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  1. Okay I will try it and see with my self if it really pay, or is it a scam, pls can you show me more proof concerning this site
  2. I don't trade every 5 day in a week, because I'm a fundamental trader. I only find a wonderful trade were I will not lost my account, its only indicators trader that trade every week
  3. Pls can i see a current payment proof from you
  4. Hi iam tony new member

  5. Those this forum still pay to date
  6. The different between two traders is knowledge, if you have good knowledge towards what you are doing it means your professiona. Forex market is a volatility market, the knowledge we have towards this business determine how far we can go
  7. I have checked this site but I'm still doubting it, because the way the site looks like they may not pay that money base on there statement.if they want to pay for bonus they should go ahead and do that not to bring sentiment
  8. I think fundamental analysis is best for me. Foundamental gives me more clue on how market looks like, I mostly make profit trading fundamental analysis than any other trading metord despite the high trading volatility we usually see during major NeWS
  9. I prefer trading with mt4 because there's something about that platform. That platform gives me cool mind when ever I'm trading with it,than other one like mt5?
  10. I will give you people a try just to know if what I saw here is real? Since this broker has licences it means that I can trade with them, because I have been looking for broker that over small spread and I think this broker is best place to trade
  11. I am loaded with your information, there's a lot of things I will consider before trading this market. Forex is a wide range market which if we can work hard and develop a quality strategy it will be of help to all of us
  12. The reason why people see forex as gamble is because its nature,but in real sense forex is not a gamble rather forex is a business of its kind. If you really want to be profitable in this business work hard build a good strategy that will help you make money consistence
  13. Yes is possible to earn daily profit,but it has to do with the level of knowledge you have towards forex market. For you to be making consistent profit you must learn this market very well, because there's alot of risky behind this market
  14. I think this people are some how scammers, I'm not yet to trust them with whole of my heart,I still have to make more research about them before investing my time with then
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