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vCap FX is an institutional FX broker that provides access to execution and clearing services for over-the-counter foreign currency contracts. We offer fully customizable online FOREX trading solutions in the global foreign exchange markets to a wide range of clients which include active traders, institutional traders, hedge funds and other asset managers.


As a vCap FX client, we believe you will have access to institutional-class technology and FX trading software, automated and algorithmic trading systems and support from seasoned market professionals all under a commission structure that fits your business model. We believe our foreign exchange brokerage products and services can enable our clients to define and execute their spot FX and FX options trading strategies and capitalize on market opportunities.


Spot FX Trading

As an institutional FOREX broker and provider of an array of FOREX platforms and FX portals, we understand the institutional client’s need for deep pools of liquidity in the foreign exchange marketplace. As the global foreign exchange volume has increased, the requirements of institutional clients has shifted to customized solutions spot foreign currency trading solutions.


Spot Foreign Exchange

Spot Gold & Silver

Forward Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Swap

Non-Deliverable Forwards

FX Options Trading


vCap FX provides institutional FX options traders with access to FX prime brokerage products and services that include comprehensive FX option analytics, reports, pricing models and volatility charting software.


Vanilla OTC FX Options

Exotic OTC FX Options

Single / Double Barrier FX Options

Digital FX Options

Knock-in / Knock-Out FX options

European & Asian FX Options


Funding option: Credit card and bank wire and transfer



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its bad news if they only accept bank wire transfer and credit card only. I am not have CC and wire transfer is need a time indeed. more easy and fast transfer via ecurrency processor such as liberty reserve or webmoney. by the way, I am not see information about minimum deposit and withdraw. anyone know about it information?

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For me this broker company is not suitable it does not accept e-currencies for deposit and withdrawal

and the only supported ways of bankwire and credit card i dont use.

And @ ellliottt if what you say is right that this is limited for people of few countries only then this broker is not going to be of much use.

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Yea, I agree with everyone, since it only accept bank wire & credit card which facilities I don't wanna use, so it's not for us. I think better to introduce some online processors like LR, PM, AP, PP which we are using for most brokers. That's most suitable strategy admin should follow to increase their attraction .... Hope in future we could see some of them..

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