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Is Golf Good for Kids?


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2 hours ago, KleoLee said:

I think that golf will be good for everyone - adults and children. But I also understand that it is quite expensive now. Therefore, you need to calculate your strength and choose the right equipment.

It seems to me that you do not practice golf)) Then you would know that the most expensive thing in golf is the cost of land for fields. If you are an ordinary person and you like this sport, then you can choose a good outfit for yourself without ruining the family budget. I advise you to read golf news more often here - https://golfclubguru.net So, you will always be aware of all the new products.

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I think golf is a good and safe sport for children to play. I'm sure that if you find another coach for your son, he will be able to captivate the boy with this game. I also didn't understand why people like it before, until I learned the rules of the game and tried to play golf on a real court. By the way, during the lockdown I found a way to keep my training with the pro golfer, which helps me to improve my technique. I found an online golf college and to be honest, the performance of my online and offline classes isn't very different.

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On 7/20/2020 at 1:12 PM, Deandrae Thomas said:

I tried to hire a golf coach for my son, but it didn't go well. The boy found it boring for some reason. So he asked me to send him to soccer school instead. And there I felt uneasy in my turn. So while my son polished his skills.

Hello! I think it's all about motivation. An ordinary guy from a prosperous family wants to spend his energy in active sports - basketball, football and many similar games .. This is a normal reaction for a teenager. I see young golfers in countries that are not so prosperous, for example in India - https://1x.news/ Professional sport is a chance for young guys to move up a notch in a class society.

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