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  1. Do you have a static page for your homepage? Or just recent posts? ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  2. Where you've managed to get the best price per click? Are there still services with keywords below 5 cents? I just need some cheap but targeted traffic to test couple of things ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  3. Has anyone noticed a big shakeup in the serps this week? A new Panda roll out? ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  4. Which links should I ping and should I ping them all? Pros and cons of keep pinging all my links? ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  5. I made back link, Bookmarking, site submission and found little traffic. can any one tell me how can i increases more traffic to my site. ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  6. I'm considering taking up surveys and was curious what the general hour to $ ratio is. Feel free to recommend me some sites as well! ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  7. With the fast developped of technology,there are more and more methods of earing money,like PPC,affiliate program,reselling,referrals and so on,an I have tried affiliate,I have it's not so easy,so do you find a better way? ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  8. I have dumped ciao-surveys because they send surveys out for 10p (about 15 cents) that last anywhere from 30 mins upto 60 mins this is not worth my time. This might be worth time to some people that have spare time but being in loads of survey sites i am getting rid of all the low paying ones and this is just one of them. It is a shame they used to be a great survey site before they became part of greenfield. My last payment took about 3 weeks i think to arrive by paypal. ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  9. Today i have done one on Mobile phones at Tounla and another on snacks at ciao. ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
  10. From time to time companies ask you to try products through survey sites and they reward you. I was wondering what you have tested? I have done loads of product testing my best one was a cider tasting (alcohol) i got 8 bottles of a new apple cider to test. I also been picked to do chocolate bars, Toliet rolls, Aerosol spray, Crisps, Tea bags and many many more. I enjoy doing product testing so far i have only not liked one of the products. What have you tested? ____________________________________ Make Real Money Online
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