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  1. sorry, it is my new lr account U7677057
  2. ok. it is my new LR U7677057. sorry, i ost my previus lr account
  3. to be a successful trader, just do more practice and practice. more trading and more trading. after 2 years we will be experrt trader
  4. compudning is very god idea, coz it could make 10 bucks inton100000 just in 5 months in stable 10 percent dialy profit.
  5. Displayed Username : mesbakh Amount To Request (DMT points) : 156.50 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID :U4227843
  6. i think forx is not only business, clicking sell or bu. but forex is the real global trading and economic cycling
  7. i am not talented and i want to train y self by reading n practiicng to be good self earned trader
  8. i think it is possible to make daily 1000 bucsk, but we must have 10000000 bucsk as our capital trading. and i dont have such big bucks
  9. yes i do agree with you. there so many thing whch not absulte in our forex trading
  10. i got welcomu bonus and posting bonus for trading several tims i still lost. no guarannteee in forex trading
  11. i think not making income first, but minimizing loses and maximizing profit. that is more we expect in trading
  12. live mentor is very good idea but i know it is hard job t find agood mentor who willing to help us in forex trading
  13. demo account is good but not good enought to train our trading skill. real account still the bet and always be
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