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Bonnie Berry

Bonnie Berry

Member Since 26 Dec 2014
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Cointalkr - The Sentiment Master!

10 January 2019 - 11:15 PM

Life is really precious yet often people are forced to compromise on the quality of it, due to the financial challenges they face. With the fast life of this generation, it’s hard to face the day to day challenges, especially in regards to the financial woes many go through. The gap between needs and income is sharply widening from the wrong side, with salaries/income continuously shrinking, it’s becoming a massive mismatch for many. 

So, it’s time to look at solutions to end the misery for many, it’s to time to look at alternatives to add up income. With these present times, multiple sources of income are the need of the hour, to keep one floated and through which one could lead a healthy, wealthy and comfortable life. Amongst such ways, it’s trading that’s considered most highly in terms of the potential and easiness. And there comes the latest term in trading “Cryptocurrency Trading”, a way that has brought mind-boggling results in last few years for many. 
But how is it EASY to begin up the journey here? It’s NEVER easy but with desire, passion, and dedication it can be achieved! And to make it easier, comes Cointalkr to support.
Cointalkr is something that’s going to target an aspect that’s left ignored by the majority and often the reason for wrong choices! When we talk about trading, it is obvious to talk about Fundamental and Technical way of analyzing, but no one talks about “Sentimental Analysis”, a key aspect for ANY successful trader. This is where Cointalkr is so special with their belief in social sentiments and understanding that it can affect the prices in a dramatic way! 
Cointalkr is a tool that’s designed and created to help gather social information (from transaction and “influencers”) and combined it in one place to help investors make BETTER and CORRECT decisions. Cointalkr gathers information from various sources (currently from raw data and influencers from Twitter and YouTube). Currently, Binance is used to monitor, as it’s the largest markets in the world and provides with informatics API, which allows using the information for analyzing while more markets are likely to be added in the future!
So, now is your chance to try it out, try out something that’s meant to make your life easy, simple, profitable and enjoyable! Come be part of Cointalkr, where opportunities are spotted in a blink of an eye!
Check further details below:
Official Website: https://cointalkr.com
Contact: james.cointalkr@gmail.com

AAUC (AA UNION CAPITAL) - Our cyclical top picks

05 January 2019 - 10:28 AM

Under our interest rate normalization investment theme, we propose long cyclicals vs. defensives. Below we highlight four cyclical stocks from our Top Picks lists.

For the US industrial conglomerate Honeywell, we expect robust growth in its key end-markets such as commercial aerospace, warehouse automation and advanced materials. In addition, the company has made acquisitions and divestments over the last few years. A successful integration of acquisitions and significant restructuring opportunities can drive strong earnings growth for the company. Hence, we expect a consistent financial performance, particularly with regard to margin expansion and EPS growth, with improving free cash flow and smart capital allocation.
Infineon benefits from rising demand for power semiconductor content in the automotive end-market (in particular in electric vehicles, which will be produced increasingly in the coming years), where it leads with a market share of 20%. This structural growth and the fact that the semi power business is based on long-term contracts, competition plays a small role compared to in other semiconductor markets offer relatively high sales visibility. Infineon provides a solid sales CAGR 2018E-2021E of 10% with slightly improving margins at a reasonable price.
Schneider Electric reported strong growth of +7.3% in Q3 2018 and again revised FY 2018 guidance upward. The reason is short-cycle industries have continued to see good growth, while growth in mid- to long-cycle industries has been accelerating. We see Schneider as well placed in automation as well as in energy, gaining market share in businesses such as low voltage. We expect margin upside at Schneider as the company focuses on improving its business mix, pruning the portfolio of assets and stepping up the cost-out activity.
Global wealth growth is a key secular driver for the luxury goods sector, and the Chinese consumer has become a key growing consumer group. Swatch group, a market share gainer in the watch industry, supported by product launches, is well positioned to take advantage of these developments. Swatch is a cyclical business and its margins have started to rebuild from a very depressed level. Following concerns over China, Swatch’s valuation is back to the lower end of its trading range and earnings expectations remain modest going forward.

FASTCOINEX: The Cryptocurrency Futures Exchange with a Difference

05 January 2019 - 01:46 AM

Trading and investing in digital currency is a noble decision in this cryptocurrency age. With the wide acceptance of digital currencies in many countries and companies around the world, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to join the increasing number of cryptocurrency users and reap the huge benefits that come from trading in digital currencies. 

However, your success will depend to a great extent on the trading platform you trade on. Although there are scores of exchange platforms, most of the exchanges have some limiting factors that undermine their efficiency and general appeal. On the contrary, FASTCOINEX is a unique exchange platform that offers you a golden opportunity to invest in digital currency. 
FASTCOINEX is a top-notch cryptocurrency mini-futures trading platform that is dedicated to providing the best services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe.
Founded in Seychelles in 2018, the exchange has spread its operations across the world, with operation centers in Hong Kong, Seychelles, and Singapore to boosts its chances of reaching many people with its excellent services. 
It prides itself as the first Cryptocurrency Mini-Futures Exchange that offers its users high-quality trading product on mobile devices (recommend). 
Features of FASTCOINEX
This exchange was designed with some awesome features that make it an outstanding digital currency exchange platform. It offers the following features and advantages over its competitors: 
High security
One of the outstanding features of the platform is its impressive security. Networks are monitored in real time while the platform itself boasts of an efficient anti-DOS attack system that fortifies it against cyberattack.
Thus, you can rest assured that your digital currencies and transaction are shielded from the public eyes while unauthorized access to your coins is almost impossible.
The exchange doesn’t list some random currencies for exchange. It also doesn’t promote ICOs but supports USDT trading pairs that are widely adopted in the cryptocurrency community. This increases the overall credibility of the exchange since traders are assured that they won’t have any reason to trade in any coin that is not universally recognized and accepted.
Limited risk
FASTCOINEX exchange has a built-in Stop-Loss and Take-Profit function that you can personally set to reduce your chances of losing more than you can afford to lose. For instance, in the image above, the Take-Profit function is set to 110%. This implies that the exchange should automatically sell your investment when it appreciates and can be sold to make a profit of 110%.
On the other hand, the Stop-Loss enables you to have access to 80% of your investment if there is a sudden plunge in the value of your investment. This feature allows you to minimize your loss while maximizing your profit. 
Low fund requirement
You don’t need a huge sum of money to start transacting on the exchange. You can start with as low as $0.5. This makes FASTCOINEX retail trader friendly. Anyone can afford that amount and kickstart cryptocurrency trading on this awesome exchange. 
Lightening fast trading speed
A principle that involves matching buy orders with sell orders by using some algorithms and this will badly slow down the server processing speed, This principle is implemented by some big exchanges such as Okex, Binance, Huobi, even Bitmex, Matching Orders is time wasting.
But, Fastcoinex simply takes all the orders with no condition. That makes instant deal possible without any delay. This is obviously the strongest point compared to the others.
How does it work?
The mode of operation of this platform is explained in the image below, using BTC as an example:
Let’s assume that BTC price at the time of purchase is 6,000, you can select 1 quantity to buy and a margin ratio of 0.50%.
The margin will be 30 at a margin fee of 4.2. If the Bitcoin price closes at $6060 at 1%, you will earn 60 USDT.
On the other hand, you can use the “SELL” option as well. Its mode of operation is depicted in the image below: 
If you sell 1 Bitcoin at $6,000 with a margin ration of 0.50%, it will cost you 30 margins and 4.2 USDT fee. 
If the closing price is $5940, you will still earn 60USDT. This implies that whether you make a purchase or sell your BTC, you stand a good chance to earn. 
If you want an audio/visual step-by-step guide on how to make transactions on this platform, watch this video: 
Take advantage of the numerous features and appealing benefits of this futures exchange platform to increase your patronage in the cryptocurrency industry. 
You can start with small money and gradually increase your investment as you get used to the platform. Enjoy the lower barrier and attractive profits offered by the exchange.   
You can click here to sign up today and get 2 USDT vouchers as a welcome bonus. Use the barcode or link to invite your friends and receive a 30% commission on every trade.

Struggling to convert BTC into USD? Check inside!

04 January 2019 - 12:35 PM

It’s not rocket science that MANY struggle with getting their Cryptos convert to fiat currency, but it’s the problem of past as now there are SO MANY options available through which we can make the convert. It’s very straightforward now to Sell Cryptocurrency and gain good rates with your own countries currency.


Check out the list of top places where you can Sell Cryptocurrency Easily. It is something that could really make life easier for everyone, so hope it helps!

Most popular Telegram Cryptocurrency channels and groups

28 December 2018 - 07:50 AM

In present time, having right place for discussion and talking is absolutely vital and necessary. IF we are not having the right source available, then it could really cause huge concern for us, so that’s why places like Telegram are so much preferred now. It’s highly helpful when you have the best.


So, here are the Best Telegram Cryptocurrency channels, it’s really helpful to discuss and allowing you to keep yourself updated with all the latest.