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  1. Displayed Username : M4STER Amount To Request (DMT points) : 200 Payment option: AlertPay AlertPay ID: roux.paquette@yahoo.com Thanks admin and mod
  2. wow, the banner is not good, = the website is not trusted, i repeat my quote : NO BANNER = NO TRUST, who share the same opinion with me ?
  3. What the wrong with this day, i find just : Payout Minimum : 4$ Payout Minimum : 4$ Payout Minimum : 4$ ;O its so hight min
  4. Pay Per Click : 0.01$ is good but 4 DOLLAS is hight, they have to add LR to payment methodes
  5. thnx men; in my P.O.V , i think that 4 USD Is a little hight , am i wrong
  6. Thank you men its a good website, thnx again
  7. Thnx, i will join the website now, and see if it is good or not, tnx for sharing I Will BRB
  8. The Min Is Hight Miss, , but thnx for sharing thoose websites with us
  9. Thnx men for the site, its one of the best websites ever, may be i will register, thnx
  10. its looks like the web site is down; not working :/
  11. Thnx but the script is not good, that mean that the website is not profesional , = NOT TRUSTABLE
  12. Thnx men, but it is like the websites who change points to gifts ? pleaze answer
  13. First, thnx for the site , but i find that www.prizee.com is better than it
  14. I Really dont like this site so much because its script is not so good, and this is just an opinion, and thnx
  15. Hello Men; i looks like you forgot to post the link, post it pleaze, and thnx
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