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  1. they say that they give .5 - 1.2 dollar but when will work there then u will see that the amount is .25-.5 so i think it is so much low rate for any typer. please don't waste your time by working here. u can choice protypers as your earning support. beacause protypers give more cent per thousand from 2 captcha.i think you will pay heed in my comment.
  2. protypers.com is a captcha entry site and its now a popular captcha entry site in the world. its minimum payout is 3 dollar and anyone can easily withdraw payment by using paypal, perfect money, western union. but now-a-days they started a boostpack system which is so much costly. i think anyone can easily earn by this but sometimes their server is so slow. Till now i am warking here and get payment.
  3. sir parabolic sar actually not a repainted indicator. i realize your comment but sir you should follow ur indicator after completing timefram like as 1h, 4h.30m etc. when the timeframe ex 1h timeframe is ended then parabolic sar give real indication. so should know that parabolic sar is not a repainted indicator.
  4. sir i joined this site in the last of 2011 and had earned 4.65 dollar but 1 month ago i searched my clixsense id and saw that they give a option to open my id. then i reopen my id with my password and username but my 4.65 dollar is not in my account. my earning shows 4.65 dollar but my available balance do not show that. what is the problem i dont know. please if anyone know then please say about my problem.
  5. sir coingeneration is now totally scam site and they do not pay now. so request for everybody please don't thread from their because they will not pay. i have 7 thread but do not get my payout. but when i see their chat option then see that still now many person buy thread from their. what a foolish they are!!! please keep my request. They are scam.
  6. oh sir i tried your giving site but can not access this site. i think its now totally off and will not come again. i work this kinds of work in previous but money is really little. please if you have another site please suggest me and i will try please.
  7. now-a-days roboforex have conquered the popularity from the investor. I think the best thing of this site is publishing news what they publish in their homepage. These are many kinds of analysis like as technical, murray math, Fibonacci etc. I am an investor of this broker who all time follow their this kinds of analysis and gaining constantly. but i think their spread is little high. But its a legit site who give payment all time.
  8. i do not use this advisor because of its risky term. but once i used this and nil my account 4 time with 100$ in cent account. tried my best to get a best settings of this advisor but do not get still now. i think there is no advisor who really works though i still now searching robot who will give me profit.
  9. gainsy.com is a website which give all time profitable signal. the give their signal in early. for this reason a trader can take advantage by their early signal. they give signal based on ichimoku cloud indicator, technical analysis, wave trading analysis and fundamental analysis.
  10. i use roboforex.com and technical analysis is so great. for this reason i rely on their technical analysis. but the analysis is came too late. if it come early then it will be more profitable for mine.
  11. actually price action strategy is the only one strategy which is so individual. i have tested some strategy but thats are not so profitable and maximum is loosing trade. sir actually i don't understand your strategy.
  12. sir i have no skype id. But i want to get your trading strategy. please give us or share with us your trading strategy. i think that will be very helpful for us especially for mine. please sir take care about my comment and i think you will discuss about your trading method.
  13. i have read your post. but its too difficult to contest in real trade and so risky. is there have any demo contest??? because i have not enough money and i always trade with micro account. If they have demo contest then it will be very helpful to me. please inform me about this.
  14. i want to share the method of 10 points3 ea. its a martingale trading expert adviser. it is profitable but so risky. but in my opinion i think take profit should be take 6 pips and should not use any trailing stop. all time should take a big amount investment for this adviser.
  15. ya i have used renko live, actually i don't use ur adviser. i think its a important matter is that why it is sold by only 15$??? if it gives 1000 pips then there is no reason to sell this in only 15$. am i right??? please don't scam with people. if u have any prove then please it in here.
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