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Bonnie Berry

Bonnie Berry

Member Since 26 Dec 2014
Offline Last Active Mar 14 2019 02:53 PM

FOLEX – The Future of Trading and Gambling with Ease

14 March 2019 - 02:55 PM

As cryptocurrencies tend to rise in popularity, most online gambling sites have taken the advantage of accommodating a new form of payment. Today, whatever kind of activity you previously enjoyed without using cryptocurrency can be enjoyed. While there are cryptocurrency platforms working with most gambling sites, some have restrictions in the coin being offered. Additionally, these platforms focus on making profits without considering the users. Because of this, Folex is building a platform that gives users the ability to gamble using cryptocurrency while receiving a reward from the platform as well. The reward system is undertaken in a transparent manner for uses within the platform.

Features of the Folex.io Platform
Gambling – The Folex platform allows its users to take part in a real online gambling environment. It offers its users the opportunity to play the famous American Roulette. If you have never experience gambling with cryptocurrency, then you have everything required to explain it to others. Gambling with cryptocurrency is now a reality through the Folex.io platform.
FLX-Token – The platform doesn’t depend on other cryptocurrencies in order to enjoy gambling. The folexcoin is the security token used within the platform and combines with KYC/AML for maximum security. Additionally, it serves as a means through which users can use in participating within the platform as far as they are token holders.
Pooling – This feature is something that attracts most investors as it offers them the possibility of participating in various master nodes with little investments to increase their investment in the future.
Reward – Unlike most cryptocurrency platform, the Folex.io platform offers a point system to all users in its league system. Furthermore, users with folexcoin can receive a reward in these shares. It does not matter if they haven’t made it to any of the coveted leagues.
Details of the Token
The token FLX supply available is 75,000,000 with 50 percent up for sales. The initial exchange offering or token price of the Folex coin is $0.10 whereas the early investor program (SAFT) and SAFT minimum investment are $0.06 and $1,000 respectively. Although there are plans to add other currency in the platform, the acceptable currencies for SAFT are TUSD, ETH, and BTC. There is a hard cap of $3,600,000 for the FLX token. The FLX token is freely tradable on the folex.io platform for all users.
FOLEX League Reward System
The Folex reward system comprises of 4 leagues each including 100 users with gamblers, traders, and shareholders having the same opportunity to compete. To make the system fair for all users, it uses a point system to help determine who can hold their own against their fellow players before being crowned the “Champion of Flex.” There is also the likelihood of ascending and descending in the league standing.
Remarkably, because of the coins 100 percent reward on volume generated, shareholders don’t have to get into the coveted leagues. Interestingly, even if you don’t reach the coveted league, you get rewarded proportionately for your Folex token.
The platform isn't just focused on making profits but also giving users what they deserve. There is also the “offline staking” that makes it possible for users to transfer their Folex tokens into their own wallet. With this, they still have the chance of participating in the reward system. All that is required is for the user to register his or her wallet address on the exchange platform and continue with the reward system. In addition, the rewards are credited to the users account on the exchange.
To ensure everything regarding the reward system is transparent, the exchange schedule when the reward will be available. The reward is available for distribution every Sunday at 12:00 pm UTC. During this distribution, users may descend or ascent in the league while the collected points of all users within the platform is reset. In order words, a new season begins!
Concerning the trading fees, when a user clicks on the “Pay Fees with FLX”, they are given a 50% discount on taker and maker fees for trading. 
Benefits for Shareholders
When you consider the number of cryptocurrency coin launching, you may be considering why buy the FLX security Token? Well, it is important to inform you that this unique platform comes with a 100 percent sharing ratio to its users. What this means is that 100 percent of trading fees generated will be rewarded back to all shareholders, which comes in the form of coins. Another benefit you get as a shareholding in the platform includes:
Unique cryptocurrency distribution model
Gambling with the FLX coin
Preventing money laundering and crime
Earning passive income by multiplying your coins
Paying half fees with FLX
How can one get involved?
To ensure that its users aren’t left out of its platform, Folex has its Telegram group where they can get the latest information concerning the platform. With the Folex Official and Folex Chat group, users can stay informed on upcoming news and event regarding the platform.
To be part of the Folex.io platform, you have to invest in the platform. The Folex exchange platform is scheduled to be launched on March 15, 2019, with various coins including in the exchange. You can also follow our various social media platforms to keep yourself updated on the current trends as it relates to FOLEX. Be part of this unique crypto exchange and participate in its success today!
You can also get further details below from their official sources:
Official Website: https://www.folex.io/
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/folex_official
Telegram Group: https://t.me/folexchat

Invest Theory - The dream for every trader with 7 days FREE trial available!

11 March 2019 - 12:05 PM

In today’s life, the biggest challenge we are witnessing is maintaining financial stability. Since the majority having a single job is not helping, given they are based upon limited income, which makes it highly challenging to meet the demands and needs of a person or even the family for that matter. And then with the little space left for savings and luxuries, life is becoming as stressful as it ever could become! 

With things becoming so unbalanced, there’s the need for answers, but the majority are unable to find it! But that’s exactly what this thread is all about! It’s about giving you something that won’t just work on bringing that stability in your financial condition but also giving you the room to enjoy your life, as you only get it ONCE! 
The solution to multiple problems is one and that’s Invest Theory.
Invest Theory is a creation that’s life-changing for Stocks and Options traders. However, it’s not a creation to do miracles, it’s a design that to do something that’s very much routine yet the majority are incapable of doing due to lack of knowledge, experience and more importantly, the lack of time! 
This is where Invest Theory is the solution for people who desire to achieve financial freedom! In the business like Stocks and Options, there’s an obvious requirement of knowledge and experience aside from a quality strategy. But that’s the beauty of Invest Theory, which allows a person to make money with just common sense and simple ways. And it works even for a person starting up the very FIRST time in this field, as it helps people learn the ins and outs of trading.  
However, it is not an educational center to make you achieve success, it’s a system through which you get REAL-TIME Option/Stock Alerts with entries and exits on your phone/email from the best of the BEST professional traders which makes success within a touching distance! And that’s not ALL, you can communicate with a massive community of professional traders easily with the LIVE Chat Room and Forum, which is entirely dedicated to helping people starting up! 
If you are STILL uncertain about this and consider it might not be anything special, then try out the 7 days FREE package, which is available for EVERYONE! And even with FREE package, one is able to participate in the monthly contests to win several prizes that include Shares of companies, Amazon gift cards, Pizza Delivery and much more!
So now is the OPPORTUNITY to try something where you don’t have ANYTHING to lose, but everything to gain and that not just for yourself but for your family with becoming financially independent. 
Check all the further details about Invest Theory below:
Official Website: https://investheory.com/ 


11 March 2019 - 08:50 AM



Navigating the turbulence The Fed raises rates, while the tariff war is on hold for now.



September GDP falls short of consensus. 
Australian equities offer good value. We remain neutral due to the economic outlook.
Santa flies to safety
Hopes of a Santa rally were dashed through December, with world equity markets off across the board and the US posting its biggest December loss since the Great Depression. Concerns about an inverted US yield curve, US-China relations and slowing China momentum weighed on investor sentiment and resulted in an overall flight to safety.
The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised its target range for the fed funds rate to 2.25%–2.50% at its December meeting. In the Fed’s forward projections, committee members revised down their forecasts from three rate hikes in 2019 to two. The relentless flattening of the US yield curve (and inversion in part of the curve) revived the debate over whether a recession is on the horizon. At the time of writing, the market predicts a roughly 25% chance of a single rate rise in 2019. The AAUC House View currently expects two rate hikes, consistent with the Fed’s projections. We see slowing US growth in 2019, but judge an imminent recession to be unlikely.
US-China trade relations also contributed to volatility during the month. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping initially agreed to a 90-day ceasefire, with the US agreeing not to raise tariffs on Chinese goods from 10% to 25% on 1 Feb. and China agreeing to purchase a substantial amount of US product to reduce the trade imbalance. Markets first rallied on the news, then eased on the back of weaker Chinese production numbers and the view that the agreement was a short-term truce rather than a meaningful step towards a long-term solution. Later in the month, clashes between China and the USA at the World Trade Organization again drove markets lower. Our House View is that the risk of a full blown trade-war is likely to fade out over the course of the year and that attractive valuations in China provide an opportunity for the region to outperform. We acknowledge the risks to this thesis and advocate a small overweight.
Australian economy: Weakening but solid growth
The uncertain political climate, a weak housing market and geopolitical backdrop are beginning to weigh on Australia’s economy, though growth remains solid. GDP growth numbers for September were weaker than expected at 2.8%, versus expectations of 3.3%, primarily due to a fall in mining investment and consumer spending. Unemployment remained low, moderating slightly to 5.1%. House prices across the capital cities fell 1.34%, bringing the year’s decline to 6.42%. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority announced plans to remove investor lending caps implemented in 2014, and data from the Australian Bureau of StatistiAAUC indicated a moderation in the decline of property lending through October. Despite this, the slide in housing looks set to continue through the upcoming year. In their December minutes, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) acknowledged that household consumption remains a point of uncertainty for the economy. Policymakers remained constructive on overall GDP growth, due to positive business conditions persisting and an expected increase in non-mining investment.
Markets: Equities down, bonds rise
December was the worst the US market had seen since 1931, with the S&P 500 down –9% in USD terms. International equities followed the USA lower, finishing the month down –3.54% in AUD terms. Australia was insulated from the storm, with the ASX 200 Accumulation Index flat at –0.12% for the month. The top performing sectors were materials (5.28%), utilities (2.03%) and consumer staples (1.43%). The worst performers were communication services (-5.05%), information technology (- 3.97%) and financials (-3.10%). A flight to safety saw the Bloomberg AUD Bond Index rise 1.50% and gold rise 8.94% in AUD terms. The ASX remains at subdued levels, down 11% from its peak and trading relatively cheaply at 14.5x forward earnings. We maintain our neutral view on Australian equities, as favorable valuations are offset by the domestic outlook of falling house prices, declining credit growth and falling consumption. Among sectors, financials and cyclicals are arguably cheap, though we remain cautious in the short term and advocate quality exposure at this time given the subdued economic outlook. We advocate a neutral allocation to Australian bonds to offset risk in the Australian equities exposure. We have an outperform view on government bonds globally, particularly with respect to USD government issues. We retain an underperform on investment grade credit, as we expect spreads to widen on the back of rating downgrade risks.
AUD: Neutral on RBA as economic data, global growth concerns remain risks
AUD/USD lost nearly 4% in December, predominantly on the back of weaker demand for metals from China and lower commodity prices. In its last statement, the RBA acknowledged an improving growth outlook, which should be accompanied by a gradual lift in both wage growth and inflation. This should keep the RBA at a neutral stance for the foreseeable future. Earlier this year, the AUD rebounded with the more dovish Fed tone and improving global sentiment, but the slowing housing market along with lower core inflation and the China slowdown should limit AUD gains. The short-term picture looks thus neutral for the AUD/USD and we forecast 0.73 in 3M. A gradual increase in AUD should materialize over the longer term as global growth stabilizes and improves. We target a level of 0.75 in 12M.
Important Information:
This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.


Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder available for sell at cheap rates!

03 March 2019 - 06:35 AM

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Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder is an excellent choice for the manufacturer of tablets using direct compression methods, it can carry a high amount of active ingredients and is amongst the BEST tablet binders in the market due to cost effectiveness. It is also known as MCC.

BTC-Upgrade - The RARE legitimate opportunity!

25 February 2019 - 07:01 AM

Life is really precious and enjoyable too, especially when there are financial certainty and security, but that often is missing. Sometimes, it is to do with genuine issues while sometimes, it is to do with NEVER ending desire of wanting more. Nothing can be done about the latter one, as it’s a disease for which no medicine is built yet. 

However, the former one of having genuine issues leading to unstable financial conditions can be resolved. And that by trying something that’s not just SAFE, SECURE but also highly rewarding and that’s thanks to the sensational creation called “BTC-Upgrade” 
BTC-Upgrade, UNLIKE majority of such sites, is FULLY regulated and licensed under the laws of the United Kingdom (UK), and has registration number 05751407. It can be CONFIRMED by checking on the Company House website: https://beta.compani...pany/05751407 
Most importantly, one is able to invest directly via CASH, simply by visiting the office in the UK to confirm the existence as well. BTC-Upgrade biggest strength is the transparency and regulation, but what makes it TRULY worthy investment opportunity is the packages on offer, which not only are sustainable but yet highly rewarding too with various investment plans available to try out. 
BTC-Upgrade comes with 5 plans for investors, which starts from $10 with fairly decent returns available to benefit from.
BTC-Upgrade allows one to invest via BTC or ETH and got a structure where top professionals working in finance, marketing, advertising, design, and programming are gathered to help with the department of the site even further for more options. And, the main goal is towards providing something that's not just highly beneficial, but something that's rewarding for a long term and giving people the solution that was ALWAYS missing. 
BTC-Upgrade comes with a system of HIGHEST quality and with brilliant customer support available to help with everything and anything. But that's not all that one gets with BTC-Upgrade, as there is a referral program in place too, which goes upto 8% commission for the users. So, there is MASSIVE scope available here to gain through!
Although with this being such a monstrous opportunity for investors, there is OBVIOUS fear which is common with sites like these, but as explained earlier, this is UNLIKE all those you see day in and day out, as it's completely based upon the users and to bring the comfort levels into working for everyone, especially beginners. 
Therefore, BTC-Upgrade comes with the transparent system where all the LATEST withdrawals and deposits are shown LIVE, which means there is no way there is any chance of manipulation that can happen, and all transactions are the method through the automatic system, which makes it even better choice! 
So come and be part of this exciting opportunity to get yourself started making money without doing MUCH! 
You can get further details below:
Official Website: https://btc-upgrade.com/