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CRYPTO! (It’s Time)

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Since the dot-com boom crash and 2008 recession, calling a successful market a bubble has become high fashion.

The bitcoin craze is no different.

People have been calling it a bubble since the first 100 users.

Bitcoin $5: “Bitcoin is overpriced, this is a bubble”
Bitcoin $50: “Total insanity, everyone will lose their shirts”
Bitcoin $500: “I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to buy this”
Bitcoin $5,000: “This is a fad, it’s just like tulips.”
Problem is…

Most of what Bitcoiners said will happen has come true. (All that’s left is $1 million BTC.)

Mainstream adoption
Bitcoin Spot ETFs
Institutional investment
Accepted widely as a “digital gold”

James and I don’t think the real money will be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum…

Or any of the top 10 cryptos.

For the past two years, we’ve focused every ounce of our attention on the early stage cryptos with MASSIVE potential.

How massive, you ask?

Author: Chris Campbell

Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/

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