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Gee Dee

Gee Dee

Member Since 28 Nov 2017
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#710102 What is leverage?

Posted by Gee Dee on 27 January 2018 - 07:58 AM

Leverage is an important factor that is actively considered while selecting a broker. Leverage signifies the amount of money a trader can borrow from his trading platform against his initial margin with the broker. For example a leverage ratio 1:900 signifies a trader can borrow $900 against $1 in his trading account as initial margin. A micro investor may require a good leverage so that he can work with smaller investment.

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#709977 Loss is an indefensible part of trading

Posted by Gee Dee on 26 January 2018 - 11:24 AM

Forex trading is a zero sum game so a trader can’t expect a trading life without bearing any losses. Thereby all trader must experience losses in his trading life. But a trader can’t afford to be greedy in the face of losses. And he should not take hasty decision in the face of losses. With a proper due diligence of his mistakes, a trader should bounce back to his normal trading life and continually put efforts to ensure comfortable and profitable trading life with certainty.

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#709864 Self motivated trader will survive here

Posted by Gee Dee on 26 January 2018 - 03:55 AM

One needs to be self-assured in forex trading since it is very vital. Once you are self-confident, then you are capable to procedure as many chances as you understand. After you can trade repeatedly then you will acquire more and with superior acquaintance originates greater profits. If you have the right information but you are not poised enough to work with it then your profits will decrease because you will miss many good chances for earning.


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