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  12. Latest Miner Update! Admin added miner energy. That energy open doors for much wider and interesting features. First one is already here: Completely redesigned miner map module. You will like this new map looking module much more, as it is much easier and now, any map saved by accident can be dramatically improved or deleted. Please take a look at Map page on the left members menu, under the miner section. Some features that you will already see there will not be yet available. Please do check Miner Energy page too, now you can increase your maximum energy. With higher max limit you can collect much more energy automatically with time. Coming the new Miner version 3, and it will be big. -- Dividends -- This month dividends we will distribute this weekend
  13. ZigmaCash Referral Contest The top 10 members who the most direct referrals during the contest will win prizes! The 1st placed member will win $0.10 per each active direct referral. For example, if winner bring 1000 referrals, he will earn $100! Second place will win $0.09 per active referral, thirth will win $0.08 per active referral, up to 10 the 10th spot member who will win $0.01 per active referral Referral contest will count only active referrals. Active referral is the one who click at least 4 ads! SPECIAL PRIZE: Bring 500 or more referrals and your prize will be doubled regardless of your position in contest!
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  15. Admin added Daily Surveys (Can be completed multiple times a day) You need to achieve the minimum of 1,000 satoshi to withdraw. Instant payment to Faucethub
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