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  1. Hello,guys,this is hot and it's working,why not make it now that's it's hot!.
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  3. I did sign up successfully, my unitrust login email is Legendomosco@yahoo.com and libertyreserve id u5427970 thanks admin.
  4. Username:legendkid email:Legendomosco@yahoo.com LR ID:u5427970 thanks admin.
  5. Username : legendkid Amount To Request (DMT points): 300 Payment option : HD-MONEY HD-MONEY ID :HD1010530
  6. Well,i was here in this program beginning,but till date,haven't made any move to start posting here,but seeing vhyip latest payments proof,i'm just getting excited again to join.
  7. Yes,this forum ability to pay members on a daily basic is making it different,those who don't expect this forum to keep paying this rate are now silently joining in to start earning from them,about advertisers,i think hyip admins won't be too blind to see that this program is now getting a good traffic,and it's alexa rank is lowering almost every week.
  8. With 1% referral commission,admin is just wasting his precious time,which and who will place this program affiliate link in his blog or signature?i don't like this program affiliate plan at all,it's too low.
  9. Just within 10calendar days,we are offered the opportunity to withdraw our principle,who wouldn't fall in love with stiminvestment plans?with minimum of 10$,we can access this wonda plan.
  10. Making a differences in program plan,redeemer-invest is really different,by offering a student plan,i think it's really profitable,6% for 100days,with total return of 600%,but is the minimum to invest $5?Am just confuse with this program plans!
  11. Well,i think this program has a friendly script,but it's referral commission is something else,it's giving 4%,which is too low,comparing the offers by other hyip,i think we wouldn't be seeing this one in anyone's signature space.
  12. Do we need a prophecy or a prophet to tell us that FAST-finance isn't planning to stay for more than a week,judging by it's plan ofcourse,it's giving 500% after 15days,and 1500% after 1month,now who wants to play headortail in hyip?
  13. This program is offering investors the minimum of 8plans,affording all the chance to have a "go" with them,this program is giving a referral commission of 10%,which doesn't look too good,since normal hyip do place their commission at 5-7%,and i think with it's collection of different money processor,it's going to take a little longer to turn scam.But i think that admin rush towards having this hyip is really too fast,just downloading and installing a free script,without previewing it,it looks childlike script.
  14. This program has a sup'er plan,it's offering a mouth watering plan,okay,analysing and reviewing this program plan,it's really juicy,it's giving 1% for one full year,that's 365days,and 9% for one full year too,that's 365days too,but the first plan return of investment is 365%and the second plan,which's the 9% weekly plan is giving a total return after 1year 468%.
  15. This oil-cash program plan is unstable,and i don't get it,if this program stats is really correct,with 126% after 1day,with minimum of $10,i don't find this program good enough to risk my 10dollars with them,though the profit is really high,but too risky.
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