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My Q Mall is named with the intention that The Consumer Rule! This is my mall, so I have the power to determine what I want to buy and what I want to participate in.

Why shall I join?


Cash out on our cashback on shopping start from $1.


Unlike other cashback sites that use your money to finance their company, we do not think $5 minimum cash out is fair. We believe consumers shall have their cashback on shopping as soon as their purchase is a valid transaction.

Even your cashback on shopping is less than $1, you can still participate on advertisers' offers to reach that minimum amount. A lot of offers from advertisers worth between $1 to $50. Before your purchase is verified, you can participate in these offers, therefore, at the time your cashback is verified, you could cash out more than $1.


Best of all, the 500 points sign up bonus is yours to redeem forever. We do not like people who play games. Some cashback site give you giftcard only if you spend a lot of money in a short period of time. when you join our free standard membership, you will receive 500 points sign up bonus. You can use these 500 points for prize any time you reach the required amount.

Possible Ways to Earn money or Free Gift

1. Cash Back on your purchase

2. Participate on Advertisers' offers

3. Writing Articles

4. Promote Your Referral Link

5. Help your fellow members to Earn


What are the offers?

There are lots of offers that can be found on the site. International members can earn a dollar after minutes of joining. Members from US, UK and India can earn more, since they have surveys and special offers. What is the best offer?


Turn $1 to $5 within the day.


1. Go to the offers tab > Trials and look for Pingo offer.

2. Click it and register on the site. Follow instructions correctly. Pay the $1. (Download guide if you don't know how to do it: http://www.iamthepg.com/files/How_to...ingo_Offer.pdf)

3. Wait for the confirmation email of Pingo. Some part of it includes:

"Good news! We have completed the review of your Pingo account application. Payment from your PayPal account has been approved, and we have established your Pingo account with PayPal payments based on the information you provided during sign-up."

4. Get back to the site. Paste that verification email in the box (Pingo offer), and also your first 4 digit of your Pingo account number.

5. Offer will be pending.

6. Within hours, it will be on your account balance.

7. Cashout through Paypal/Alertpay.



1. I will only give refund if you followed the steps correctly.

2. Pingo verification email will come within hours in a maximum of 3 days. (I got mine within 3 hours).

3. Don't submit wrong info on Pingo as well as in MyQMall.




Good luck everyone.

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attractive bonus offer of 500 piont for sign up ,that is gainfully good and we can employ it for upgrade also, they have additional Alertpay as additional... i have only earn 20 cents, here they do not actually have many free symbol up offers for worldwide members.. SO puzzled about it..

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