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Are you looking for an efficient and credible payment processing solution for your business? If you do, we offer you the best and the fastest payment processing solution for any type of business. 

iPayTotal has over a decade of experience in processing payments in Forex Trading. We can issue payments in the seven most liquid currency pairs in the world and in the three commodity pairs. We accept payments in more than 196 countries, 164 currencies, and settle in 25 currencies worldwide. Our experience in Forex Trading has enabled us to create a service that protects our merchants with a chargeback prevention service and a customizable Fraud Scrub.
iPayTotal is widely regarded as the premier payment gateway for foreign exchange trading. Thanks to our extensive global network of banking relationships, we have helped hundreds of Forex sites with varying degrees of payment processing requirements. Our merchants see a 30-40% increase in revenue, thanks to the increase in approved transactions. As the best payment processing provider in the industry, we have a team of well-educated and highly experienced professional with over a decade experience in the payment processing industry to offer you the best payment solution for your business. Our objective is to ensure that your business is protected from fraud services by providing you with a tested payment solution that other banks won’t provide. This is our contribution to your business growth through customized payments. 
Regardless of whether you are running a low-risk or a high-risk business, our integrated packages are designed to offer you the desired payment services that will adjust to your bran’s payment requirements perfectly. Our services extend to Latin America, the USA, Africa, Australia, or the EU by leveraging our international connections to offer you top-notch Debit, Credit, and Echecking Processing, whatever your business needs to succeed. We enable you to conduct transactions in most of the popular currencies from different parts of the world, whether in the US Dollar, Euro, the British Pounds, and other known currencies. This is to make it easier for your clients or customer from around the globe to make payments with relative ease without being unduly concerned about a specific and restrictive payment method. 
With iPayTotal, rest assured that you have the most credible, efficient, and best payment solution that allows you to accept alternative online payments via both local and international payment systems. You can get started today by creating an Online Merchant Account with us. Don’t worry, we will create the account and provide you with everything you need to start accepting card payments.
A forex merchant account can be described as a sort of merchant account designed especially to process transactions by forex broker businesses in a safe, secure and timely manner. Most forex brokers offer online trading and their traders are able to be traded via online payment solutions. By making use of the best forex merchant account, forex traders trading with your organization may also finance their trading accounts online. Based on the form of forex broker permit your forex firm has, this ultimately will influence the reach of your forex merchant account like particular transactions might or might not be allowed.
If you request a quote right now, we will give you access to top-notch services that will prove crucial to your business success. 
Further information, reach us at:
iPaySolutions Ltd 
7 Bell Yard London, England, WC2A 2JR
+44 800 776 5988



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Are you a forex broker looking for a forex merchant account to send or receive payments from your clients? Then count yourself lucky for stumbling on this post. As you may already know, operating and maintaining a forex merchant account has several risks like lack of regulation, exchange rate risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, as well as leverage risk. These risks have made it different for business owners to create a merchant account. 

While there are several forex merchant account providers on the internet claiming to offer premium-quality services, one company that is like a game-charger in the industry is iPayTotal. iPayTotal knows the ins and outs of the forex market to meet the needs of every forex broker that comes their way. 

Let's see what iPayTotal has in stock for its numerous customers.

iPayTotal is one of the leading forex merchant account providers that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide forex brokers with the best payment solutions available. The company's goal is to help merchants set up affordable payment solutions that accept major credit/debit cards and alternative payment methods.  

iPayTotal guarantees a full-fledged payment gateway which you can add to your company's website or any payment software you are currently using. The payment gateway prevents financial fraud and blocks any suspicious activity.  

Why Choose iPayTotal?

Here are why you should consider registering on iPayTotal:

●    The company provides comprehensive solutions to all sizes of forex businesses. Whether you own a sole proprietorship forex business or your firm has more than 500 employees on its payroll, iPayTotal uses its cutting-edge technology to provide quality services to suit your payment processing needs.
●    The forex merchant account the company will create for you can accept up to 100 currencies in more than 196 countries. 
●    You will be able to withdraw all your profits directly into your local bank account.
●    As soon as your account is approved, your starting rate is as low as 2.5% only.
●    iPayTotal complies with all known regulations for you to securely transfer your customers' data.
●    iPayTotal uses fraud scrub technology to detect and reduce fraud attempts on the platform. You can be rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.
●    The company has a robust customer support team that will guide you through every struggle you encounter. 
●    You can track all your transaction in real-time 

iPayTotal promises to deliver top-notch services that guarantee lowest rates, flexible terms, and fast approvals. The company can help your online trading firm with payment processing needs in view of the inherent risks in the forex market. 

Are you passionate about getting started with iPayTotal? The registration process is pretty simple and straightforward. All that is required of you is to visit the iPayTotal application page and create a free account. Before your account would be approved, you would need to upload supporting documents. A list of the documents would be sent to you via email, therefore ensure you provide a valid email address. 

The company would also send you newsletters and update on their company's services via email. Once you are able to verify your email address and upload the relevant documents, you would be one step away from enjoying affordable payment processing solutions you would ever find on the internet. 

Get all further details from: https://ipaytotal.com/forex-merchant-account/

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