutional traders. From our multi-lingual, 24-hour support center to our advanced interface design, Ava FX is built around the user. Our proprietary software leverages the power of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions while providing consumers with an easy-to-use yet functionally rich trading environment. AVA has received numerous awards for maintaining the highest standards in customer service, trade executions, pricing transparency, and advanced trading tools. Ava FX has offices in many of the major financial centers in the world including New York, Tokyo, Dublin, Paris and others. The Ava Group's 100% owned subsidiary, Ava Capital Markets Ltd located in the EU services our EU customers. It is regulated to the highest and exacting standards of the EU by the Financial Regulator of Ireland. Fixed spreads FREE advanced online forex trading tools Dozens of currency pairs and metals Daily exclusive institutional analysis 24-Hour trading and support Trade immediately by credit card, Start trading forex with as little as $100 200:1 leverage No commissions or fees Euro or US Dollar trading account Withdraw instantly with Ava Debit Card Funding option: PayPal or WebMoney. My link
  10. Harvest operates in the financial sector, and is mainly into forex trading and investments. We have an efficient team well qualified in all financial and legal matters and well equipped in all areas of this field. Harvest academy is proud to announce a unique trading analysis service available for all live and demo clients.The GET FIT TO TRADE program provides you with an exclusive report on your past trading performance identifying key areas where your trading patterns have caused your performance to drop. In addition to this you will also receive a phone consultation from a Harvest academy Dealer who will talk you through the report and help you devise a successful trading strategy. The report will take you through seven key areas: * Choice of market - What markets do you trade, what moves the price of these markets and what are the correlations between these markets? * Trade overview – When do you make a trade and when do you close a trade? * Trade profitability – Are you making or losing money? We will assess your overall strategy and ensure it suits your personality, account size and time allocated to trading. * Trade timing –Are you aware of the economic data that can affect your trade? Do you leave trades overnight and wake up to losses? * Trading style – Are you a short, medium or long term trader? We will ensure you make the most of your trading style. * Risk ratio – Do you risk too much on a single trade? We will ensure you trade within a sensible risk ratio. * Risk management – Do you use stop loss orders to protect yourself from large market moves? We will ensure you trade like a pro Reasons for selecting Harvest trading and platform * Personalize service: With you and view. * Risk Management: Rates limits and stop-loss, smarter trading tools. * Transparency: No hidden costs. * Security: Privacy and security of data. * Professionalism: Real-time quotes, reputed business partners. www.hif-india.com
  11. InvestTechFX is a vibrant forward thinking development technology. InvestTechFX offers exciting and innovative software solutions to the computerized trading industry's top operators. InvestTechFX is a No Dealing Desk (NDD), and has no influence, investment, or control over the trades executed by our customers. Our experts have over 20 years of experience, and have established InvestTechFX as a proven leader in the industry by delivering a cutting-edge trading platform and impeccable service, providing the maximum potential income to all users. InvestTechFx has a vast reputation spanning over many years. Our experts have been dealing with trading programs for over 20 years. InvestTechFX offers the leading MetaTrader4 trading platform, which is available as a free download through InvestTechFX. InvestTechFX's new program is easy to use and customer friendly. InvestTechFX's new program is multi-lingual. InvestTechFX's new program enables easy and quick access from any computer around the world. InvestTechFX was founded to provide the best possible FX trading experience for the online trader. InvestTechFX is committed to provide commission-free, honest spreads and quotes to its global customer base. InvestTechFX offers as low as 1 pip spread on the FX majors. InvestTechFX offers a top ranking trading platform and also VIP accounts. InvestTechFX offers unique Islamic/Swap free accounts. Funding option: MB,Paypal,Bank wire and Credit cards www.investtechfx.com
  12. Important Strength and Security Facts about Interactive Brokers Group We currently hold $4.8 billion in equity capital. We handle over 1,000,000 trades per day. Interactive Brokers conducts its broker/dealer and proprietary trading businesses on over 80 market destinations. We have been in the trading business for 33 years. We have always been at the forefront of trading innovation, starting with the invention of the first floor-based handheld computer in 1983. Customers are protected by $30 million of SIPC and Lloyd's of London securities account protection. Our real-time margin system continuously enforces limits for each account, and automatically liquidates positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time. All orders are automatically vetted on a pre-trade basis. We do not hold CDOs, Subprime Debt, or Credit Default Swaps. With the exception of foreign exchange, we trade only exchange listed products that are cleared through central clearing houses and are marked daily to external closing prices disseminated by the exchanges. Positions and resulting payables/receivables are automatically reconciled against external sources daily. As a regulated broker, IB is subject to SEC and CFTC regulations on investment of customer funds. Permissible investment vehicles include bank deposits and a variety of top-rated government securities and related instruments. IB’s effective investment policy is more stringent than this, reflecting our risk averse philosophy. We invest customer funds only in government securities and repos, FDIC-backed corporate bonds, cash deposits in bank accounts at the largest banks and triple A-rated Money Market Funds (in which we invest less than 2% of customer assets). Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. is regulated by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada (IDA) and the various Canadian securities commissions. Registered office: 1800 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2106, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3J6, Canada. Member CIPF.Interactive Brokers LLC is a member NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Headquarters: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Funding via Check and Bank wire www.interactivebrokers.co.in
  13. unfortunately this forex broker not accept e-currency as payment and withdraw fund. only accept transfer, bank wire and the fastest way is only credit card. but I am not have credit card and transfer or bank wire need a time to process.
  14. About IntelFX. The company is committed as well as profesional in providing good services as well as having cordial relationship between clients and the company. The trend of most potential clients at present is that, these people are continuously and patiently searching for inevitably potentially good or better places or points of location to trade Forex and making profitable incomes. The company, the so called Intel FX, is fully committed in fulfiling promises as well as to provide worthwhile opportunities for all potential beginners to start making the worthwhile ''hard - earned" money, even though you are still very new with the Forex market. Making full use of our trading platform, we can create literrally 2 type of accounts that may suite your taste of their new trader and professional trader requirements. Having as low as $10 as a possible deposit, a new trader can start and make a new experience trade in Forex with a fixed and a very low spread. For the professional trader, they can create unbelievable account that spread start as low as 2 pips. Now, please feel free to view their Forex company profile. FNZ Capital Limited, (formally known as FNZ Bancorp Limited) has been registered as an established company in Auckland New Zealand; the company registration no: 2270095 has been registered in New Zealand under the Ministry of Economy Development since 06 July 2009. The company has changed its name from FNZ Bancorp Limited to FNZ Capital Limited in the year 2010, since the new regulation from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand required all company not to use the word "Bancorp " and to replace it with other name. Activities of an FNZ Capital Limited can include, but also are not limited only to: • Deposit taking & lending • Debit and credit card services • Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments • Cash management services • Current accounts • Cheque (Checking) accounts • Savings accounts • Term deposits • Wire transfer services • Payment processing services • Fund management • Marketing of investments In the near future or as soon as possible, all Intel FX trader will receive a debit card (MasterCard or Visa) from FNZ Capital Limited. With this service, all traders can easily access to make deposit and withdrawal from Forex trading account through the ATM machine around the world where MasterCard and Visa are accepted. The company is in the forfront, always progressing, developing and growing up very fast and at a steadily rate for the future; the company is well ahead in its futurative plan to establish and to relocate its new branches in the Middle East including Dubai as well as those in the European markets; convincingly , their company is trying its very best in whatever possible ways to become hopefully one of the most developed and trusted Forex trading company in the world. It is always their professional commitment and trust that their trading company is looking forward to serve you in the best ways together with the best services possible. Customer Support: • Easy depositing, fast withdrawals via multiple methods • Trading help & support 24/7 with online customer service • Exclusive Daily trading news and reports • Minimum Deposit: $100 ( for Wire Transfers and MoneyGram only) • Minimum Depost: $10 Deposit methods: • Wire Transfer • Money Gram • Visa Credit or Debit cards • Alertpay • Liberty Reserve • Perfect Money • Cimb Bank (For Malaysian Customers) • MayBank ( For Malaysian Customers) • BCA ( For Indonesian Customers) www.Intelfx.com
  15. FXOpen was started in 2003 as an educational center in Cairo, Egypt educating and preparing individuals and groups in technical analysis for stocks and foreign exchange. FXOpen opened its own dealing service in early 2005, and has since been at the forefront of the Retail Forex industry by striving to offer the best trading conditions, training and financial services to traders around the world. In addition to servicing Retail Forex clients via the industry standard trading platform, Metatrader 4, FXOpen is proud to announce the launch of its innovative ECN/STP service in 2009. The FXOpen ECN/STP service is unique in the way that it bridges the world's top liquidity providers into one MT4 platform offering not only an ECN price feed but also true ECN/STP execution and fills. FXOpen also provides an excellent PAMM service that combines multiple accounts into one account for the convenience of money managers. From inception, FXOpen, has been one of the foremost trading service for Islamic traders with Sharia compliant swap free accounts being provided to give Muslims the same opportunity as is offered to clients worldwide. As a company with a global vision, FXOpen has been and always will be a company that tries to understand the different needs of traders from all cultures and beliefs. FXOpen has a very flexible range of account options. Micro accounts with a minimum deposit of $1, Standard accounts from $25 and ECN/STP accounts from $1000. The spread is competitive from 2 pips on eur/usd and on ECN/STP accounts from 0.5 pips (even negative spread is possible on ECN accounts!). FXOpen ECN/STP accounts also offer for the first time, LVL II quotes with MT4 to allow you to see true market depth. You can see the liquidity in real time! FXOpen is a true success story achieved with strong customer service principles, flexible options, attractive promotions and a dedication to being the best. Here are some advantages of opening an account with FXOpen: Spreads — starting from 0.5 pips on EUR/USD. Minimum deposit for micro accounts — only $1. Minimum deposit for standard accounts — only $25. Minimum deposit for ECN/STP accounts — only $1000. Margin leverage from 1:1 up to 1:500. Free unlimited demo accounts available. Technical research and market news available regularly. Experienced and helpful support. Bonuses on new accounts. Trading contests. PAMM accounts. MetaTrader 4 platform. MetaTrader 4 PDA platform. MetaTrader 4 Smart Phone platform. Islamic accounts. ECN/STP accounts with Level II software. Click Here to Join FXOpen
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