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  1. Wow I have not posted for a really long time and it is amazing to see that fxfred is still going stronger. Almost all other regular paid to posts forums that I used to post in are now not paying.
  2. I actually didn't know there are free press release submissions. I will definitely try out this prlog and see what difference it makes. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Traffic exchange will not help your site in the least. Better to be patient and build your site gradually.
  4. Yea, Google is your friend. Just type your keywords and add forum to it. You should find loads of them to post in especially if you have the time.
  5. Mine is my recent posts. I use blogger and it does that automatically.
  6. Agree with johnstyle. Guest writing article for a high ranking blog will help alot.
  7. WOW that is a lot especially for someone just starting out.
  8. It is better to use both for gaining traffic. They will not help with site rating however.
  9. True facebook has many users but google does not value facebook traffic so much. It is good for gaining recognition however.
  10. Hello everyone. Please I need you guys to check my blog out and review it. Thanks http://infomaxend.blogspot.com/
  11. I believe that trading forex is more of a science than an art. It is in the arts that talents are abundantly relevant. But in science, you must gradually learn your way up till you master all that you need to master. As a result, one can not say that forex trading is a talent from birth.
  12. Forex forums are a great way to learn and continually learn about forex and different trading strategies. They also serve as a great motivational tool for so many traders. The downside of it is sometimes , we new traders get to learn so many new techniques that one becomes confused as to which is right.
  13. That is very true. It is very time consuming. although the good thing is that one can be active in this site when one gets tired of typing in ptp and wants to slow down a little bit. For me, this is what i do for this site and for my other ptc sites. Although I am not able to click in there everyday.
  14. Well thses types of auto surf sites are in my opinion nothing more than just hype sites disquised in another name. This is because i am yet to understand why we have to pay in order to surf sites that pay you for advertising. Even if thery will pay us more in the long run, it is still more like hyip sites claiming they do forex trading and stuffs.
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