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  1. Why can you come across exchangers in our listing that have been working less than six months? Let’s look at this situation in details. Many of you know that we have a number of rules which exchangers must meet when they are added to the monitor’s listing — https://www.bestchange.com/wiki/add.html However, some exchangers fall under the exception: - exchangers for which vouches an acting reliable partner of BestChange. It is important that it has positive reputation in our rating; - exchangers that come from an an owner of a large internet-project, for instance, crypto exchange, p2p platform or a mining company. That is why if you see a “young” exchanger in our listing, be sure that it has gone through a thorough diligence check. All potentials risks from their listing are smoothed by vouching for them by services with many years of excellent reputation. BestChange.com cares for its users!
  2. Why is the monitor the best helper for exchanging cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is very volatile, its rate sometimes changes for the dozens of per cent in just hours. To always exchange at the most pleasant price possible, we suggest you use the BestChange monitor. Why it is convenient: 📈 A visual list of safe exchangers for each payment direction. We carefully select services worth adding to the listing. You can’t get here just by paying. 📈 Straightforward interface, all you need to do is to indicate the direction of exchange to see all the possible options and chose the most profitable out of them. 📈 On top of popular payment systems and cryptocurrencies, our monitor allows finding exchanger with more rare directions. 📈 Additional information. Every exchanger in the list has specified peculiarities, if it has them: for example, card verification requirement, obligatory registration, floating rates etc. 📈 The system of reviews and claims for every exchanger. In case a claim appears, the representatives of an exchanger must get in touch and solve the problem. Haven’t found the rate or reserves you are looking for? Set notification s— we inform you by email or Telegram when a relevant offer appears.
  3. BestChange monitor is your best helper in exchanging cryptocurrency and e-money. Here’s a few examples why it is indeed convenient to use our site. 👉 Almost all cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, sometimes their rate changes by dozens of per cent in a few ho 👉 All exchangers are thoroughly picked and pass due diligence check. 👉 Intuitive interface allows to quickly understand the site and immediately see possible options for an exchange. 👉 If you need rare exchange directions, you can rely on us. 👉 In case of a claim, exchanger must quickly get in touch and solve the issue, 👌 If you haven’t found a satisfying rate or sufficient reserves, set up notifications for your email or Telegram as soon as a profitable offer appears — BestChange.com
  4. Do exchangers require KYC? KYC (Know Your Customer) check is a widespread requirement of regulators which are trying to fight money laundering with the help of cryptocurrency. For sure, you have noticed that during the last 2–3 years this check has been introduced in more and more crypto services, including exchanges and wallets. And what about exchangers? The majority of them do not yet require passing KYC. The BestChange monitor is trying to trace the services with an exception and mark them with a special icon. However, an exchanger can sometimes change their terms of service, so when creating an order for this or that payment direction you can be asked to verify your identity. If you don’t want to do that, simply select another exchanger for the same direction. ❗❗ We would like to remind you that it is important to read the terms of service of exchangers you use. This will help you avoid any surprises. At the same time, we need to note that the verification in no way is a way of stealing the client’s data and using it illegally. This is just a necessity caused by the requirement of regulators, and a reliable exchanger will not give the information about the user to a third party.
  5. Dear users, Previously, we gave good word to the website inicex.com, yet now we have to accept that, unfortunately, inicex.com has become fraudulent and has been delisted from the BestChange monitor. At the beginning of November, we received complaints about the scam with exchange rates and then even explicit fraud on the part of inicex.com. These days, we have been analyzing the information provided by all sides, investigating dozens of pages with various data, and contacting Perfect Money technical support to verify them. We have also been sending emails to inicex.com to get evidence and answers to our questions. Unfortunately, the administration of the exchanger has tried to deceive us, providing fake evidence of payments. Anyhow, in more than two weeks, the exchanger has failed to provide substantive answers to our questions and proof of the fact that it had transferred the funds. On the contrary, its activities and replies were weird and suspicious: no clear facts, and the batches of transactions and e-vouchers screenshots of which inicex.com provided have been confirmed to be cancelled/recalled or invalid/fake by Perfect Money. When we explained the above to inicex.com and provided evidence, including screenshots of replies from Perfect Money technical support, we received neither counterarguments nor any clarifications. Vice versa, inicex.com refused to continue the dialogue. In accordance with the above-mentioned, we have to pronounce inicex.com fraudulent and ask the victims to report it to the police, as well as to all the relevant authorities. We are also going to report this website as fraudulent to all the services that fight against fraudulent websites. We are very sorry that some users got involved in such an awful situation. We are doing our best to resolve it and are taking measures to prevent such cases in future.
  6. It sometimes happens that the money after an exchange come with a delay. Rest assured that your means will not be lost if you have chosen an exchanger from the list on BestChange.com. Every website goes through a diligence check by dozens of parameters before becoming a part of the listing. What should you do in case of a delay? - Don’t worry. An exchanger is like any other institution where suddenly any technical problems may occur. - Firstly, you need to wait. A delay in crediting the funds can depend on the day of the week, for instance, an exchange happened during out-of-office hours. Usually an exchange takes an hour. - Write to the support service. Usually, the websites have plenty of communication ways, please select the one the suits you best - If the problem is not getting solved, you can leave a claim on our website, indicating your exchange number. The majority of exchangers care a lot about their reputation, and shall a claim appear, they will solve the issue faster.
  7. ✅ A few words about the monitor’s useful lifehacks. Over the exchanger list, there are buttons which can be used after you have selected exchange direction. 👉 Function of Inverse exchange. It’s a change of exchange direction. For instance, you had Litecoin– Ethereum, by clicking the button you will get the inverse. At the same time, the selection of exchangers can instantly change. 👉 “Save” allows you to add a direction to the top of the list which is in the “Popular” tab. 👉 “Discrepancy”. Here you can give feedback if you have noticed a discrepancy of the rate and reserve. Your message will be definitely processed by our moderators, and it will help increase the quality of the listing. 👉 “History” shows your lasts visits of the exchanger website made at the same device during a year. 👉 “Settings” will help you to fine-tune the appearance of the table, select a font, frequency of rates updating and other parameters.
  8. Overview of exchange directions on BestChange Our monitor collects information from more than four hundred reliable exchangers that support a large number of payment directions. We always recommend checking the “Popular” section of the website. It collects the most relevant directions for the current moment. The popularity dynamics shows how much this indice has grown or risen for 24 hours. Options of payment ways and their examples: 💸 Cryptocurrencies:: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and many more. 💸 Electronic payment systems: WebMoney, Payeer, QIWI, Yoomoney. 💸 Cryptocurrency exchange codes: EXMO, Binance, Kuna. 💸 Banks— Sber, Tinkoff, Privat 24, Visa/Mastercard cards of any banks. 💸 Money transfer: Western Union, Golden Crown. 💸 Cash.
  9. How to make use of reviews when selecting an exchanger on BestChange.com. When you decide to use an exchanger for the frst time, we strongly advice reading its reviews. When you read them, you can notice, that they can be of three types: ✅ Positive reviews are highlighted in green. These, as a rule, are left by those users who were happy with the exchanger services. 🔰 Neutral reviews are left by those users who successfully received money after the exchange, but they have comments on the work of the service itself. ❌ Negative reviews happen if the user hasn’t received their funds after the exchange, but in his case representatives of the exchanger must timely solve the issue. However, difficulties when transferring the means can happen not only through the fault of the exchanger, but due to technical problems of the bank or the blockchain itself. Any of your feedback on the work of the exchanger will help other users make a choice! We know where to exchange!
  10. 💬 Reviews on BestChange — how to write them correctly? We repeat once and again that our website is always on the side of the user. We monitor all the reviews and make the management of the exchanger accountable if the client hasn’t received their money on time. Usually, as a result, all situations get successfully resolved. But what should you do if your review hasn’t been published? Do not worry, please check if your review meets several simple rules: 📃 For a review to appear on the website, you need to confirm it by email. This is done to fight spam. An unpublished review is stored for a week and then gets deleted, that is why you need to remember this nuance. 📃 There is a difference between a “comment” and a “claim”. Please go for the first option if you have received money, but simply want to comment on the work of the service. The second option is strictly for those cases when the money hasn’t been received. After the problem is solved and the amount is transferred, you need to lift the claim (it won’t get deleted, which means that other users will still be able to see it). 📃 Naturally, profanities and insults, calls to ethnic or any other animosity are forbidden. 📃 The text of the review must not copy another one, already displayed on the website. 📃 Reviews of an advertising nature are not published. Write the truth in a calm and detailed manner, this will help other users!
  11. Why is it important to monitor exchanger reserves? Available reserves is a total amount of money in certain currency the exchanger has for further operations. Absolutely all exchangers timely provide us with the information about the quantity of funds in their reserves, so that the data on our website would be maximally up to date. 👉 It is important to pay attention to the required exchanger reserves, because when you withdraw funds As a rule, exchangers in the BestChange listing do not have any problems with having funds in reserves.
  12. Dear users, we’ve got an update for the participants of the BestChange affiliate program. Now the text materials in the personal account are available in several languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish. They contain examples for describing the monitor which have already been published on many sites. We are doing our best to make our service even more convenient and functional for you.
  13. Exchanger incex.com has been added to our monitor BestChange. We have analyzed information about the service’s work, its reputation, principles, and values of its administration and came to a conclusion that incex.com satisfies the criteria for a reliable partner and can be listed in BestChange among other exchangers. We sincerely hope for productive and long-term cooperation with this service. Despite the successful passing of all the checks, we will keep an eye on its reputation and development of the client service. We recommend you always check the review page https://www.bestchange.com/inicex-exchanger.html of inicex.com. After an exchange, please share your opinion about the provided service with others.
  14. ❓ What is a rating of an exchanger in the payment system? Going to the page of any exchanger on BestChange (to do this, you need to click on the number of reviews after choosing a payment direction), you will see such indicators as Advanced Cash TS, WebMoney BL, Perfect Money TS. What do they mean, and why sometimes there are numbers, and sometimes a dash? The thing is that some payment systems ascribe levels to the users. This helps other users understand if they can trust this service. For example: ✅ Advanced Cash Transaction Score ✅ WebMoney Business Level ✅ Perfect Money Trust Score If instead of rating there is a dash, it means the exchanger doesn’t work with this payment system, correspondingly, does not have a rating in it or it’s not important. Please pay attention to the listed indicators, if you are planning to work with one of these payment systems via the exchanger. In addition, on the page of the exchanger, you can see the “MyWOT Rating” parameter. Web Of Trust is an add-on for assessing the security of a site and based on the results of its check, you can determine whether the site is trustworthy. Mostly, in the check, the opinion of users is considered.
  15. Marks of exchangers in the list — what can you learn from them? BestChange has developed a system of icons characterizing the peculiarities of an exchanger. We recommend you make a habit of paying attention to them, then you will be able to understand in a second which exchanger won’t suit you. It saves time — otherwise, you had to visit the website, create an order for an exchange, and, perhaps, only then learn that you need to verify your card or some other nuances. Here are some exchanger characteristics that we mark with icon: 🔹 Manual or semiautomatic mode is used. 🔹 Additional commissions are charged. 🔹 Registration, card or documents verification is needed. 🔹 The service has a built-in online wallet. 🔹 Transfers are made from a legal entity or a third-party payment system. 🔹 There are holds when paying. And many more. For example, if you exchange cash, we will inform you that the exchanger delivers it at a fee. We will also inform you about a floating rate and other important things. Don’t forget to pay attention to the marks — all you need to do is to hover your mouse over them to learn the details.
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